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Convincing Luna Valeria. Book Two of “The Alpha's Twins” Blurb “In our next life, may only my relationship with him stand. Even if I don't regain my memories, if possible, I'm about to get married to another man except him, may the man reject me, and may the wedding not hold. I belong to only him. My heart beats for only him, and so shall it be in our next lives. This is my request, and may it be granted unto me,” that was her vow in her past life but little did she know it will work against her now that she was reborn as human and not the Luna she was and worst still, she lost her memory about her past life. After seven heartbreaks, the man in her past life finally showed up but to her, he is a monster who sucks on blood to live. She was reincarnated to help him get revenge on the man that killed him in their first life but what will happen now? Will she regain her memories and remember him? Will he be able to convince her as his mate? Will their love be happy ever after?

Chapter 1: Saved By The Alpha's Blood

Vancouver, Canada The silent auditorium was steeped in darkness, with the only light coming from a single spotlight that shone down upon a young lady standing in the centre of the room. The walls were draped in deep shades of purple and pink, with delicate twinkle lights twinkling softly in the background. The air was heavy with the scent of roses and their fragrances wafting through the air. She was dressed in an exquisite short skirt of pink silk and a silver blouse of lace, with delicate sparkles glinting in the light. Her hair was a cascade of gentle waves, with a few strands framing her face in an alluring, enticing manner. She was popularly known as Kristen Kim, the second-trending female celebrity in Canada. She had planned to surprise her fiancé, Alexander, with a proposal, and she lured him to the hall by texting him with an unknown number that some men were into gambling in the hall. She danced to the rhythm of the slow romantic music with a smile on her face. Detective Alexander walked in stealthily with his gun on standby. He opened the door to the auditorium carefully and took in the environment. He relaxed with a smile on his face, realizing it was his girlfriend. She faced him abruptly and gave him her best seductive smile. “Kristen,” he called, staring at the beauty before him. The light in the hall was focusing only on her. He looked at the romantic decorations, and his eyes narrowed down to the velvet small box beside a flower, and his countenance changed. Still smiling, she said, “If you're not coming over here, then I will come to you,” she picked up the velvet box and flowers and moved over to him. “Alexander, is the floor prettier than I am?” she demanded bashfully as she noticed her boyfriend's gaze was focused on the ground. He raised his head and forced a fake smile. “Of course not,” he replied simply, and the velvet box was thrown at him, which he caught at once. He opened it slowly and closed it back. “Kristen…” She cut him off. “I know you're a very shy person, so just stand in front of me and nod yes when I ask you to marry me. Once you put the ring on me, you can start calling me Mrs Clinton,” she chortled, raising her fingers in a demonstration. “Crystal…” Alexander called softly. She knew what he was about to say must be serious for him to call her by her christened name. The smile on her face began to fade gradually as she stared at the dull look on his face. She strongly hoped it wasn't what she was thinking. Could she afford to lose the seventh man in her life? "When I said I liked you and wanted to start addressing you differently, I meant that we can be like brother and sister just like we used to be.” He voiced softly. “You mean I was mistaken?” she demanded slowly, staring at him, and he nodded. All the strength in her became drained off instantly. “Does that mean… you want to break up with me?” “Kristen… I…” he moved nearer to her, but she stopped him. “Don't come closer.” She stepped backwards. “My proposal party has turned into a breakup party, my life is indeed a combination of black comedy,” she uttered with a sad smile. “Kristen, please hear me out, Kristen, Kristen!” Alexander called and wouldn't let her go. Out of frustration, she yelled, “Turn on the light!” “It's Evelyn I like.” He said, and the light was turned on. A few reporters were present in the hall, including Evelyn. “But I don't like you,” Evelyn defended herself confusedly. Crystal ran out of the hall, embarrassed, and drove to a nearby building. It was the same building where she always came to cry her heart out whenever her relationships didn't work out with her past boyfriends. She climbed the railings of the rooftop slowly and glanced down at the cars on the road. She drew back her heels slowly, contemplating whether she was ready to jump off the building or not. “Miss Kim, are you for real this time?” The building security taunted. “What's your problem? Can't you just leave me alone?” she yelled at him frustratedly. “I wish I could, but this is happening too often. You always come up here to cool your mind whenever you're upset. I'm tired of this,” he uttered and turned to leave. She scoffed and pulled her heel back to the railings again. “Miss Kim,” she heard the security's voice again. “Don't yell at me, you scared me!” she half-yelled at him. “I'm sorry. Miss Kim, are you for real this time? I am the security of this building, and if anything happens, I may need to call the police to avoid being fired.” “I'm going to jump, and you will end up being fired!” she voiced