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Bite For Once

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Amara Lambino knows that the woods near her new home are not safe. She saw wolves crossing that dark forest, but Amara was not easily scared. Amara is naturally gifted, depending on how you look at it—with the ability to find anyone or anything that is lost. So when people start disappearing in the small town of Habagat, Amara's father, who is a police chief, has to use her special skills as they begin to hunt down a killer. But the killer is not exactly human. As Amara discovers even deeper secrets in the town of Habagat-she finds herself falling for two equally mysterious men. One of those men could be her savior. And one can be very bad...animal.

Chapter 1

I should have known better than to go into the jungle alone. We haven't been in my father's town for long, just a few days ago, and I should better stayed at home. But I was bored and lonely, and the woods around our new place seemed to call me.

At first, I wasn't scared. Honestly, I'm not the type to scare easily, but that's because I'm…different. The word of my father. He doesn't like to call me a freak or anything since he's my dad, so he says I'm just different.

My shoes felt like they were floating on the ground, breaking branches and crushing the leaves I walked on. The sunlight barely penetrated the tree tops. Around me, the woods were dark green and brown and I could hear the birds chirping in a sweet song. For a girl who lived the first sixteen years of her life in the city surrounded by tall buildings and asphalt that stretched for miles, the swaying trees and the fragrant smell of the pine trees of the woods were...beautiful.

I was not afraid at first. I just walked and walked. I didn't worry about getting lost. I can't get lost. No matter where I go or what I do, I will never be lost. I will always find my way home.

That's just one of the ways I'm different from other women. But dad didn't want me to tell people about that talent. Then again, my father was only too often to share with anyone. As far as I know, I'm the only person he trusts. Sometimes, I feel like he is hiding something even from me.

I walked and walked. I found a small stream and the cold water cooled my fingers. Bits of dying sunlight fell on me as I knelt in the stream, and I breathed a breath that didn't taste like the city.

But the sunlight seems to fade more and more. I bent over the stream when I heard the first murmur.

And when I felt the slight touch of fear on my skin.

I slowly lifted my head, and my gaze went through the water. "A horse!." I whispered in surprise when I saw what was waiting for me.

I should have known better than to go into the jungle alone.

Another grunt raised the fur on my arms. Because this showed the fangs—the enormous fangs—that the monster before me had. Those fangs were large and very sharp when they came out of the animal's mouth.

A dog? A really big, scary dog? "Easy," I whispered as I stood up and held out my hand. I thought I learned that somewhere...that you should let the dog sniff you to show you didn't mean any harm.

Seriously, a grunt, and I dropped my hand. Its eyes were looking at me—bright and yellow. Its body was covered in thick black fur and its strong legs dug into the ground.

Sweat began to drip down my back. Run.

The dog's teeth clicked, and it jumped, flew right into that stream and came to me.

I screamed and turned around, running as fast as I could. "Help!" I shouted over my shoulder while running. I heard the splash of water as the dog landed on the edge of the stream. "Just leave and— Get lost!" I don't really like dogs, and a crazy dog ​​sure does nothing to change my opinion.

The ground behind me seemed to shake as he stood in the way. I didn't look back. I never want to see those teeth again. I ran as fast as I could, but I was never going to be a track star. My side ached, and tree branches scratched my arms.

Once I got away from the dog, I would never go into the woods alone again. Never!

I feel his breath on my back. Maybe that sounds crazy, but I can do it. Hot, heavy. I gasped when I saw a tree ahead. An acacia tree, one with long, overhanging branches that I was sure I could reach. I pushed forward with the last of my energy—I'm not an athlete—and I jumped, desperately reaching for that foot.

I missed that. That's why I can't be an athlete. I fell to the ground and in the same instant, I felt a white-hot slice of pain on my upper arm. I screamed and kicked, and, luckily, I caught the mutt on the side. He groaned and turned away. I pushed up and jumped to the tree again. This time, I caught it. I raised my legs, doing a weird half-crawl up the tree. I just felt like my skin was injured, but I didn't care. For about four seconds, I was sitting on top of that tree branch. And the dog was below me, making a deep, echoing growl that startled me.

"Go away!" I shouted at him while glancing at my left arm. Jeez, he scratched me! I have four long cuts on my skin. Four long, bleeding cuts. The kind you know won't heal easily. Not really, thanks to the dog, I'll probably carry these marks for a few weeks. If only I had listened to my father.

And now, I'm stuck in a damn tree while the dog circles around me, sniffing the air every few minutes. I walked around and ended up in a trap. That's pretty much the story of my life, so I shouldn't be surprised by this messy situation.

"I said, go away!" I screamed with all my strength. "Find someone else to bite!"

But I realized that there really isn't a better place to be when you're stuck in an acacia tree. And then things got worse for me. Yeah, how was that possible, right? But I started hearing a strange... crack.

Alas! I really am the unluckiest person in the whole world. My gaze flew to the right, and I just saw my feet, my sweet salvation, begin to disappear.


Chapter 2

The dog still circled below me. Crap. Crap. Crap! “Go—” I started again, but the dog stopped mid-grunt. His head was tilted to the right, and his ears were pricked up. Then, without even a glance in my direction, it turned and went into the woods.

Yes. I stepped back. Blood dripped down my arm. This will teach me a lesson that I shouldn't leave my pepper spray at home. But I thought, that I was no longer where we used to live. Apparently, wild, wild dogs can happen here.

I gasped when I touched the claw marks. Ten to one chance it will heal quickly. Then I was the not-so-cool girl with the fingernail marks on her arm.

"Are you okay?"

I heard a man's deep voice. My head lifted, and my eyes searched for the baritone voice. I frowned because I didn't see anyone.

Then he stepped out of the shadows. Oh, wow. Tall, tanned skin, and lots of muscles. I could see his abs because the man was not wearing a top. He was wearing only a pair of old faded jogging short


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