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Desired By My Mate

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Avery is the daughter of a strong Alpha, however, she is weak and is treated like a slave in her own pack, her father decides to send her to a supernatural academy that would help her grow past her weakness and even, be able to shift, there, she finds out that her roommate is the Lycan's son, Alexander, the school's hottest bad boy who is an hybrid of a werewolf and a wizard as if that was not tensed enough, he happens to be her mate. He instantly disliked the fact that the goddess has chosen to punish him by giving him a weakling as a mate, he refused to reject her but does not accept her either, instead, he decides to make her life miserable by bullying her by the day and torturing her by night, also, making his witch mate seem like the better option

Chapter 1



‘’Ave! Avery!’’

It was not even up to a ten minutes that I was allowed to rest, my name was called again for the umpteenth time today, I was basically a slave to my own people that was only because my father gave them the right time to treat me like an omega.

I manage to get up from my bed and staggered out of my room because I was feeling dizzy, all I wanted to do was to rest for a bit but of course, they would not have any of that.

I got to the kitchen and met an angry looking Emily, the head maid, she was holding a spatula and I knew better to stay away or else, she might hit me with it out of annoyance.

‘’Why did you take long to answer your name?! Have you suddenly gone deaf?!’’ She yelled at me.

‘’I am sorry; I was asleep before…’’ 

She did not even give me enough time to defend myself before she dashed me with her insults.

‘’As expected, all you do is sleep, you never want to make yourself in this house.’’ She asserted in a frustrated tone.

I wanted to reply her that she was wrong, how on earth could she say that?

Out of all the servants in this pack house, I was the one who was always used to work the most, yet, she rewards me by calling me useless and lazy.

She paused her speech and stared at me as if I had grown two heads, ‘’What did you say?’’

I notice that her grip on the spatula had tightened and I might have spoken my thoughts aloud.

I lowered my head and shut my eyes, waiting for her to beat me like always.

Fortunately, for me, I was saved by my brother’s presence, Liam.

He seemed pretty p*ss*d and this time, Emily was the one who had fear in her eyes.

‘’What is the time?’’ He asked her, so calmly and it was scary because he was never like that.

We both looked at the clock and she was the one who answered him.

‘’7:30PM, sir.’’ She replied him with a shaky voice.

He stepped closer to her and I could hear her breathing increase.

‘’And when exactly is dinner supposed to be serve?’’ He inquired from her again.

‘’7:00PM.’’ She answered him with her eyes shut.

‘’Good.’’ He paused and stepped a bit away from her.

‘’Then, explain to me why you have chosen to starve the Alpha?!’’ He yelled at her at the top of her voice and she flinched.

Deep down, I prayed that he would not notice me and decide to bully me tonight, I was expecting Emily to pass her aggression on me once he left so I would not be able to face more.

‘’I am sorry sir; Avery was supposed to...’’

He cut her short, ‘’Was supposed to do what exactly?! I see that you are getting too comfortable with your position, maybe, you would like to be demoted to much lower standard, I do not want to hear excuses, if I do not see food on that table in the next seven minutes, consider yourself fired.’’ He dragged the last word before heading out.

 As soon as he left, I released a breath that I did not know, I have been holding back, you would not blame me, unlike, every other girl, I do not have a wonderful relationship with my older brother, only thing that he felt for me was severe hatred, sometimes, I even wonder if we are truly related, he always tortures me with the fact that I took his mother away from him with my birth, even, my father at some point supported him but he has stopped, my father does not even care whether I was alive or not, I always had to make my presence known to him and as for my brother, every time that he was around, terror was always evident in the atmosphere.

I did not even have any hope again in me, I was just breathing not living.

I never got to experience motherly love and the people that I thought would help in filling that void, they enjoyed inflicting pains on me.

The deadly glare that Emily shot me brought me back to my horrible reality, she was surely going to give me an earful.

‘’You are the cause of this, if only you had come to join me earlier, maybe, that douche of a brother would not speak to me in such manner.’’ She complained bitterly.

Yeah, she cusses at a lot of people even when I was around because she knew, I did not have the guts to snitch on her.

She quickly called other servants to help me take the food to the dining table, with every step that I took out of the kitchen and approached my father, it was with great fear.

I placed carefully on the table so it would not spill, my father never tolerated waste not even the littlest.

I stood beside my brother and waited for his bite of the food, the next thing that I held was him cussing and spitting the food out.

‘’Who cooked this?!’’ He asked in an angry tone.

I tried to speak but it was as if my mouth suddenly developed a power of its own to seal from talking.

‘’I asked a d*mn question!’’ 

‘’I did.’’ I replied him.

What exactly was wrong with the food, I have not been able to count the numbers of time that he actually ate without complaining of one thing or the other, nobody could ever satisfy him, in fact, he would always compare it to our mother’s meal that it was and always will be the best.

‘’So, at your age, you cannot moderate pepper in your food, do you want to murder us just like you did to mum?!’’ He flared up.

The last words that he uttered hit me hard, why would he say a thing like that to me.

I opened my mouth to speak but nothing came out, tears escaped my eyes and rolled down my cheeks.

For how long would he continue to detest me?!

How long would he haunt me with this?!

‘’I am sorry.’’ I apologized even though, it would not help the situation.

‘’Sorry for your lazy *ss self!’’ He yelled at me.

He threw the food at me and splashed water on my body.

I gasped for air and wiped my face, the water mixed with my tears dripped.

I looked at my father, hoping that he would say something but all he did was to wipe his mouth with the serviette and stood up to leave without saying a word.

‘’Get out of my sight before I loose it.’’ He ordered me.

I took that as my cue to leave, I ran back upstairs to my room and locked myself up so I could cry my heart out once more.

Maybe, if she was here, she would not have allowed her daughter to suffer this way.

I went to the mirror and stared at my reflection, it was a horrible sight to see.

I wished that it would all end and I would be taken far away from here, maybe, it would be a much peaceful world with my mother.

I hate my life.

Chapter 2



I looked at my reflection in the mirror to make sure that my clothes covered each and every one of my bruises, if I could do my own makeup, I would have used foundation to hide them, I did not know why I bothered so much, it was not as if anyone actually cared to notice, I was basically invisible at school and I liked it, it was my escape from this hell that I call a pack, if I had the guts to get into trouble so I would be stuck in detention, I would do it but Liam would make sure to whip me because of the time I wasted at school.

I walked to my bed and grabbed my bag pack when Emily got into my room without knocking, as usual, she had a frown on her face.

‘’Good Morning, Emily.’’ I greeted her.

‘’What exactly is good about the morning, huh? The Alpha wants to see you, I don’t know


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