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Her Vampire Lord And Alpha King

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"You dare to think of another man in my presence?" The Alpha growled with a burning desire in his eyes. He glowered at Lavinia whose hands were tied. "What does that man have that I don't? That filthy vampire, you think he's going to save you? "His hands ran through her bare skin, sending shivers to her spine. "Please, leave me alone", Lavinia begged in desperation. Tears welled up in her eyes. "Then be mine, Lavinia." He leaned closer to her. His breath fanned her face. "I'll make you the happiest woman alive." Lavinia shook her head. She pursed her lips while watching the man in front of her. He may be a great man with power but her heart longed for someone else."No. You're not him‚ You're not Sebastian." We had an unspoken deal: He gave me warmth, colours, and lies. In return, he asked for my blood when he's thirsty, my body when he's cold and my heart when he's bored. The funny part is, I still think it's quite a bargain." - Lavinia.

CHAPTER 1: Lavinia's Pink Love

The earthy scent of a furnished wooden chair mixed with the stingy smell of blood pervaded the entire place. The windows were closed, with no holes to peep in from outside to see what was happening. Under the dim light coming from the torches placed on the corners of the room, a silhouette of a lady, tying someone else on the chair, could be seen.

“Done!” Lavinia heaved a sigh after the ‘cleaning’ she made. She blew the fires in the room and secured the door.

The youthful lady whistled as she felt the concrete wall in the corridor with her fingers while banging her head from left to right. She raised her arms to a circle in front of her chest and spun around when she came into the living room.

Looking around, a sigh of relief escaped her mouth. “I broke nothing, did I?” she asked herself. “I guess I didn't.”

With a contented grin on her face, she strode to the kitchen. “What a noxious smell,” she spat as she got rid of her gloves, thrusting them inside the bin. Lavinia poured the lukewarm water into a bowl to rinse off the bloodstains on her face.

“D*mn!” she cursed under her breath when she realized how the water turned crimson.

‘Red! Everything’s glowing!’?

“SHUT UP!” Lavinia yelled when her subconscious reminded her of the paint she detests.


Lavinia’s body shuddered in glee upon hearing the familiar tone. She fixed her hair before turning around. “Welcome back, Sebastian,” she greeted in a hoarse voice.

The man she called ‘Sebastian’ smirked before patting her on the head. “Were you a good girl?”

Lavinia tried not to look elsewhere or else she’ll be punished. ‘You were a ‘good girl’, you ‘tidied’ the mansion.’ Lavinia smiled, agreeing with what her subconscious said. “Hmm. Will you reward me?” She tiptoed with an expectant look in her eyes.

Lavinia pulled the man’s nape to draw his face closer to hers. “I’ve been waiting for you the whole day,” she mumbled in his ears. She closed her eyes when she felt his grip on her waist. The color of her world went brighter, all praise to the man in front of her. Lavinia couldn’t delay any longer, without wasting her time, she yanked him for a peck.

“You smell wonderful,” Sebastian said in between kisses.

“Ah!” Lavinia yelped when Sebastian grabbed her bosom. “I still have my dress on,” she purred.

“Not a problem,” Sebastian muttered and brought her to their chamber.

The place was dim, but Lavinia could see colors diving inside her head. Hues that only Sebastian could show her. The blue sky came out when she rolled her eyes, and he disrobed her, his bare hand stroking her skin, causing the sky bluer than ever. She chuckled when her back landed on the fluffy cotton bed. It was like when she curled in the garden of full-bloom lavenders and violets. Her mouth opened slightly as she watched him strip on his own. She closed her eyes when he went on top of her, and there she discovered yellow lanterns.

The pressure applied by his weight turned the lanterns to gold. Lavinia moaned when she opened her eyes, then a grassy field appeared before her, the exact moment when Sebastian licked her nude frame. She could yearn for the field to be plowed soon.?

Lavinia chewed her lips as Sebastian continued to fondle her skin with his tongue. The sensation reminded her of oranges in the orchard, a little sweet and sour.

