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Clamied to be his Luna

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"You won't be able to control me forever!" "How about you watch me, Ella" "If you think that you're tougher than me, think again mister-''I was cut off with Ellan's harsh attitude getting the better of him. I became mute when his strong, muscular hands gripped tightly under my jaw, cutting off some of the airflow into my lungs. I stared at him with wide eyes, as he leaned closer towards my face; his scent radiating my nostrils and sent All into a wild run. I was speechless, unable to think of anything else to say while Arsen kept his golden eyes locked on me. "What's the matter, Ella? Still think you're tougher than me?" Ella Reja is an Omega within her village, and the only one that hasn't transformed into her wolf. Her entire Pack, The lunar Pack, hates her because of her weakness and the fact that she has yet been able to expose her wolf. Arsen Trude is an Alpha, and a dangerous one at that, feared by almost every wolf that lives or goes near his Pack, The Night Walker Pack. He doesn't do well with being told what to do, and never had a good history with being a leader since the actions of his brother years ago. Two separate souls, both so different; but yet so similar at the same time. The world around them tends to keep them apart, but their spirits and hearts will forever run towards one another. Cause all that matters now is that both their Packs are protected.

Chapter 1 ( My name is Ella a Weak Omega)

l examined myself in the mirror closely, my long dark hair running down my shoulders in loose curls while the dress that ran down my legs stopped just before my ankles. A choker was wrapped around my neck from the dress, and my feet already started to hurt because of the heels my mother wanted me to wear for the Ceremony. I honestly didn't want to go to this Ceremony, because I knew that none of the wolves in my Pack would want to be my mate. They already hate me because I'm the weakest of all Omega's anyway, but it's also because they knew that I wouldn't make it 5 minutes with a mate. And they weren't wrong. But it is mainly because I haven't seen, or transformed, into my wolf yet. That is a basic rule for all the wolves in my Pack. Followed by several other rules too.

1. If a wolf has yet to transform into their

wolf, they will be marked as Omega

2. If an Omega still has yet to transform

and has sniffed out their mate, the Omega mustn't mate until they/their mate sees their wolf

3. If an Omega and their mate already

mated, and the Omega has yet to transform, the Omega will be executed alongside their mate and pup(s)

Either way, I wasn't going to end up with a mate.Because I have not been able to see my wolf yet, or been able to sniff out my mate. It could be because they aren't from my Pack specifically, but I was always told by dozens of my own Pack that I will never find a mate. A large majority already found theirs long before the Ceremony, but i'm just stuck mateless and alone.

It was the day where all wolves go to the

Central of the town, all dressed up and

refreshed, and; what my friend always

references it as, 'Getting Married'. All wolves are bound to find their mates during this Ceremony,and this is the first time I've ever gone.I spun my hips as I saw the end of my dress flow with me while I decided to spin all the way around and look back at myself in the mirror. My

skin looked radiant in the black laced dress that covered my tiny form, a pair of small studded earrings in each of my earlobes and a necklace wrapped around my neck. It was a necklace my mother gave to me, before her passing. I was

only a small pup, but I can still remember

almost everything that happened that night.

"Ella, are you ready?" I hear a voice call

out to me from down the hall, and I quickly turned my head in the direction the voice came from. A few seconds later, a head poked out from my door and stared off in my direction.Childlike eyes watching me closely as the person stepped forward with their entire body filling the doorway. They were tall, had short,spiky brown hair and crystal blue eyes with a slender like figure. I sighed and turned the rest of my body towards them, seeing a smile appear on their face as they took another step into my room with their hands in their pockets. Shoulders were left a good distance behind the rest of their body, as they glanced their eyes up and down at the dress I was wearing. My face was flushing with pink as I moved a piece of my brown hair behind my ear. "D*mn, Ella," he whistled, " Is it too much?" l asked, a scared look appearing on my face as I watched the man, my friend in front of me, look at the dress I wore. " I could change if it's too much-"

"No no no, Ella, you look absolutely

gorgeous," he said, taking another step

"I think tonight's the night." towards me and left a foot or two between us.

"You really think so, Barrett?" l asked,

staring up into his crystal blue's and saw a smile grow wider across his face. I then suddenly felt nervous, unable to determine whether or not this was going to be the night I'd find my mate. If I don't find them tonight, then I might never be able to find a mate; ever. "B-But...what if I-"

"Trust me, Ella" said, resting his hand upon my shoulder as I kept staring into his eyes. The look on my face that reflected in his orbs brought more fear to the mix than l already had. My light brown eyes matched my hair and dress I was wearing this evening, but my expression was far off the chain. "You will be the best looking out of everyone at this Ceremony. And that's me only scratching the surface of the truth." His genuine smile said it all. He was being true to his word, he always was.

"Barrett you don't have to lie" I said with a visible smile, hoping Barrett would just admit I'm still going to be the weak Omega for the rest of my life. But instead, I just saw his face dry and a frown appear on his face.

"Everyone knows, including you, that I'm going to end up Mateless by the end of this Ceremony. Because who would want to have a weak mate like me, who can barely defend herself?" I bowed my

head as I tried to hide the fact that I was hurting myself mentally, wishing that this night could be over with quickly.

"I would," he said, and I shot my attention up to him and stared into his eyes that

shined a bright blue when I looked into them.

"Ella, if I'm being honest with myself, I would want you as my mate if I wasn't a Delta. Not just because I feel bad, but I know that either way I would protect you. And l do, don't you understand?"

"Barrett, we've been friends since kids," I

said, my voice shot.

"Yes, but what I'm saying is if; hypothetically, I was interested in you, I'd want to be your mate, '' he said, and I slowly nodded in understanding. "Now I know I might have a mate that's waiting for me at the Ceremony, but I'm still going to protect you after we part ways."