at him. “You must have been dumped again,” he muttered and she sighed. She sat down, explaining everything that had happened back in the auditorium to him. “Evelyn is my childhood friend. I've been treating her like my little sister since senior high school. But in the end…” “She cheated on your boyfriend!” The security said enthusiastically. But seeing the look on her face, he asked if there was more to it. “Evelyn snatched my six past boyfriends, and now my seventh boyfriend was rejected by her, the heck!” “If there was a bad luck competition in this world, you would come first. I will do you a favor,” he stretched his hands toward the railings. “Go for it, only death can end your bad luck! You will regret it when you get home if you don't jump off now.” He admonished her, and she eyed him with disdain. “Do you…know my mom?” she demanded slowly, and he shook his head negatively. She scoffed. “Why would you encourage me to jump off a building?” She didn't wait for his reply before she got up and started descending the stairs, ignoring whatever the man was saying. She unlocked her car and entered it. “I would absolutely regret it had it been I jumped. I haven't been paid for two jobs, and tomorrow's headlines will read: Goddess of models and actress Kristen Kim jumped off a building and died after being dumped by her boyfriend!” She said to herself, imagining the ridiculous comments she would have received from her fans. She ignited the engine. Simultaneously, a truck was coming from the Vacoucher airport, and in it is a dormant body. It was found deep in the Gilead sea, twenty years ago, and was displayed in a museum but it was later sold to National Research council of Canada. For over twenty years, the body had never been transferred successfully to Canada which was hindering their research. The researcher in Gilead confirmed the body to be a vampire's buy Canadian researchers needed to see for themselves. “Don't look,” the driver cautioned his assistant as he was looking back. “It will bring you bad luck. I heard this is the fifth time they are attempting to transport this body to the the laboratory, but it has always caused an accident causing them to return it to Gilead. I wouldn't have opted to bring it if not for the payment. I'm being extra careful to avoid bad luck,” the man narrated to the assistant beside him. Crystal glanced at the rose petals she had plucked to celebrate her proposal and scoffed. “If I had jumped, I would have suddenly become famous after being a female lead actress all my life! What a joke!” She saw the traffic signal notifying her to wait for ten seconds, and she obeyed. She turned to the back seat and kept throwing the petals angrily on the floor mats. NOTE: Crystal Kimberly is Valeria in book one. The rejections she has been facing all her life were because of her agreement back then that no relationship should work for her and no one will marry her except Miguel in their next lives. She mistakenly stepped on the throttle, and the car began to move on its own at a fast speed. She screamed in horror as she lost total control, and her car collided with a truck. Everyone screamed as they kept hearing different bangs and fighting for their lives. The coffin flew out and broke with force. Crystal's Vehicle somersaulted, and everyone's bodies flew out of the vehicles. They looked unconscious or rather dead as they were soaked in a pool of blood. The blood of Crystal flowed to where the dormant body was lying outside its coffin. Slowly, the dormant body's hands began to move slowly, and before a minute, he woke up. He tried his best to think about what could have happened, but just couldn't remember anything. Not even the woman whose blood just saved him. He turned to leave but returned to her. He just couldn't bear to leave her there to die. “Young lady, although your blood saved me, I'm not certain if I should save you with mine because this will only bring disaster to us since you're a mere human…” He wasn't sure she could hear him, so he pulled her from the ground. A car parked beside them and started making calls through to emergencies. Miguel knew she wouldn't make it to the hospital. Slowly, he bent his head, his mouth reaching for hers, and he bit his tongue to fuel blood and gave her his blood. “Mate! She is Valeria!” Miguel's wolf squealed inside of him as memories of Valeria filled his head. “You pervert! How dare you take advantage of her!” The man who was making call to the police disrupt his thoughts. He ran to his car to bring a weapon or anything, but Miguel was gone by the time he got a hold of one.

Chapter 2: Miraculous Healing

The sound of screeching tires and twisted metal filled the air as Crystal's car collided with another vehicle. Her body flew out of the window, and glass shattered as metal bent, and the car spun out of control before finally coming to a halt in a tangle of debris. Crystal lay on the cold floor, her body covered in cuts, bruises, and blood. She felt like the world around her was spinning out of control, but that ended the moment she met something. She knew a miracle happened because her pains suddenly disappeared. Suddenly, a beam of light pierced the darkness, and the sound of a siren filled the air. They were the police, the ambulance, and the nurses all rushing to her rescue. The police car screeched to a halt, and Alexander rushed out. “I'm sorry I'm late, Crystal,” he kept muttering to himself. The ambulance pulled up beside him, and the nurses ran out, running towards the wreckage. They worked quickly and effic


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