“Oh, sweetheart, I know what you want.” Lavinia rolled her eyes at what he stated. He was teasing her and she hated it.

“Will you give it to me?” she asked most hotly. She groped his *ss to make it more convincing.

The action made Sebastian groan for a moment. Shortly after, his lips settled on her nipple.

Lavinia smiled, she knew that she’ll have what she craved. He s*ck*d her n*ppl*s. She gasped for air when the excitement spread on her skin.

After a minute of sucking Lavinia’s bud, Sebastian brought his palm to the south, just like an expert hunter, his fingers secured its prey, pampering it. He doesn’t allow her to moan in celebration, his tongue plunged inside her mouth, and she couldn’t protest, not that she’s planning to.

“Uh!” Lavinia could not breathe but Sebastian won’t let go of her lips, not still. The colors shone altogether, overwhelming the poor Lavinia. She couldn’t move her hands or her legs. The sensation running from down below caused her body to weaken, submitting to the pleasure. But she can’t give up though, for the best part is yet to happen.

Lavinia lifted her hips when Sebastian pushed his finger inside. She bit his lip when he joined another one. It’s not like the man hadn't done this to her before, the fact is, the man seemed exceptional to come up with various ways to penetrate her with his capable fingers.

The metallic sip of blood remained on Lavinia’s taste buds. Her eyes widened, it’s the peculiar spice that drove her insane. Sebastian, however, had to give up on kissing her for the meantime as his lip stung, giving Lavinia a chance to get a breather.

?'Does it taste all right? Its blood and blood is red. Don’t forget about red! It's brighter than other colors!’ Lavinia gritted her teeth when her subconscious cried inside her head.

“No!” Lavinia yelled, surprising Sebastian who was busy exploring her cave.

“Sweetheart, what’s the matter?”

Lavinia was taken aback. She recognized his voice. Although her subconscious wailed like a maniac, she could still hear his speech. Her lover’s words were enough to drag her back into reality and neglect what her subconscious says.

“Are you all right?” Sebastian asked while keeping his fingers at work.

Lavinia smiled, her hand drifted down to fetch the rod, conditioning it with her slender fingers.? was the hint, Sebastian removed his fingers and massaged his pet while sighting its target. He peered at Lavinia’s face for a second, laid his palms on his favorite cushions, and launched his rocket.

Lavinia did the sound effect with her high-pitched moan. Everything burst into tints, her dark world changed once again, colors spread here and there. The hues were shifting as Sebastian clutched her breasts with both hands.

“Not enough,” Lavinia whispered in between whimpers. She felt her legs spreading wider on their own.

Sebastian laughed, “Almost there, sweetheart.” He built up his speed, not wanting to fail his belle.

The new pace brought Lavinia into tears. She could sense it coming, her most awaited color. She closed her eyes as Sebastian’s speed went faster. Their harsh breathing engulfed the whole room.

Plum blossom trees grew from nowhere when they both came to their climax at the same moment. Lavinia opened her eyes to savor the sight, the glow that could never blind her, it was not silver nor black and certainly not very dark. It was her most favorite hue, the most lovely feeling, their pink love.

CHAPTER 2: Scarlet Temptation

The antique pendulum clock in the living room struck at midnight. Its melancholic roar echoed in the whole mansion. It may be strange but this sound made the lady of the house curl her body even more on her bed, hoping on an extended trip to dreamland, but that was not the case.

Lavinia opened her eyes when she felt the cooling breeze brushing her skin. She wandered her hands on the surface, only to find no one. Fear crept inside her understanding she’s alone, again, inside the dull room where she had a multicolored world of her own.

“Sebastian?” Lavinia called, anticipating the man to answer, but, to her fright, no one responded.

Lavinia draped the blanket on her body before getting up. She glanced at the midnight sky from the window. The stars were shimmering, making the midnight atmosphere bearable for one who feared the dark. It’s unlikely for her to look at the sky since Sebastian warned her to remain inside the mansion, claiming it’s dangerous outside, and sh


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