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Hell Marriage

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I wish we hadn't wasted so much " time ......." " shhhh, what matters is that we are together and in love the past doesn't matter anyways and we shouldn't let it stop us" Ava said "But I shouldn't have believed the things they said about you, I should have tried to listen to you but I didn't, and that was my greatest mistake" He replied a little sad "It doesn't matter, you believed them because you trust them, you grew up with them around you, anyways the past doesn't count, our future and present does" Ava said, and he nodded knowingly slipping off the dress from her shoulder Connor donnacha prince of myths and the only full pure blooded vampire alive. Charming, Secretive, handsome and smart he heads donnacha companies and fate happens to mate him with a wolf without a wolf. And here's a news flash, he doesn't believe in the moon Goddess, he believes she (selene) has lost her abilities and senses altogether mating him and a wolf. Ava Donovan descendant of the moon goddess, enslaved in a war to black canyon vampires and mate to the most powerful vampire prince of all times. Ava a wolf without a wolf. And the first of her kind to give birth to an hybrid.

Chapter 1: Ava's Plight

Hell marriage

Chapter one: Ava's Plight

How will you feel if your husband brings home every night a mistress and you are made to sleep on a couch in your own matrimonial room and forced to hear the sounds of their se*x episodes continually every night?.

This is the fate I face every night since the night of the moon goddess 7 years ago , it hurts just to think of everything he said then and everything he thinks of me

To think we were once in love and could never get enough of each other, we would always do ordinary things that feel extraordinary to us, like walk in the park, bath in the pool together, play in the rain.

Thinking about those times brought a new coat of tears to my eyes, we were two odd and different people but we fell in love in an unfavorable environment, we had planned to get married in a faraway place where no one knows about, owing to the fact that we're not of the same race I'm a wolf and he's a vampire but we've been mated and there's no way of changing that So we've accepted our fate and he seems to like me and even though he haven't marked me, we fell in love

Then the evening before our escape he barged into my room in the slaves quarters and asked to talk to me privately in a deadly quiet voice that sent cold chills down my spine, he had never used this tone to speak to me since i had known him

I tried to calm self down saying I was just exaggerating his voice

"Why did you do this?" He asked me calmly not raising his voice one inch and maintained his quiet voice

I don't understand I was confused

"We had planned to get married in the morning haven't we?"

"So why did you get so greedy?"

"Why did you? no, I will tell you why you did it, because you couldn't stand the thought of getting married in a filthy old church you wanted a large wedding and everything that comes with it so you announced to an Elder that you're my mate and that we've mated even though I had not even marked you and Alpha of black canyon and the king of myths both who happened to be my father now thinks of me as a disappointment" He gave a dark chuckle

I was shocked and confused I had done nothing of the sort

"But I didn't do.."

""Save your breath wolf I was fool enough to acknowledge you as my mate and fall in love with you and now you've shown me your true nature of deceit and greed, you disgusts me and from now on let me make one thing very clear you have no right to my life or my bed" He turned to go, when he had opened the door he looked at me with deathly chill in his eyes

"And oh congratulations, for your information the king has ordered to get us married and now your luxurious future is settled" he said without emotion and got out closing the door gently behind him

I couldn't understand anything, the ease with which he blamed me for the things I haven't done, the next thing I knew I was wisked out of the maid quarters to a large luxurious room with it's own parlor.

In the midst of this I couldn't understand a thing, my mind was numb and my heart was disturbed, the maids were all gossiping away about how shameless I was, claiming we had mated, others said I was lucky to get married to the crown prince.

I didn't care about a thing they all said amongst themselves, of course even when my pack mates and friends that were also slaves looked at me disgustingly all I wanted was to see connor and explain things to him but at the wedding he had smiled gently at me without it reaching his eyes for the guests's sake of course, I had searched for the sign of the man I love and had found none and I had given up hope of explaining things and on our love.

"Your highness, it's sunset already we would be expected to be back now" Lydia my head maid and my best friend I mean that was once upon a time said to to me in a cold voice.

I chuckled, the fact is I don't give a d*mn about what anyone thinks of me anymore I had, had 7 years to become numb to my emotions.

"Instruct john to start the car I would be there shortly" I told her dismissively

"OK your highness" she walked away

Since I had nothing to do in the palace I had visited this place every day since 7 years ago this was our special place, we would always watch the sunset here,

I signed deeply and got up from my laying position unto my feet and headed towards the car.


"The king said to come and see him when you arrive" A guard told me as i stepped down from the car, trouble in paradise again? I hope I'm not whipped this time, the last one is still sore on my back.

"Good afternoon your majesty" I greeted as I entered, lowering my face, even though the king is 340 years old he looks like he's 35 years of age.

"I heard a complaint about you" he said, oh here it comes, another reason to have me punished.

"Princess Anne said you took the car she intended to drive out to a friend's party, out for your jungle ride" he said grimly

"I wonder how the moon goddess could mate you with my son you're completely brainless and now what do you have to say to this complaint?" He asked

"Nothing your highness, I plead with her highness to please forgive my childish and gullible behavior." I said in quiet voice what do I have to say? There are many cars and I had taken the lowest in price one, this complaint was to have me punished.

The king grunted with satisfaction.

"Being sorry won't be enough father, judging by the tone of her voice" The princess said with a cheeky grin on her face

"Very well then, it seems the princess isn't pleased with your apology "

"Guards make her stay in the dungeon overnight" Connor said out of no where.

"And make sure to give her the same food as the other prisoners" he said with a grim on his face

I couldn't say anything, what's there to say my own mate and husband has given the order,

The guards took me away to the dungeon.

Connor POV

I couldn't help my self, it just came so naturally to me to punish her, I can't believe I loved that ville woman once upon a time, what was I thinking it's in their nature to lie and deceive I can't believe I let myself think of her as different from others of her kind.

"You did well son" the king said

"She has to be put in her place and you chose a suitable punishment from whipping her, it seems she has become accustomed to that by the stiffness of her neck"His highness said

"I believe it's none of your business how I Run my family and what punishment I give my wife, don't think I did that to please your Gullible daughter and one more thing don't ever call me your son ever again." Connor Replied calmly

"I wish she had never met brother then brother could have married a vampire like ourselves " princess Anne said, overlooking Connor's insult to her

"What can we do we can't help it can we? The moon Goddess has mated them" The king said shakily, Connor's words not far from his mind.

" If you excuse me I have some works to do" with that Connor left their midst.

Ava's POV

The rats were happily running around me,

I was so hurt by what Connor did,by now one would think I would not be bothered about anything he does, I feel so disgusted with myself for caring about anything he does but d*mn everything he does keep hurting me time and time again.

"It's morning your highness, the prince has asked that you are released " A guard said so suddenly that I was confused if he was actually talking to me.

" uhn ok""

He opened the door and helped me up

"His Majesty has also requested that you see him immediately"

Now what does he want from me?

Chapter 2: Volcano

Hell Marriage

Chapter 2:Volcano:Ava's POV

"I ordered for you to be here immediately you're released, what took you so long to get here? " Connor asked immediately I entered the room

"Sorry your highness,I thought to change my dress before appearing before you"I said to irritate him.

Well I decided If he has decided to make our marriage hell for me then I'm not keeping quiet anymore.

"You did what! Defy my orders?"

"How dare you!" Connor said angrily

"Well your highness I thought you wouldn't like for me to appear before you dirty, if I had offended his highness by doing this then I'm sorry for I have no intention of disobeying his highness"I said in an old fashioned manner

"Get out of my sight"Connor said grinding his teeth.

I turned and went out. When I got to the room I allowed myself a smile of satisfaction well this is a small victory for


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