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"You don't have to feel uncomfortable because of me." "Someone stole something valuable from me, I'm only here to get it back. "I'll be off with the girl who stole my heart soon." He said calmly. I was shattered, he had come for someone else. She was probably his new mate. I was sad to see he moved on so easily after rejecting me. I could feel my heart get torn to shreds. I couldn't help but get curious about what his new mate looked like, or who she was. Tears of jealousy choked my heart, trying to force it's way through my eyes. I took a deep breath and forced a smile, I was never going to let him get the best of me. I turned to him wearing a bright smile. "Good luck." Tricked by her step sister, Derrick rejects his mate Gwen. He realises he made a mistake and vows to get her back.

Chapter 1

I stared out the window and took a deep breath. It was just what I needed at the moment. moment. The light wind swayed the branches of the shiny, green, and healthy olive tree. I looked down at the beautiful garden; it cheered me up. It belonged to my mother. The liar! She never came back. It was a very peaceful morning in Dycan and also a day of celebration. It was the first full moon. It was a thing to be happy about, and all the wolves in Dycan looked forward to the transformation. ceremony, when teenage wolves were wolfed out. They had to determine alpha wolves and outcasts. like me. I belonged to the Omegas; we were the lowest and most pathetic in Dycan. Transition festivals were much anticipated among the teenage wolves and their eager guardians. There were lots of fun activities to look forward to. But this delightful day would always remind me of my own failure. I could still remember the jeering and spiteful face of the crowd two years ago when I didn't transform like the other wolves on the first full moon. I could still remember the look of disappointment on my father's face as he stood beside the king. The king's validation meant a lot to my father; he was the general of the Dycan army. He had told me he didn't mind; he wasn't disappointed at all. I was his daughter. matter what. But deep down, I knew he was. Ava, my stepsister, had a wide grin plastered on her face all through the rest of the festival. I could swear that was the happiest day of her life. With a deep sigh, I walked back to my bed and threw myself on it. There was going to There will be a lot of howling tonight. It was going to be embarrassing for me and my family if I attended. almost as good as a human. Other normal wolves picked on me a lot, with Ava as their ringleader. I despised her a lot. We only had one thing in common: we both lost our mothers early. Ava was a year older than me; her mom had passed away while giving birth to her. I stared at my ceiling, wondering if he would be at the festival. I wondered if he would ever notice someone as pathetic as I was. He was one of the strongest wolves in the pack. He moved among his pack; they were the strongest wolves in Dycan. I had a premonition that he was my mate, probably wishful thinking. If I'm being honest with myself, I didn't have that right. I was yet to transition; I was probably thinking from my heart, not my head. Derrick was no ordinary wolf; he needed a real mate, not a mutt. Never in the history of Dycan has any mutt become the alpha's mate or the Luna of Dycan. I was being delusional. It'd be a disaster—the most horrible match in history. I was just an 18-year-old wolf who was yet to bloom. The moon goddess would never make that kind of mistake, would she?

Chapter 2

It had been exactly sixteen years, three months, and six days since she promised to come back for me. I never lost count. She took me on a walk and abandoned me. Hours had rolled into days, and days had walked into weeks. Weeks sped into months, and months ran into years. The pain never really went away. away. I waited like a fool in the cold, dark alley, drenched, scared, and hungry. The Merciless rain pattered heavily on my skin.                 Will I ever forgive her? I asked myself, staring at the life-size painting hung on the walls of the castle. She seemed to be staring back at me with her beautiful blue eyes. It looked like they were full of apology; I hoped they were. It was tough living with scars no one apologized for. You just had to learn to live with it. it. "Miss Gwen, your father summons you." The housekeeper, Madam Devon, interrupted. "Oh, I'll be there shortly." I replied. She took her leave. I held up the hem of my tight corset dress and made my way to my father'


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