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Finding Her Pack

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At twenty-four, one should have their life figured out. But it's not the scenario with Niara. She divorces her husband after catching him red handed, cheating on her. She moved back in her mother's house in Moonshine ready to rebuild her life. Going out to have fun should just be that, having fun and not the start of her road to discovering the dark truth of her existence. A one night stand should just be that, a night of passion not a night of creating an unbreakable bond. She is her mate and he has been searching for her for centuries. She is his solution to his problem, saving his pack from the curse of a witch.



It was a cloudy Wednesday morning and I sat with my mother in the waiting room at the airport while I waited for my flight to go back to my own house, back to my husband. As much as I loved my mother and was very much appreciative of having her around and loved every moment I spent with her, I could not wait to see my husband anymore. One week, three days, and seven hours were long enough to go with him so instead of two whole weeks, I decided I could cut my visitation short and go back home to where I belonged. Turns out that Facetime does not do a very good job of keeping two people connected as people claim!

"This is the final boarding call for Flight 154, heading to Salaam…," the voice sounded across the airport and I sighed and then I stood up.

"And that is my cue to leave," I said and my mom stood up too and pulled me in her arms for a hug.

"Have a safe trip, baby," she whispered in my ears and I squeezed her a little before pulling out of the hug, holding her hand in mine.

"I will and, please, do stay healthy, Mom,"

"You, don't worry about me, I will be fine, just go before you miss your flight,"

"Oh, are you chasing me away now? Wouldn’t you be happy to have me for one more day?" I pretended to suckle and my mom shook her head no.

"No, no, no," she shook her head vigorously, "I can't stand your weaning any longer, just go back to your husband and spare me the misery of hearing how much you miss him and how useless face timing,"

"Come on, I am not that bad," I grinned.

"You know you are and if you think I am going to have you here for one more day if you miss that flight, you are mistaken, I will get you there myself even if it means I have to drive across the country for nine d*mn hours,"

"Okay, I guess, I am that bad,"

I pulled my mom in for another hug before I started running towards my designated gate waving bye at her.

"Wait, wait, wait," I shouted as I watched the gates being closed.

"Are you boarding the flight to Salaam?" the security asked and I nodded.

"Sorry for the delay," I muttered showing him my ticket and he let me in.

I got to the plane and once I found my seat in the first class section, I threw myself in it and sighed, closing my eyes and taking a moment to catch my breath. The way too familiar precautions were said out before I felt the plane move along the runway. After a while, I felt relaxed and I opened my eyes again. No one was in the seat next to me so that meant no meaningless conversation with some stranger. I could make use of that. I took a glance at my watch and it was 10 minutes past eleven. Getting to Salaam is a two-hour flight so that meant by 1:15, I would be landing. I took out my iPod and stuck it into my ears, listening to Lewis Calpadi.


"Once again, good day, ladies and gentlemen, we have reached our destination and we are about to land, please put your seat belts on for safety, and thank you for flying with Safari,"

The flight attendant's voice woke me up from my nap and I sat up straight in my seat checking the time on my watch.


Perfect. I had enough time to go to the Mall and get ingredients for Daniel"s favorite meal I planned on preparing before he gets home.

Once we were given the go-ahead to get off the plane, I dashed out of my seat, too excited to waste a minute. I waited for my luggage and once I had them, I hailed one of the airport cabs and had the driver drive me to a mall that was close to our estate.

In record time he pulled into one of the mall"s parking bays, thanks to the less traffic on the road.

"How much will be that," I asked as I pull a wad of cash from my handbag

"That would be a $25, ma’am,"

I grabbed two $20 dollar bills and handed him.

"Thank You," I said and ducked out, letting him know he could keep the change

Before I walked into four seasons market, I went through all the junky stuff in my bag before I got to my phone. I pulled it out and opened my note application and looked over at the list with all of Daniel's favorite dishes. He recently had picked a liking in Nigerian dishes so I opted for the Jollof rice and I hoped I would get all the ingredients I need there. I walked down the aisles, picking every ingredient that I was going to need. I made sure I did not miss even a single one and ruin this meal for him. Luckily I got everything I wanted and I did not have to go somewhere else to look for them. After I had everything I needed in the trolley, I walked towards the aisles, picking random essentials, regular groceries, and some snacks. When I was satisfied with what I had taken, I called a cab as I wait in the queue at the till and thankfully one was ten minutes away so by the time I paid the cab had pulled into the parking lot.

