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Born To Be Luna

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Eighteen year old Bella is an attractive, timid, shy omega who has been bullied by her stepsister and the rest of her pack until she meets Zach her fated Alpha. Will Zach accept shy Bella or maybe he has other plans for his future with another Luna. Will this news destroy and break Bella or maybe there's more is more that lies in her future?

Chapter 1

The transformation.

"Bella.. come out, come out from wherever you're hiding!" Crystal spoke softly with an ill intent to hurt me like she usually did with the rest of the pack members who taunted me because I was an Omega.

I hid beneath a large emerald green arborvitae tree paralyzed with fear while my heart thumped wildly. Crystal unknowingly stepped closer to the bush I was hiding from then I quickly clasped my palm against my mouth to silence my huffs and puffs while I nervously gasped for air.

"Bella, don't make me repeat myself, come out now!" She exclaimed with her jaws clenched together. I peeked out to catch a glimpse of where exactly she was standing and I could see her face reddening due to the anger brewing inside of her. Suddenly, Jane, her friend, tugged me out of the bush and dragged me out into the open rays of the moonlight.

"There you are, now kneel down here you little snitch." Crystal was pinpointed to the ground with heavy breathing. Crystal is my stepsister and hated the fact that I was dad's favourite child and that enraged her to the core, hence she and her friends bullied me since I could remember. Her mother, my stepmom is a Beta and so is pa while my dead mother was an Omega hence she was a Beta by blood and I'm an Omega in the pack because of my mother's Omega blood.

"Now what was that you were telling papa about me sleeping with all the boys in my class uh?" She leaned into my face with a scowl on her face.

"Nothing, I just told him the truth about you being a bitch at school," I muttered in a low voice as she gave attention to my every word. She huffed and puffed revealing her flared nostrils. Her eyes changed colour to a yellowish glow with sharp fangs in her mouth. She opened up her beasty palm and smacked me hard on my face.

I Jerked to the ground on my hands and knees as I felt an odd tingle run down my body. Crystal was a year older than me hence she already blossomed into her wolf form at the early age of sixteen and I was yet to reach puberty as some would call it in the pack. I was eighteen and she was nineteen and she gave me a tough time at college. Because I was a freshman while she was a second-year student at the same college. I huffed and puffed while I tried to control this weird feeling I felt after Crystal slapped me to the ground.

"What is it? Are you going to run back home to dear daddy, hahaha," she chuckled out loud while her friends joined in the laughter.

"Stop it now!" I exclaimed and my eyes began changing color from their normal green to an insane yellow glow while I screamed my lungs out. I snatched the green grass on the ground as my claws dug deeper into the Earth. I cringed my eyes shut as I tried to control the weird feeling I felt but it was too late to control anything as my knees reversed direction and all my bones shifted inside me.

This is it, it's happening now. I let out a devilish smirk on my face hoping I would transform into a bigger badass wolf than her so that I would fight back, but boy was I wrong. I knew that it was time. I was finally going to bloom into my wolf, thanks to my sister's hot slap across my face. I cringed both my eyes and nose to the intense pain that ran all over my body while my bones shifted into the wolf form I dearly yearned for.

"Ahhhh!" I screamed out loud while glancing up at Crystal revealing my face to her.

"There it is, the puppy is finally becoming a bitch." Crystal giggled with her friends.

"To hell with you, awww..!" A howl let out from me as my face contorted and the lone wolf's muzzle extended out of me. I looked at my hands as my screams turned into a long howl while brown fur sprouted from my body and my clothes tore themselves from my body as I fully changed shape into a small feeble wolf.

"There it is, now I can finally chase you out of the pack for good this time around. Girls, let's get that bitch." She let out then morphed into a stronger wolf and instantly began chasing me into the woods of Romania. We ran into the forest ringed by the Carpathian mountains while their large paws thudded on the ground as snarls echoed in the air.

Within a few hundred meters, the girls caught up with me and shoved me around until I turned back into my human self and stumbled to the muddy waters of the stream. My naked body was covered in mud and itty bitty grass particles. I shook off my body thinking I'm still in my wolf but only to catch a glimpse of my frail naked body.

Filled with embarrassment I hastily attempted to cover my curvy hourglass figure with my small hands but it didn't do any coverage hence I just plunged my hands down.

"Leave me alone or else.." I blurted out loud with heavy shuddering breathing. Crystal moved closer to me still in her wolf form and sniffs me.

'Oh else what? Uh!' She sneered through the mind-link, her flared nostrils up in my face.

"Or else I will tell papa that you chased me deep into the forest again." I summed up with my knees trembling in fear. This was not the first time Crystal chased me into the forest, but this was the first time she chased me this far deep. I glanced around with bewildered mug as the colour of my face drained. The woods were out of bounds because of the dangerous rogues that roamed there during the dreadful nights.

'Oh, please tell me something I have not heard from your little stinky mouth.' She then shoved me into the stream, causing me to fall on my butt.

"Awww" I yelled out after noticing that I had twisted my ankle at some point during the fall after her bitchy friends shoved me to the ground. I quickly glanced at my throbbing ankle and caught a glimpse of it reddening. I wiggled my toes just to make sure I did not break my entire foot and they seemed fine. I sighed and then returned my gaze to Crystal and her friends.

'Now let me teach you a lesson you little bitch for telling on me.' Crystal showed her long fangs in her mouth while she growled at me. Suddenly a sweet smell caught my attention while I deeply inhaled the rich, sweet, fruity, and sensual aroma with a touch of tenacious and musky scent aroused in the air as my nostrils flared up to the arousing scent.

