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Forbidden alpha

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Born as a different breed, Jason was rejected by his pack. His kind has been hunted for what humans claim to be “safety reason” and this has been on for over 6 decades. Jason who is unaware of his power, lives as a normal person but things take a twist when he falls for the daughter of an alpha. Together, they discover his true gift as well as an ancient tale. Jason is forced to return to the pack to be with his kind as well as claim his rights as a ware-wolf.. A twist comes when he discovers that he is in a love triangle with an even more powerful ware wolf… love and loyalty is tested. Jason discovers a hidden truth which sparks anger in him, making him furious and evil, even to humans.. He leaves the pack for the second time to be alone. The pack gets into deep battle and needs Jason’s help in order to win this battle but will Jason accept to help his pack? What happens in the end? Let’s find out all of this in this story.

Chapter 1


"I don't think there's anything wrong with you, Jason," the doctor said as I lay on the cot.

"Doctor, I know for sure there's something wrong. I've been having this weird feeling since I turned 16, and it just comes off every 29 days," I replied

"According to what you explained, you feel as though your bones shift weirdly.. is that correct? The doctor asked me.

"Exactly! And this isn't the normal bone cracks whatever; I feel really weird. To be honest, I hope everything is okay, "I said to the doctor.

I was assured that nothing was wrong since the doctor could not find anything after several scans.

The next day was work for me and i worked part-time due to my college education.I worked in a small restaurant, the pay was good, and I didn't have to worry about annoying colleagues! This is the perfect job for me.

"Good morning, Miss Amber" I greeted my boss upon arrival.

"Good morning Jason.. seems you're having a great morning, unlike you," she replied as I smiled at her.

I believed the doctor was right; maybe this time, the little injections he gave might have solved whatever the pain was, so maybe there was nothing to worry about.

Work was over and I went straight home.

The phone rang, it was my dad.

"Hello, son," dad said.

"Oh wow… I'm shocked you're calling me... "

"Are you trying to make me feel bad? Dad asked

"Of course not…you and I just know this is a new side of you .. the "caring dad" all of a sudden," I replied as we both laughed.

Dad seemed to want to say something to me, but something stopped him from saying it.

"Is everything okay? I asked

"Yeah, sure.. everything's fine. I hope you're okay."

"Of course, dad, I am… I should be worried about you.. ever since mum died, you've been on your own, and it's my fault for not coming to see you too.. all we do is call, and I should take that blame.

"No! It's definitely not on you.. there's just a lot of things you will not understand. I have to go now, and please call me if you still feel the pain tonight, "dad said to me as he hung up.

I was wondering how he knew I would feel the pain this night. Nothing was adding up in my head as I concluded that maybe I had told him sometime in the past about the exact date.

I went to bed after dinner, and I immediately dozed off.

"Arhh!!! I shouted as I felt this sharp pain again…

I rushed outside the room towards my balcony area as the pain was too much for me. It was double what I had felt all these years.

I was frightened by my own body when I could see my bones move, and the pain went on for even longer..

I shouted at the top of my voice but no one came to help.

This was unlike anything I have ever felt…

Much pain than before, and my back born Hair ...

I remembered what my dad said earlier, I took out my phone, and called dad immediately. However, I felt a serious headache, I even could not help myself to stand as I waited for my father to answer the call, then my world became black.

I did not know how long I had passed over, but I saw my father sat next to me, and asked me to drink the medicine he gave to me every month. The bottle of the medicine had leaves on it.

I used to ask what was that, but my daddy explained that was paregoric, it helped to reduce the pain on me.

I found my clothes were torn with claw marks, it seemed I had fought with a lion.

“Is everything okay?The pain is getting worse, dad”

“Everything is fine, you don't need to worry too much…”

“But this doesn’t look normal dad. The doctor said nothing was found but you somehow know how to reduce the pain. E what’s wrong with me dad?” I asked

“ I have to leave now, I’ll call you tomorrow “ dad said as he left the house.

I woke up the next morning, I looked at the time , it was already

"Another weird day in my life," I said as I fell backward on the bed.

It was apparent that I had missed work that day, so I had to send Miss Amber a text explaining why I was absent.

I made breakfast, did some workouts, and then took my bike for a ride to clear my head.

Subconsciously, I rode the bike to this water park… it was a great view with lots of people. It was also the first time I got that much view of the place in all the years I have lived here.

I decided to have a firsthand experience of the park.

I got in and went straight to the end of the park.

There was just this thing about that part of the park that I liked, it looked like home, and even I didn't know why, I just felt it.

I caught a glimpse of something moving inside the woods, then I went to ask the security standing just close to that place if he also saw what I saw…

"If there is anything like that, it has got to be the wolfs again and those people never learn. They'll surely be gone very soon by the time the government is done with them," he said.

"What the f*ck is "them?…Is a wolf a person all of a sudden? "I had no idea what he was talking about

"Oh! I can see you know nothing about werewolves. Listen, they exist, and they are demons! They live amongst us, and we must ensure they don't exist anymore.

"What are you talking about?

"Just shut up.. make sure you don't go anywhere near the woods, or they'll reap you apart.. they are not ordinary wolfs… they are evil," he said as he walked towards the fence to have an inspection.

I knew I wanted to see a wolf for myself cause I never thought they'd be one in New Orleans, I always imagined it to be something you only get to see in the wild.

I returned home to put a few things in my bag pack as I had to wait until the night before heading back to the park.

The day was slow and the curiosity in me could not even bear it. I repeatedly slept, trying to take my head off the time as I could not wait to embark on my suicide mission.

It was finally, I was so happy to realize the time.

Chapter 2

Upon getting to this park, I saw children playing all over the place as adults stayed at every corner, which was not what I expected.

I took the time to observe the area to be sure no one was watching me as I strolled towards the woods. The same security officer was on duty, but this time, with a different uniform.

It was hard to get past him cause he had a bright torch that could spot an ant.

I waited for about 20 minutes, looking for the perfect opportunity to get past him without being noticed. When I thought of giving up, he got a call and had to leave the fence.

I got across to the other part as what I saw was completely different from what I thought it was.

The moonlight shone upon a restless and frost-covered clearing. Insects were chirping as a bone-numbing breeze stirred the tall grass, spooking the tiny creatures.



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