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Bella Silva

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  • 👁 6.6K
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Many years before, Vinicius of the Midnight Pack had only two choices: hand his hybrid family over to the ruthless Lycan King, or death. He chose to keep his family hidden from the tyrant and hid them deep in the forest, in a place he never thought the Lycan King would find them. But he did. Paloma, his eldest daughter—now eighteen—was snatched by the cruel Lycan King’s soldiers. Her family got away, but she didn’t. Her execution for being a hybrid—half-human and half-werewolf—would be a public one to show the entire kingdom that matings between humans and werewolves were forbidden. Everything changed when the Lycan King’s son, Maximus, realized that Paloma was his mate. Paloma soon discovered that Maximus was just as cruel as his father. Yet, there was a protective side of him that she didn’t understand, and whenever it presented itself, it perplexed her. He appeared to hate her but protected her from all harm, especially from his father. When an enemy of the kingdom presented itself, Paloma was once again taken hostage and used as a pawn in a dangerous game. The price for her life was the crown. At first, she was terrified by the enemy, but afterward, she discovered that not everything was as it seemed and that the Lycan Kingdom had terrible secrets. Would Maximus save her or would she have to save herself? Most importantly, would the secrets revealed to her change the way she felt about Maximus forever, or would they emerge from the war stronger than ever?


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