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Conjoined Luna's Mate

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This story detailed the love story of Conjoined Luna "Amelia and Maya" conceived by a servant to the Alpha King of Salem, and Richard the rightful heir to the throne of Dunwitch.." Amelia and Maya" has disability right from birth which led to the death of their mother, they were given birth with their two heads joined together and there is no one that could separate them, that left all the werewolf of Salem rejecting them, hated them and never wanted their children to get close to them, this made it so difficult for them to get a Mate in salem, that led them to escaping to search for a Mate. Richard always felt hatred from his father because he wasn't supportive of his father's mischievous ways to have all the good things the Salem had to himself.. Their life journey begins when the "Cripple Witch of Dunwitch" prophesy that the two mate would meet and will get married in the future but before that they will have to journey to the "Witch Mountain" to drink from the sacred well water before they mate when the moon becomes full, after that Salem and Dunwitch will become one.

Chapter 1


"We who are dominant tend to think of that aspect of being a werewolf as rank: who is obeyed, who is to obey. Dominant and submissive. But it is also who is to protect and who is to be protected. A submissive wolf is not incapable of protecting himself or herself: he or she can fight, he can kill as readily as any other.

But a submissive doesn't feel the need to fight -- not the way a dominant does. They are a treasure in a pack, we are the treasure no matter the circumstances".

"You either Embrace it or leave it the four walls of this castle is becoming a cage" where you lock your dog so they won't escape or go astray, it only consist of only the "Alpha king Brian our father", a very strong man with a strong cheek, bold voice that echoes, he is 7'9 feet tall, he has the power to execute any werewolf and he loves feasting on s*x and blood", and his queens, "Sarafina, Jennifer and Jane, all with no children of their own to call siblings, we only grew with the guards and servants around us.. 'where are the people?" Since we were kids no child of our age has ever come to the castle to play with us, "are you not concerned about that?",

Amelia asking Maya her conjoined twins, The only person allowed by our father is "Laura frankstein", "a very pretty damsel with 'short curly' black hair that comes down from the top to her eyes", she has turned down different mates that proposes to her because of her love for hunting and fighting like a man, "she thanks her strong 'will' for that". "unlike us" no Mate has ever come to request our hand in marriage..

"Although!" she wouldn't had been allowed to come here if not that her father and our father are friends that goes way back...

"Amelia and Maya" both endowed with long dark hair, blue shiny eyeballs, about 4'6 ft Tall, long shaped cheek with pretty smile and a Curvy waistline that can make any man commit around them but having their heads conjoined has left interested mate scared of approaching.

"Disability** "Our disability has kept us like this Amelia", "what can we do then?" Maya asked Amelia, let's try and escape this "cage" they called castle.. They continued their conversation for hours.

Maya we have never been this muddle before I guess it's because we are now mature enough to know what's going on in the city of Salem. "Said Amelia" At age 18 they've realise they are matured enough to "shape shift" and have a mate, they requested their father's permission to go out of the Castle and have a good view, since they had been locked up right from childhood.

"Amalia and Maya" was taken to the market by the their Father's servants who helped in disguising them like an ordinary Salem citizen, she covered their heads with a "long black scarf" wrapped around their heads before leaving to the city and was taken to the Market.. on getting there Maya and Amelia was cheerful, "I can feel the air I breadth in" said Amelia", so different from the one back at the castle", I wanted to flick!, at first but later got used to the new experience in our lifetime..

Can you imagine the fun we've been missing all these years, look further away and see how happy one of our servants are, "I guess they feel our pain too", said Amelia, I could hear them from far saying, "I pity our princesses" They had been in the castle far too long to see today, it's wasn't easy being alone living in the castle together ever since they lost their mother "Shirley" at child birth due to medical complications that occurred because of their mysterious way of coming out of their mother's womb, They are right about everything it has not been an easy task".

"Amelia and Maya" let's try new things before we go back to the castle, let's buy some Apple fruits, said Amelia knowing fully they love eating fruits alot being outside they can now see where all the fruits they've been eating was coming from, so, they ordered for different kinds of fruits..

Although! Our father only gave us limited time to go out and come back early but ordered the servants to allow them spend enough time outdoor, they weren't ready to go home anymore, by this hour, "The Sky colour is changing gradually and the "god of thunder" is striking it's lightning, all market men and women are packing their goods, "guessing it's going to rain", the servants said to the princesses whom by this time they just started enjoying themselves seeing so many handsome men has left them speechless..

Approaching us was a very handsome werewolf, wearing a thick Skin of an animal and followed by two Armed men, "he must be a prince and i guess they are his guards. Prince Richard as one of his guard called him, he looks 20 years old, with strong muscular body, round bold face with long curly brown hair, he is 6'7 feet tall and has a long legs like a giraffe . Richard is the rightful heir to the throne of Dunwitch.

"We tried to say hello", but was very arrogant and wasn't looking our ways flaunting is handsomeness around the ladies in the markets, some of the ladies tried to get his attention but he wasn't showing interest.

"How I wish that man could be mine", said Maya, you mean to be yours or ours, asked Amelia, oh! I've forgotten we are stuck together till death and we must marry the same mate. They both smiled! Silently under their cover. It's high time we go back to the castle the king will be worried, said one of the three servants whilst holding their hand, but they removed her hand from theirs to move away from them..

"The atmosphere begins to look unrelated and the wind was coming with full speed which took away their "scarf and their heads were shown to all the people"..

" All the people were "fearful and flickering!" when they saw Amelia and Maya with their heads joined together both must walk in the same coordination with different heads, the market women begins to engage in several discussions asking themselves is that the princess(es)? "

What has happened to her, conjoined Luna in Salem this is "witch craft" this is a vetoed that can't be accepted. Suddenly a women shouted "witch they are" stone them to death, don't pity them they are not human, by this time a servant ran to inform the "Alpha King at the castle who urgently sent his guards to go rescue them before they got there they had started beating the servants whom were guiding the princesses from the stone they were throwing at them.

Chapter 2


The guards got there on-time to rescued them then took them on their horse back to the castle immediately. Richard stood by as people at the market were stoning and beating us like a slave, "said the princesses" if not for our servants and our father's guards we could have died miserably.

They were angry that the man they were willing to get married to wasn't caring and instead he continued with his business In the market. The idea of getting to prince is that of our father who always say to us that he wishes we get married to a Prince so that people will not maltreat us because of our physical challenges is becoming discouraging after what we encountered with one. "We can never marry such a man" never!.

They never grew up to this kind of hatred till that day, ever since then they have been forbidden by the Alpha king never to step out again but the thoughts of leaving the palace has been "triggered" in their mind ever since they turned 25 years of


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