My mouth then suddenly became watery with a tingle inside of me. My heart thumped wildly and I felt the pull force of another person yearn for me. I flickered my eyes to try to take away the strange feeling as I guessed that was the aftermath of the transformation. But the feeling got deeper and stronger as I yearned to be in someone's arms. But who could it be? I scanned the forest.

Then Crystal got closer to me and raised her clawed paws at me, and as usual, I cringed my eyes shut while I waited for her blow which never landed on my face.

"That's enough, Stop it now!" A deep voice spoke out from the tall grass by the stream. It was so deep that it sent a delicious shiver down my spine. I slowly unfurled my eyes only to gaze upon Zach, the Alpha of our pack moving closer to us. Crystal quickly moved behind with her tail in between her legs, then quickly faded into the forest with her pack of friends.

Zach is a tall, captivating, charming protector. He was a dapper, clean-cut blonde-haired Alpha whose strong firm muscular chest stuck out from his unbuttoned shirt, which made him look hotter. He was in human form as he strolled towards me with a white crisped long-sleeved shirt which he folded up to his elbows and ripped navy blue jeans barefoot.

"Hey, Bella." Our eyes locked together which instantly connected our mate bond as it clicked in and the world instantaneously disappeared. It was at this moment I knew that I was mated to our Alpha in the pack and my stomach flipped with excitement and embarrassment due to the fact that I was naked the first time he spoke to me, but then I quickly shook off that feeling and responded to his hey.

"Hi, Alpha Zach," I answered back with crimson cheeks and steady eye contact which he evaded for reasons best known to him. But why is he avoiding my gaze, is it because I'm naked and he wanted to wait until he makes it official and known to the whole pack that I'm his mate? This thought lingered in my mind while he stood next to me.

"Why don't you defend yourself when they bully you?" He raised a question while skimming my naked body. Oh, shit! He is checking me out now that I'm unclothed, I wonder what he is thinking about me. I fidgeted while biting my bottom lips. He removed his shirt in the most sexual manner I have ever seen in my whole eighteen years of my life.

Today was my eighteenth birthday and I was sure glad to have turned to my wolf because that mated me to Alpha Zach. I slowly sighed with a lost puppy love-struck face.

"Hey, little girl?" Zach snapped his fingers across my face to get me out of my trance. Which worked because I immediately quivered my body out of my night dreaming, if there was ever such a thing. I quickly flickered my eyes at him and gazed upon the most beautiful well-sculpted six-pack I have ever seen, I swallowed hard with my eyes wide open.

"Did you say something?" I stuttered.

"Yes, why do you let your sister bully you like that?" He questioned me with a stern poise on his face.

"Oh that, I just let it be because the more I defend myself, the more aggressive they become, and now that they have confirmed I'm just an Omega, they'll torment me even more. Besides, they're stronger and bigger than me." I sighed softly in a muffled voice.

"Is that so?!" Zach chuckled while scratching his head with his cheeks flushed. He glanced at me and I had not yet worn the shirt he handed me hence he decided to assist me to wear it then he scooped me off my feet and he carried me back home. Tingles coursed through me and my wolf howled in my mind. Is this the effect of the mate bond? I just desired to be close to him all the time.

This is definitely the best birthday ever. I cringed my eyes shut in excitement. On our way home Alpha Zach tried creating small talk but he didn't mention anything about us being mates. Couldn't he feel the bond?

"What will you be doing tomorrow night?" He raised a question.

"Nothing much," I answered back in a low shaky voice.

"Oh okay.." he responded while evading my gaze.

"Why did you ask me that question?" I swallowed hard as I waited for him to profess his irresistible love pull.

"What question?" He replied ignoring the fact that he almost asked me out on a date earlier. "About what I will be doing tomorrow." I raised my eyebrows hoping for him to catch a glimpse of me, his mate.

"Oh, that? If you are not busy with anything, can you accompany me to the moonstone mating ball tomorrow night?" He summed up. I guessed our mate's bond was too strong for him to resist, hence he was forced to take me with him to the mating ball. Maybe he wanted to announce our bond at the ball..yay keep it together Bella. I squirmed internally with a grin from ear to ear.

"Yes, I would love to go with you." I blurted out without hesitation. I was finally going to be a Luna of the pack as soon as he made it official. A slight grin emitted on my face.

"Good, then I will pick you up at six. Be ready." He ordered in a deep dominating voice.

My name is Bella Wood of the moonstone pack and I live on the outskirts of Romania. I come from a village called Garana, a small village in the Banat region where werewolves have driven out the colonists by challenging them. My pack is now run by a twenty-five-year-old Alpha Zach who took over the leadership from his father after he turned the age of eighteen.

Chapter 2


We got home and Pa was waiting for me on the porch with a red hot face. It was past midnight and his favorite daughter was not yet home. I glanced at him and then quickly evaded his hot stare, The night was pitch black and deadly silent, only the long lonely howls of wolves could be heard from far distances.

"Hey, who goes there?" His voice projected out which sent a cold shiver down my spine, he narrowed his eyes onto us.

"Put me down please, my dad will see us." I blurted out with crimson cheeks. I dreaded the day pa was to see me with another man and this time around I was nearly naked, only Zach's white shirt wrapped me up.

"No, your leg is injured, how will you walk.?" Zach raised a question with serious boldface.

"I will crawl if I have to please put me down." But he did not listen to my plea until we reached the deemed lamp on the porch. Even though I was mated to him, I was ashamed to be seen with the most respected member of the pack i

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