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Falling For My Twin Brother's Mate

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Amber's life as Luna is a facade of perfection marred by her husband Nash's cruel infidelity and abuse. Trapped by family expectations and a pack that reveres her tyrant mate, Amber endures in silence, her spirit and health shattering under the weight of his betrayal. When a national celebration exposes Nash's latest affair and a shocking betrayal from her closest friend costs Amber her unborn child, her world implodes. Desperate and alone, she contemplates the unthinkable, only to be saved by the most unexpected ally—Everett, Nash's estranged twin brother. As Amber grapples with the shadows of her past and the pressure from a family that values power over compassion, Everett stands as a beacon of hope, challenging his brother's reign of terror. With Everett's unwavering support, she embarks on a harrowing journey to reclaim her strength and rise as the Luna she was destined to be. But will her heart allow her to fall for the one man she should fear above all others—her twin brother's mate?

Chapter 1: Torment Of Betrayal

Amber's POV

Up in my room stirring at the curtains blown in every direction by the wind, exposing the golden window that seals me in my world of regret and my pain. The atmosphere filled with groaning and words unspoken as Thalia my wolf moans in my mind.

"Easy girl, it's all going to be alright", I said to her to keep her at peace but this is not the first time nor is it the second time, nor would it be the last time that she would feel her mate cheating on her.

"I cannot hold back again, allow me to follow his scent and wreak havoc to whoever is taking my place now" Thalia said and I almost accepted.

I have lost count and words to pacify Thalia that Nash, our mate, cared about us and would never hurt our feelings but we both know I am lying.

"How long do I have to sit back and feel so much pain because he cannot keep his d*ck between his legs?" Thalia asked me but I rolled my eye and replied her.

"Do you even want his d*ck to be for us alone?" I shuddered, I don't think so.

Nash's infidelity is causing us pain and torment beyond my imaginations. No one knew and I dared not to confront him or else it would end in pain and gnashing of teeth for me. Since I cannot satisfy his wild sexual urges, he had to go out to find different ladies, for different nights.

He is so into it, he told me only death can stop him.

"He is at it again, I can feel it and yet he doesn't care. He knows how I feel when he rams his d*ck into another p*ssy but he does it effortlessly"

Thalia struggled to remain calm but I can feel her pacing around in my head.Thalia said roaming my mind, seeking to burst out and dash outside to seek Nash but it will never happen.

The walls have closed me in, hiding my sorrows behind the fake smile I carry around as Luna.

No no one could ever know I was living a sad life. Each day I groan and roll in torment as Thalia feels her mate deep in another wolf, pleasuring and satisfying his wild urges that never runs out.

"How much more of his recklessness can we take"? I don't know, because I am going crazy and becoming weak every time Nash fucks his countless mistresses.

I look at my slightly swollen belly and I rub my hands on it. Thoughts of the first night Nash and I made love flashed across my mind and that was the beginning of all my sorrows… If only I knew, I would have remained without a mate.

After the moon goddess fated me to the Alpha's mate, it was the most joyous day of my life. A grand celebration was held and everyone that mattered was there to witness him marking me. Little did I know that the night had dark secrets that would also mark the beginning of my sorrows.

Everyone departed after cheering me up. Especially my family members, they were happy I could lift their burden away since I am now Luna of our kingdom.

"Be a good wife, play your role well and don't let us down" My mum said to me before departing.

I was ushered to the Alpha's Chambers, dressed and adored like a bride befitting a king. The room was specially prepared by the maids, roses on the bed, wine on ice and a tray of fruits by the side of the large King size bed.

I walked in shyly, since this would be my first time being naked before anyone. I saved myself for my mate, this would be my special gift to him and I pictured how gently and easy he would be with me. It was a night I hoped never to forget.

As soon as Nash saw me walking in my lilac lace gown that was slitted to my hip on the side, he stood up and walked towards me. I was so happy as he stretched his hands and pulled me towards himself. I whispered into his ears,

"This is my first time, please be gentle"

"Gentle does not exist in my world, baby girl".

"I like it rough and it's all about me pleasuring myself".

I thought he was joking until he lifted me up and threw me on the bed, spreading my legs apart. I was not sure how to feel as I noticed the rush and energy he was exerting but I just thought he was excited as well.

Rumour had it that the Alpha abuses the female maids in the palace but I did not believe it. The first time I saw Nash, he looked so harmless, I felt he wouldn't be able to hurt a fly. But all of that is about to change.

