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Fated To A Cursed Alpha King

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"I will find you, Diana. I will go through the ends of the earth to find you. No matter what comes, I will bring you back. I can't cope without you." "I swear to you, Diana." All Cinderellas end up in a castle. Not for Diana Dimitri. After being sold off to the cruelest Alpha King in the entire werewolf kingdom, she embraces her fate for slavery. But she begins to fall in love with him despite his cruelness, aggressiveness and the constant humiliation. Amidst this, she finds out they are fated to be mates. Diana tries to remain with him. But what happens when he doesn't know they are mates? He still treats her like trash. Diana cannot take it anymore and she leaves. Can the cruel Alpha king who reclines in his pride, take to the heels in search of the woman who made him feel warmth? Will he find her? What happens if he does? Will she accept him? What happens when he finds out that she is not alone?

Chapter 1

Diana stood in the ballroom, staring blankly. Everyone was paired and she was the only one standing awkwardly. She turned from time to time, trying to get familiar with her environment.

"The king isn't here." A woman whispered behind her. She didn't turn because she knew that whoever was speaking wasn't referring to her.

"Did you hear me?" The voice came again. "Hey! Sophie!"

Diana calmed down. She was almost going to turn to answer until she heard the name that was mentioned. She exhaled softly in relief.

"What has that got to do with me, Maddie? If he's not showing up then that's fine too! No one wants to see his cursed face anyway." Sophie said. Diana's eyebrows knitted together in confusion. What curse? She thought it was only a rumor.

"Don't be like that, Soph. Oh but if he does come around and chooses a bride!"

Sophie chuckled. "Sometimes I wonder how I ended up being friends with someone as stupid as you are."

"Aw, that's harsh Soph."

The two girls made up instantly and resumed their discussion about the king. Diana was still standing in the same spot. A young man approached her. From the way he looked and smelled, Diana could tell he was a weak werewolf.

"Hello." He said with a small smile. "My name is -"

"Hi, bye." She said and turned in the other direction. The guy felt very embarrassed and left quickly. Once she noticed he had left, she turned back to the direction she was facing all the while.

The King's right-hand man came into the ballroom with a wine glass and a spoon. Ting! The place became quiet immediately. All attention was drawn to the lone man who stood at the entrance of the dining.

"Attention, the king has called for everyone to show up at the diner for dinner with him. He will be joining us soon." Right after speaking, he ordered the guards to open the door. The people began to stream into the dining room. As nasty as they wanted to be, they had their reputation to protect so they didn't run. They managed to contain the excitement of seeing the king and walked into the dining room.

Diana stood, searching for her stepfather. If she couldn't find him, she would be happy that she could at least ditch the event. Looking left and right and not sighting him anywhere, she believed that he had somehow rushed into the dining room to save a seat close to the king. Diana smirked to herself. Hurriedly, she turned to escape but her vision got blocked by a wall and she still bumped into it. She fell backward to the floor. Looking up, she noticed it was a man.

Couldn't he stop her from falling? She scowled slightly at him. Nevertheless, she got up and dusted her dress. Diana was a beautiful lady. With skin that was white as milk and reddish brown hair that cascaded down her waist, softly caressing her bums. Her hazel eyes somehow had golden streaks that seemed to always glow brightly, differentiating her from the crowd.

"I'm sorry." She apologized. "I wasn't watching my way."

The man didn't respond to her. He was putting on a mask so she couldn't tell if he was mad or not. But from the way his presence intimidated her, she could tell that he was someone she could not bear to offend. She swallowed her baseless pride and apologized very humbly. Her stepfather would skin her alive if he heard she brought added problems to him.

Staring down at her, the man could see the varying emotions swirling through her eyes. He could tell that despite her apology, she could very well be cursing at him in her heart.

"Who brought a little lamb like you to the lions' den?" He asked. His voice was so deep and full of authority. The strength and power it carried made Diana weak in the knees. She took her gaze away from his and put them on the floor.

"What flock do you belong to, huh? Answer me little lamb." He mocked. Diana felt a rage come over her. She raised her head in defiance but her fiery eyes met his fiery ones. His were glowing red and she could tell that he was not someone she could offend. She cooled down instantly.

"I'm not a little lamb." She muttered, looking away from him.

"Not a little lamb? But you are a lamb? Just a slightly bigger than little one." The man said. His eyes roamed her body. He could tell what she had under the clothes which she wore and he wanted to touch them to know how they felt. Diana felt violated under his stare.

"I'm not a lamb at all!" She fired back.

"Diana!" A hard voice called. Diana shook slightly and the fear she tried to hide suddenly resurfaced in her eyes. She would have made her escape if this proud man hadn't just stopped her! Growling within herself, she turned to find the devil she had been trying to escape, behind her. He was making the slow walk to meet her.

"What are you doing here? Who are you talking to?!" He demanded. Diana turned to look at the man she had been arguing with just to confirm if he was a ghost. Truthfully, he was no longer there. Her face turned dark.

"No one." She murmured. "I want to return home." She said. Thomas frowned at her.

"Why will you return home? The king is about to make a public show!"

"I don't care! I want to go home. This isn't a place for..." She trailed off. Was she just about to call herself a little lamb? Before her stepfather could say anything more, she ran off. As she ran, the events of the day played in her head again. From the start of the day.

She remembered everything. Her only concern was, who was that stranger who made her feel so many emotions at once and still managed to make her look like a lunatic before her stepfather? Why did he seem so powerful?

Chapter 2

The day had started with her being in the kitchen, doing the dishes. One would assume that living in such a large and beautiful house, she would be treated like a princess. Well, the case was different for her. Only she knew what she was truly facing at home. Her stepfather would not allow her to have freedom. She never went out except he came along. She never had any friends, except the ones he approved.

Anything in general that had the potency to cause her freedom was disapproved of by him. She was living as a maid in her own house. After losing her father, her mother remarried. The man treated her nicely until her mother left. He was the legal custodian since his marriage to her mum was legal. The day her mother died was the day she lost her freedom. That was the reason they had maids in the house but she did everything.

Gradually, the man gambled the house and her father's wealth away, leaving her to suffer extreme poverty and still be in debt.



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