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Broken Bonds: I want her back

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Rejected and embarrassed in front of the pack wasn't somethingHazel expected from her mate. What she envisioned to be paradise turned into hell, tormenting her. Pregnant and with a broken heart, she leaves the pack. Five years later, she crosses paths with her mate who is adamant to have her back. When her precious children are kidnapped, she has no choice but seek his help. Will her mate lend her a helping hand? Is this what brings them back together? With another man showing interest on her, is there a chance she would consider him over her first love?

Chapter 1

Noah smiled at me, his smile so beautiful. It was just like I have always Imagined, only that his smile didn't just warm my heart, it tipped me down there.

Five years of admiring and crushing on him secretly and today, he finally realised my existence. Not only that, he was in my room, giving me that killer smile. I couldn't control my feelings anymore seeing that I have kept them bottled up all this time.

Why was he in my room? I didn't have the slightest idea but that didn't matter. He was here with me, that was everything to me.

I didn't even dare to ask because I feared that that would drive him away.

I gave him my best smile and walked towards him.

Noah took unhurried steps towards me, stopping just about a few inches before me.

He then took my hand, placed a gentle kiss on it. I felt tingly all through my body and my eyes felt teary with emotions. It's finally happening, each of my fantasies.

Noah had kissed me. This was like a dream come true.

I smiled at him and he bent his neck and I found myself rising on my toes involuntarily.

I didn't know whose lips connected with who's first but did that really matter? All I knew was that I was in heaven, a small heaven down on earth specially for the two of us.

Noah was kissing me and he wasn't being subtle about it.

His tongue probed my mouth, wanting to be granted access to my sweet confines.

The kiss was just as imagined, perfect and deliberate.

I allowed him inside my mouth and he didn't hesitate to explore every inch of his mouth with tongue.

Noah's hands roamed around my body. He cupped my butts, squeezing them and earning a moan from me.

“Goddess, you taste divine!" He said in a husky hoarse voice that said that he was already aroused. My arousal coated the room, perfuming it.

I smiled, loving the fact that I had the same effect on him as he had on me. I have always felt insecure about myself, wondering whether Noah would ever see me as a woman. Seeing all the ladies he dated at school, I was nothing close to them. I wasn't considered that beautiful with my Hazel eyes and moderate height and my airport runway wasn't that impressive.

They always say, seeing is believing because here I was with him, groping and kissing me senseless.

He pushed me towards the bed and he took my lips again as we both tumbled into the soft bed.

I could care less about how I looked as I greedily took in all he could offer.

I moaned into the kiss and Noah bit my lower lip.

I hissed and he looked at me.

His eyes shone with lust and unconcealable desire.

“When you moan like that, you make me want to do very bad things to you," he purred,his words sending a sweet sensation down to my centre.

I could imagine him doing bad things to me.

“What's stopping you," I said hoarsely trying to hide the fact that I wanted him to do all he wanted to and with me.

He smiled as he tipped up my pyjama shirt, his hand creeping to my stomach.

He caressed it ever so gently and I arched involuntarily asking for more of his touch.

He smiled as he held my gaze and slid his hand upwards until he came to my bra.

He unclasped it and took one in his hand and squeezed gently.

He then lifted the whole blouse and took one nipple in his mouth.

I could feel my knickers getting wet with each passing moment.

The sweet hot feeling engulfed the whole of me and made me want to cry with pleasure.

“Noah," I croaked.

“Yes baby. What do you want me to do to you?" He asked this time his hand playing with my thigh as he went back to sucking my other nipple.

What did I want him to do? I wanted him to do all the sinful things to me, claim me in all ways possible and make me his, only his.

It felt so good and right doing this with him. It felt like we were made for each other.

Noah smiled at me and pecked my lips and rose. Disappointment flooded me, thinking that he didn't want to take this step with me.

I thought he was going away but he pleasantly surprised me when removed the t-shirt he was wearing exposing those tight muscles and abs.

Looking at the work of art before me, I had this weird urge to trace my tongue on those sinful muscles.

I unconsciously went to touch the abs and he took my hand and guided it.

“I… I want you…” I said without thinking.

He chuckled and kissed the palm of my hand.

"Your wish is my command, my queen," he said and knelt on the floor and parted my thighs.

I felt like hiding myself but he spoke, “don't feel shy, I want to see the whole of you and imprint you in my mind," with that coaxing voice, I found myself parting my thighs even without being asked.

He slid his index finger inside my panty and caressed my clit and I screamed ini pure bliss.

He chuckled and kissed my inner thigh as he caressed my clit again.

A throaty moan tore through my mouth, echoing through the little room.

His tongue skillfully delved inside me, sucking and biting on my sensitive bud.. I could feel my orgasm building and with a few more thrusts, I threw my head back, welcoming the feeling.

The loud blaring of my phone had me sitting up on bed with a jerk

My eyes searched around for Noah but it was just…

I sighed heavily as I realised that I was dreaming but the wetness down there and in my bed sheet was real.

My cheeks burned with embarrassment.

Last night was my eighteenth birthday and just like every other werewolf, I found my wolf and shifted for the first time.

That meant I would be finding my mate anytime. With that thought, I smiled to myself, dragged my body to the bathroom to start my day.

“ I wish you could be my mate.” I murmured to myself.

Chapter 2

Watching the damn pregnancy test for the humpteeth time, I don't know if I should cry or scream with joy.

I am pregnant.

But how?

We only did it once!

It was a mistake, or so he called it.

Noah was fucking drunk that night when he came knocking on my door.

After turning eighteen, I found out that he was my mate, just like I had prayed.

I was over the moon but he didn't share the same excitement.

He even warned me not to breathe a word about the news of being mates to anyone.

I did as he instructed, hoping that he would come to wrap his mind around the fact that I was his fated mate and accept me.

When he arrived at my doorstep reeking of alcohol, I welcomed him.

When he kissed me Possessive, I kissed him back and when he spread my legs and settled between them, I spread them wider for him, granting him access to my treasure.


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