"Good afternoon ma'am," the driver said as he helped me get my luggage in the cab and greeted him back.

"Careful, there are eggs in there," I warned when he picked up the last taxi bag from the trolley and e nodded.

Once he was done, we both stepped into the cab. I gave him my address and he drove towards the estate houses. He was quiet throughout the fifteen-minute drive and I took the opportunity to look outside the window and admire every feature of the estate.

"We are here ma'am," he announced, and sure enough, we were in front of my gate.

"Would you mind, getting inside and dropping me along my driveway?"

"Not at all,"


I dug out my remote from my handbag, pressed the green button and the gate opened. He drove through the driveway and helped me unload my luggage. After I gave him the cab fee and a tip, of course, he left. As I stood in front of my house facing the vast white building with its large windows I have come to call home, I could feel that sense of belonging.

Home Sweet Home.

As I stood there, I saw one of the security guys, Joe, coming my way and my lips curved in that welcoming smile.

"Mrs. Rafiki, you are home!" he chimed.

"Yes, I am home, Joe. You missed me?"

"Yea, it was getting boring being stuck here and having no one to drive back and forth. I was becoming redundant. I was even scared I would lose my job if you know what I mean,"

"I do not know what you mean, Joe. If I was you I would have been grateful and spend my days watching those aircraft documentaries you surely love,"

"Well, I did a lot of that," he said and raised a book I had not noticed he was holding, and sure enough, the cover page had a helicopter in black and white, "But it is surely good to have you back here,"

"I too, am happy to be back," I told him, "Come on, help me get these things inside,"

"Sure, Mrs. Rafiki,"

He took most of the carrier bags and left one behind. I took the remaining carrier bags and headed inside too. Once I was in I looked around as I walked towards the kitchen and the house was unexpectedly clean. No empty boxes of pizza, no empty takeaways from Lotteria, Daniel's personal favorite fast food outlet, and no empty beer bottles lying around. The house is spotless as if someone has been cleaning it every day. I had expected to see dishes mounted in the sink, spilling over the dishwasher, and was prepared to scrub off some molds from my counters, but the kitchen is surprisingly clean too. I frowned, not sure who would have been cleaning. One thing I was sure of, it certainly was not Daniel. He was not domestic. His mother did not raised him that way.

"Did your boss make you clean up this house whilst I was away?" I asked Joe and he shook his head no.

"Why would he ask us to do that? Not to disrespect or anything but that is Maria's work so she was the one doing the cleaning I believe,"

"I should have known that girl would come in and clean Daniel's mess even though I had given her a two-week vacation," I muttered, "When did she come in," I asked, switching my attention from my kitchen surfaces to Joe.

"She was around. Came back about two days after you left,"

"Two days after I left?" I questioned confused. She had been so excited about taking two weeks off and I could not understand why she would come back only two days later.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes," he nodded, "I think she is in her room as we speak,"

"Well, if she is inside, I will have her help me with the rest. You are free to go,"

Joe nodded and left while I picked up my handbag from the kitchen aisle where I had placed it. I needed to take a shower before I started preparing a meal for my husband, so I head upstairs to our bedroom

As I approached our bedroom I thought I heard sounds but definitely that was an illusion. Daniel is not yet home and the upstairs space is for the two of us, me and my husband. I even did the cleaning myself. As I moved closer to my bedroom, the noise kept getting louder and I was now sure that I was not having an illusion and that made me frown and a little bit alarmed.

"What the hell could that be? And where was it coming from?" I asked myself and kept moving.

I got to the bedroom, reached for the doorknob and the noise became very prominent and could see clearly where it was coming from.


I had come home excited to surprise my husband, but guess who got surprised instead? Me!I stood there, seeing her naked in my bed, lying on her side, one leg lying parallel to my bed, the other bent towards her stomach, her face pressing on my pillow. I could see half of her face, with her eyes closed, as she enjoyed what was rightfully mine. Something I was not willing to share with anybody else. Something I wanted for myself. Something that was supposed to belong to me and me alone, traditionally, legally, and in other ways I could think of. Behind her lies the husband I could not wait to see, driving himself into her fast and hard. And now that I was close, I could hear the sound of his own groans. He kept his face on her neck and rammed into her with his left hand on her breast. And the devil did not even have the decency to remove his wedding ring. The very same ring which was a symbol of our vows. One of them being faithful to each other till death do us part.

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