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Enthralled: Mated to the Lycan king

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They broke apart, gasping for breath, and Ryan rested his forehead against Mia's. "You're everything to me," he said, his voice barely above a whisper. Mia's heart swelled with happiness as she looked into Ryan's eyes. "And you're everything to me," she replied, pulling him in for another kiss. As they lost themselves in each other's embrace, the rest of the world fell away. Mia Hanson was an orphan who was subjected to abuse, pain, and mockery since she was sold to the Alpha of the Cresent moon pack. She goes through a series of unfortunate events in the pack but a turning point in her life when she was forced by the Alpha's daughter to leave the pack on a stormy rainy night which was haunted by blood-tasty rogues. Things changed from there as she woke up the feared Lycan king from a slumber of about a century old when she stumbled into his mansion in her bid for shelter and help. Later on, she realizes she's mated to the fearsome Lycan king. She discovers hidden truths about her family and her former pack. Will she be able to save her mate and his kingdom? What will happen when she finally realizes the truth behind her parents' death?

Chapter 1

"Hey slave, what are you still doing here? Are you listening in on our conversation?" Ava said in the big dining room.

It was silent enough for Mia to hear who was at the far end of the room. The only noise was the thunderstorm and raindrops which splattered on the windows with ferrous tenacity.

Mia looked up from the plate she was arranging on her left hand and moved toward Ava and her two friends, Phoebe and Scarlett.

There was a sickening smile on their faces which indicated they were up to their games again.

It was barely four hours since they played a sick one on her. Don't they ever get tired of bullying her? Mia mused silently.

They won't because she was their only outlet for their boring lives. They found her fun as they always get what they wanted after all; the joy that comes with it.

She took too long to answer which elicited another stupid question from Ava. As if she would listen to their sick conversations.

But she couldn't say that out loud for fear of being whipped in the dungeons. Or less, getting slapped by Ava and her friends repeatedly while baring her teeth to the pain without letting out as much as a whimper.

"Have you suddenly gone deaf? Come here right now!" Ava screeched which bounced off the walls of the room.

Mia heaved a long sigh as she waited the long night to be over. She made her way to Ava and her friends at a pace neither slow nor fast.

She could get beaten for all she cared. She was used to it anyway.

"I'm sorry. I was busy putting down the plates on my hands as they would slow…" Mia tried to explain but was cut short rudely by Ava.

"I didn't ask for an explanation, slave." She said as she looked her up and down condensingly.

"She's getting gutsy by the day. Tell me, who is backing you up? Your mate?" Phoebe asked as she came closer to Mia, holding her nose, the same condensing look she had on like Ava's.

"Ahh, you wish! The moon goddess can't bless her with a mate. Or he could be dead already." Scarlett said, sitting on an empty dining chair, swinging her legs playfully while picking her nails.

"Or…. He could be a low life in a foreign land which she won't ever get to meet. He'll reject her as soon as he lays eyes on her." Phoebe said her hands crossed about her chest scrunching her face up in disgust

"She's so useless her parents abandoned her while fleeing for their lives. They are all so stupid for even thinking about crossing the Alpha." Ava said, clicking her tongue and shaking her head. She looked at Mia with much pity in her eyes.

That statement was something Mia couldn't take any longer. She had had insults from this wrenched family and kept up with it for years and held herself back from challenging Ava when it came to matters regarding her parents.

She loved her parents dearly and would turn back the hands of time if she could so she'll go with them. But wishes weren't horses, she had to face the harsh reality of this torture called life.

For the first time, she spoke up when Ava insulted her parents and decided to correct her on something.

Maybe Ava was doing so on purpose to get her riled up but she couldn't think at that moment as her mind was clouded with hatred and pain.

Hatred for the moon goddess for putting her in this mess of a life and also towards the Willet family for making her life hell.

And pain for realizing she's stuck with the family she hated most for life.

"My parents didn't abandon me." She spoke up in a barely audible tone.

All six eyes turned sharply towards her as they were visibly stunned into a lack of words.

They never thought the meek and quiet slave would turn out to be even more interesting.

"They abandoned you. Do you know what my father the Alpha said? Of course, you don't. Phoebe, tell her." Ava said after she finally found her voice.

