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Ava: The Alpha king princess

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Ava is a sixteen-year-old high school student who grew up with no single knowledge of her werewolf inherited genes. With the new full moon and her eighteen birthday fast approaching, Ava started to notice strange things about herself. And out of all the things she dreamt of becoming, a werewolf wasn't part of it, let alone a princess, who was given the responsibility of leading her Lycan clan to war against a Rogue Alpha King who was responsible for the death of her parent.

Chapter 1

Alpha king Vega laid beside his Luna that night but couldn't sleep. His chest felt heavy with worries. His wolf have been restless ever since report of rogue activities were seen around his borders.

Alpha Vega didn’t like the fact that, rogues could dare hunt in his territory even though there is an already existing treaty signed by their ancestors to keep them off. It Seemed their new Alpha was hell bent on breaking it off with no regards.

Ever since their appearance at the King's border. Strange things have been happening that could only point to them and further putting his already disturbed mind on total overdrive.

A young pup had been found dead just a week ago. His young body mutilated and left at the boundary for his parent to find while he was out hunting on his own.

That incident has left a bitter taste in his mouth and fear among his pack members who had attributed most of the recent killings to an unknown wolf hunter demon on a killing peril but he knew better than that.

Alpha Vega knew it was the Rogue King and his packs of vicious wolves doing. They were known for their killing expenditure and their love for leaving dead bodies trails on their path.

King Vega couldn't imagine his little girl or his Luna falling prey to their destruction. He'd rip out each and every of their throats before they would lay their blood tasty claws on his family or any other member of his pack.

He had spend the entire day thinking of ways to improve security around his borders. He just needed to go over the new details with his Beta Caleb before everything is put in place once and for all.

He needed to ensure the safety of his pack members. It was his duty as their Alpha to look out for them and nothing and no one would threaten that fact. Not even the Rogue King and everything he stood for.

Luna Lia stirred in her sleep and muttered a few incoherent word under her breath, causing the Alpha to break out of his train of thoughts.

He turned on his side and pulled her slim frail figure into his large arms and sigh in contention. The Luna who seemed to be troubled in her sleep began to relax under his touch and soon enough, little snores began to erupt from her lips that was slightly agape.

A little ray of moon light had escaped through the forest green curtain hanging over the window and giving extra light to the semi dark room.

The Luna who looked to be in her late thirties with sunburn hair had her face pressed firmly against the soft pillow placed underneath her head as she laid clueless to the eyes staring at her with so much love and intensity.

She wasn't just his Luna but also his best friend. His bonded mate and the mother of his little princess who'd grow up to be the next ruler of his pack just like he did and his ancestors before him.

He'd die if anything were to happen to either of them. They were his strength and weakness. His only reason for being who he was.

King Alpha Vega was a man of peace but he was just as fearless among his pack and the neighboring packs as well. He was from a line of warriors who fought off a group of blood sucking dead men and women who rose from the ashes of death and reigned terror on the humans and lycans alike.

That battle went down in history and will forever be remembered by those who knew about it. After a new order was restore, a new peace treaty was signed among the packs that took part in the great war and they have lived in peace ever since.

King Vega knew that peace won't last for long because he could feel eminent danger lurking around in the shadows.

He took a deep sigh and clenched his eyes shut in an attempt to wane off his thought when suddenly he heard his daughter whimper in her cradle by the corner and began to cry softly.

Not wanting his Luna to wake up, he untangled himself gently from her and got up and went to his daughter who had broken into a crying fit at this point.

The king Alpha picked her little frame up gently and held her between his large arms and began to rock her back and forth in an attempt to keep her quiet.

"Hey little one. Don't cry now, papa is right here" She stopped crying for a moment at the sound of his voice before erupting into a louder wail.

"Hey, hey, it's okay. Stop crying please"

The baby cried even more hysterically, causing the Alpha a little bit of distress as he stood there not knowing what else to do to stop the baby from crying some more.

Their baby crying voice must have woken the Luna as well as she quickly struggled out of bed and went to stand beside her husband with lazy eyes and rubbing slightly at them.

"She woke you up as well?" Lia had asked, feeling sorry for the Alpha. He looked like he was about to drop the baby.

"I'm sorry. I thought I could keep her quiet but it's has proven more difficult than I thought"

His wife only gave his right arm a little squeeze in appreciation before reaching for the baby. "Hand her to me. I will make her sleep while you rest"

Even in her mother's arm, the little girl wouldn't stop crying. The Alpha king and his Luna seemed really confused at their little girl's reaction. Their girl wasn't the restless type. Her behavior that night was beyond strange.

"Can you try feeding her some milk? Maybe she is hungry" He told her with certainty.


The Alpha king was about to go fetch her milk bottle when he noticed a shadow lurking around his window. He halted in his next step when he perceived a strange and unrecognized scent just about immediately.

He gave a throaty growl with clenched fist as every single hair on his neck stood on edge.

'Rogue' His wolf had whispered into his ears and he couldn't agree any more than he already did.

Alpha Vega knew exactly what each and every of his pack members smelt like and it was definitely not one of them.

But how?

Without wasting any more time, he turned around swiftly to his wife and held her over the shoulders with bloodshot eyes.

"What is it?" Luna Lia had asked in panic, sensing how angry the Alpha had become in a matter of second.

"I need you to stay here and try to keep her quiet" He told her with almost seriousness.

The Luna brow only furrowed in confusion at her husband sudden behavior. "Why? Where are you going?"

Lia could feel how restless her wolf was becoming through their mate bond even without him saying anything.

She could tell there was danger.

The Alpha released his hold across her shoulders and push back some strains of stray hairs and tucked it behind her ears and told her in a more controlled voice. "I just need you to trust me and stay here with our daughter okay? And don't open the door unless you hear my voice"

Lia took a shaky breath and gave a small nod. "Promise me you will come back to me. To us. Your daughter and I, so promise me"

He pulled her into his chest and gave her a quick kiss on the lips before looking deep into her teary eyes. "I promise"

He pulled out a sliver knife from under the wooden table with black leathery handle and handed it to her. "Keep this close" he told her.

She grabbed hold of the knife and gave him a small nod.

The King Alpha rushed over to the door and paused. He Turned around and hurried back to where she stood with tense shoulders and a crying baby in hand and placed a quick kiss against both their cheeks before rushing out the door.

'Be careful' Luna Lia had called at him through their mind link and he replied with a low growl before disappearing into the night.

Chapter 2

Alpha Vega stood outside in full alert before calling his Beta through their mind link.

'Caleb, Where are you? I need you by my side now!'

He heard some shuffling behind him before Beta Caleb came running and stopped when he saw the mood he was in.

"I'm right here my king"

Both men were shirtless with statute like muscles on full display. Their really tan skin was glowing under the full moon light and casting a shadow at their feet that was bare of any foot wear.

The King Alpha's dark brown hair that was gained an extra length had fallen across the nap of his neck with little strains being blown about by the night wind in a messy style.

Brushing it aside, he closed the distance between him and his Beta.

"Where are the rest of the guards"

"Holding it down at their position in the border" The Beta took a quick pause when he noticed the hardness on the King's jawline.

"What's wrong?" He dared to ask.

The King's eyes snapped at


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