He quickly placed himself above me, kissing my neck roughly and cupping my n*ppl*s all at the same time. He inserted his fingers into my p*ssy and brought it out, dipping it into his mouth.

"Hmmmm, you taste sweet baby girl'

I am sure that is the nicest thing he ever said to me.

Immediately his d*ck erected, he moved towards me and forced it into my mouth. I tried to slow things down by gradually sucking his d*ck, stroking it with one hand but it was not giving him enough satisfaction.

I never knew this is what s*x is like, I thought it would be so dreamy that I would ask for more but now I can't wait for him to stop. The pain between my legs is driving me crazy.

He withdrew from my mouth and this time around, he arched my body before him. My kneel on the bed and him standing behind me in a doggy position.

He pushed his d*ck into my p*ssy and I let out a loud moan, it was a scream of pain more than pleasure as I was barely wet when he began to thrust in quickly.

"Please Nash",

I begged him to take it easy and slow with me, that I would do anything he wanted but my pleas fell on deaf ears as he continued to ram into my p*ssy. With each thrust he had a grin look on his face, like he was happy f*ck*ng me hardly.

"Do you like it, baby girl?" He asked, laughing hysterically. I wanted to respond but he gave me a dirty slap on my butt, I just kept quiet.

"Say my name baby girl", he said, strangling my neck with both of his hands.

Some people believed the Alpha was mocked while growing up that he would never find a mate, so he grew up and became ruthless, a monster inside the room.

A little while later he stopped and turned me around, this time my back was flat on the bed. He lifted my legs and placed them on his shoulders. He f*ck*d me and I screamed out, pleading and holding him tightly as I felt pain and just an ounce of pleasure. He climaxed and poured his c*m inside me. I let out a breath I did not know I was holding and that was the beginning of my torment.

All my dreams and fantasies about how I would live in my forever after life have just been dashed on the rocks as this feels like living in hell for me.

Early the next morning, my body ached and as I wanted to climb down from the bed, my legs gave way and I fell down. Unable to do anything, Nash walked in and saw me lying on the floor. He spat on my face.

"You lazy pig", he said, dragging me up. I lifted my eyes and looked at him

"Do you remember how you treated me last night?" I asked him, hoping for an apology

I thought he cared about me?"

He held my cheeks up and landed another slap on my face.

He pulled me to the bed and inserted his d*ck into my mouth.

"S*ck me, you lazy b*st*rd"

I quickly obliged because of fear of what he might do to me.

It is a memory I have tried to forget but to no avail, as every night Nash returned home to make me miserable and regret ever accepting the mate bond.

Weeks after our first and continuous abuse, I discovered I was with child. He had deposited his seed in me and I could no longer be tossed and turned around to satisfy his crazy needs in the room. I unleashed the inner beast in him and he went around f*ck*ng every p*ssy available.

Each night after feeling broken and despaired, Nash returns home smelling different women and still unsatisfied, he forces me to open my mouth and s*ck his d*ck until he cums. With his hands he holds on the tip of my hair and drags my head up and down, pleasuring himself, since he could not handle my body roughly because of the pregnancy.

I have grown accustomed to his ways, even though the pain is excruciating and he knows the mate bond weakens me each time he begins to f*ck his whores, he is not bothered.

Sometimes I wonder why I am enduring the abuse and torment of Nash but as Luna, I could not let my role be taken away, my family depended on me and I could not let them down. It is my cross and I have decided to carry it regardless of the outcome. His monstrosity could only be known to me as I have to be the dutiful wife and Luna.

Sometimes I get tempted to find out who he was cheating on me with but of what use would it be? The list would be too long for me to keep up after all no one wolf can satisfy Nash.

Chapter 2 : Announcing His Mistress

Amber's POV

The ray of sunshine flashed across the room, lighting it dimly as I struggled to open my eyes because of the pain I felt in my body. Nash had his way with me last night again, my lips are broken as he forced his dick into my mouth because I refused to suck him.

It's a new day and I turn around to find an empty space beside me. Nash was gone after I could not satisfy him. I could feel Thalia groaning inside me.

"He is definitely having his way with another one of his whores"

"I cannot allow it to deter me from what I had to do", I cautioned Thalia.

Today is the National celebration of our kingdom. Regardless of my jawline that looks lean and my eyes swollen from constant crying and my heart sunken in pain, my cheeks are red and my hands had bruises from the belt Nash used on me for refusing to make him cum twice.

I had to prepare and be present as the Luna of the Luparian Kingdom. My tummy could no longer be hidden as it had protruded o


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