Phoebe was more than happy to say so after she was snapped out of her daze by Ava's voice.

"He said your parents left you to die after fleeing for their lives. They thought you irrelevant and left you there to die after committing a heinous crime which warranted the death of the entire family."

"And guess what? You were saved by my family. So you should be grateful for serving your entire wretched life as a slave here. My father did you a huge favor." Ava said bitterly.

Hot tears threatened to spill from Mia's eyes but she held them in while balling her hands into a fist.

She wouldn't give them the satisfaction of seeing her cry. She had heard this over the years but today's own was different.

Earlier, she had seen a beautiful couple on the sidewalk outside the pack house when she had gone to get something for Luna.

The family reminded her so much of her family. Although she did remember her parents, she couldn't remember their faces. And it pained her greatly. The only thing she held onto was a necklace she was gifted by her mother on her fifth birthday.

Getting no more response from Mia, Ava started to get bored. She couldn't go out because of the rain and the rain had disrupted the network in the pack house. So she was left with nothing to do as usual.

Her eyes caught on a necklace on Mia's neck as Mia stood rooted to the spot, her hands flexing and unflexing.

She had always seen it on Mia's neck but thought nothing of it. But now, she decided to take it and see her reaction.

She knew it was something special to Mia as she had always seen it on her neck since she came into the pack house as a slave.

She went closer and yanked the necklace off her neck without warning.

Everyone was stunned. Including Scarlett who was busy picking her nails. She had heard a gasp from Mia and had looked up immediately to see a necklace dangling in Ava's hand.

Blood rushed up to Mia's head and she saw red. It took all the willpower in her not to shout at her.

"What? Do you want to fight me? Come on, show me what you've got. Stupid." Ava said.

She was liking the new Ava. She wanted to see some action. She had been too boring all this while.

"Give it back. Please." Mia stretched out her right hand trying to control her wolf which was on the verge of breaking out.

She had never been so angry. She tried to control her breathing as they came out in a ragged breath.

"What if I don't?" Ava said with a smirk playing on her lips.

"Please. I need it."

"No, I won't. You'll have to take it." Ava said, gauging Mia's reaction.

Mia reached out for it without thinking and her sharp unkempt nails mistakenly slashed Ava's skin on her wrist.

Ava screamed like she was being murdered. Phoebe and Scarlett immediately sprang up and checked the wound.

They knew it was nothing serious and would be gone in a minute or two because of Ava's fast healing abilities.

All werewolves had that. But the ability to heal at a faster rate depends on their wolf. And being the Alpha's daughter, she had faster healing abilities than most wolves.

Mia took a step back in fear. She had hurt the Alpha's daughter but she still didn't manage to take the necklace from Ava.

A slap resounded in the room as Phoebe landed a slap on Mia.

Her cheeks went red immediately from the slaps as her pale cheeks reddened immediately.

She watched Ava rush up to her anger dancing in her black orbs as she stood rooted to the spot.

She knew if she ran, she was done for. So she stood and braced herself for the pain.

But she didn't prepare for the kind of pain she felt from the slaps Ava sent her way. She staggered on her feet.

The slap was packed with a great break of energy. She felt her cheeks sting without saying a word.

"For this, you'll have to get me the rosebud leaf to treat my wound now." Ava said, shaking in anger.

Mia was stunned when she heard this. This was a suicide mission.

Chapter 2

Tears stung her eyes once more as she looked at Ava.

How could she go across the border on this rainy night when rogues scouted the area? She had always known Ava was wicked and wanted her dead. But this? It was the height of it all.

Pheobe and Scarlett had neutral looks on their faces as they knew all along.

Earlier on, while they talked in hushed voices, they had looked for a way to send Mia across the border that night to see how she would react to it.

But what they never expected was Ava getting hurt by Mia in the process.

They both looked at Mia waiting for her to say something. Just anything that would tell what she was thinking.

At last, they heard her voice which was laced with pain.

"It's rainy. There'll be Rogues out there. Can I go tomorrow morning instead?" Claire hung her head looking at her worn-out shoes.

"No, now!" Ava used her chin and pointed to the door, indicating Claire goes through i


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