"But what if you go to a different Pack?"I

asked, fear flooding my body the moment I realised him and I might never see each other again. "Or...or if I go to...?"

"Hey, Ella it's okay' the soft whisper of

Barret voice filling my ears, and I only kept my head facing towards the floor as he gently squeezed my shoulders for comfort. "Even if our mates-"

"Your mate" I interrupted, Barrett sighing.

" If our mates" he started again, before I

could argue. "Somehow ended up being from different Packs, it won't change the fact that I will always protect you. I thought I told you that before."

I whimpered as depression started to fill my mind, but Barrett stepped closer and filled the space between us. His long arms wrapped around my tiny waist, his head resting in the crook neck of mine. myself relaxing and wrapped my own arms around him. I stuffed my face into his chest, due to my small persona, and gripped tightly on his suit that he was wearing for the Ceremony.

"Happy Wedding, Ella." I smiled against the fabric and felt Barrett's body heat radiating off and onto my skin.

"Happy Wedding, Barrett."

Soon, we arrived at the ceremony .There were more people here than I expected when I heard about the Ceremony. But it was also how I expected it; with all the girls wearing dresses that either went down to their ankles or their mid thighs, and the men were all wearing tuxedos or undershirts with dress pants. I stood by the bar that was serving sweets and drinks for those who want any, sitting on one of the stools and twirled a piece of thin sheet cake around a plate in front of me with my finger. I was tired, worn out and had no interest in being here any longer, but I knew that if I left for some other reason then Barrett would hunt me down and force me to stay. And speaking of Barrett, I couldn't find him anywhere. He probably sniffed out his mate the second he walked in here, but even if he did, he said he'd stick by me until the official Ceremony began. But he just left me hanging, alone at the bar with strangers around me from other Packs.

The Packs that joined up for the Ceremony were my Pack, the Night walker Pack, our allied Pack, the blue Moon Pack, and the most feared Pack in history. A Pack that not even the Alpha in my Pack would want to fret about. The Lunar Pack.

"Excuse me" I heard a voice say from beside me, and I turned my head over in that direction to see a taller man with long dirty blonde hair staring down at me. He had dark brown eyes that almost appeared black, and his skin was paler than mine.

"Y-Yes?" l asked nervously, sensing a tint of alcohol on the man. I sniffed from a great distance, and I not only smelled the alcohol, but l also smelled....coconut.

"Did it hurt when you fell from Heaven?

Because you are an Angel" the man said. I scoffed and turned my attention back to my treats, a low growl emanating from the man next to me. I gasped when I felt their hand roughly grab my upper arm, and I quickly turned over in their direction to see they were barreling their teeth at me; a dominant gesture. "You answer me when l'm talking to you, Mutt."

"P-Please, just leave me alone" I said with a low voice, and the man growled, causing me to whimper. I didn't think that the pressure the man had on my arm would stop, but time was at the essence, was what my mother always said. The seconds turned into minutes, and the minutes felt like years before the man finally released my arm with a grunt and stormed off in an opposite direction. I didn't know I had tears falling from my face, before I heard footsteps rushing up to my side and gently grabbing my shoulder. I turned and saw Barrett was staring down at me, his eyes trailing towards my arm; the man's handprint engraved on my arm.

"Ella, are you okay?" Barrett asked, and I

slowly nodded my head as his fingertips lightly brushed against my arm. Now I know I'm going to definitely get a bruise. "D*mn these stupid wolves from The sigma Pack." I quickly shot my head up towards Barrett's seeing he was looking in the direction the the man went, his nose and eyebrows scrunched up and looked as if they were moulded in place. Oh god, The Sigma Pack?

"Barrett" I said softly, hoping he'd hear me.

And he did. He looked at me worried. "Was that....Was that a wolf from The Sigma Pack?" He must've sensed my fear based on my voice, hitching a breath before slowly nodding his head. I almost felt sick to my stomach. I didn't know sigma pack is attending the ceremony this year and I think, they made a mistake because they knew that The Lunar Pack was one of the most dangerous Packs to fight against, if they come across each other nobody will be save here. "Was that their....their Alpha?"

"No" he said quickly, shaking his head

at me. " I don't think he would come here especially When lunar pack Alpha is here. If he would've said what he did to you the lunar Pack's Alpha' would tear him limb from limb."

I Inhaled sharply and heard a whimper escape me, my head hanging low as I tried avoiding some of the dozen eyes that burned against my back. "I'm sorry if l scared you, Ella." Barrett quickly wrapped his hands around my shoulders and placed his head next to mine, and I tried not to smile.

"l just wish you best of luck" I said, before the sound of doors bursting open filled the entire room. He quickly jumped up and turned his attention behind us, and l could hear gasps and deep inhalers as I turned around.

Then a sudden scent clouded my nose.


Chapter 2 My Mate is a Alpha

Oh shit," Barrett said below his breath, and I stood up from the stool and looked around; my eyes widening when l saw who walked in. There was at least 5 tall men who just walked in, followed by 2 girls; all with either annoyed or angered expressions. The one in the very front

was Buffy, had golden coloured hair with the tips a light brown, their eyes matching their hair with an extra glow to it. Their sharp jawline stood out from a crowded room, and very light freckles all alone their nose that was barely visible due to their tanned skin colour.

The scent was getting stronger when those people walked towards the front of the room, and I turned towards Barrett to see he was still staring at the group.

"Who are they?" I asked, Barrett shaking his head and looked over in my direction. His eyes didn't meet mine, but his body spoke to me. I remained silent as Oakley focused his attention back on the group that walked in, inhaled slowly.



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