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Alpha’s Unexpected Bride

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Alpha Atticus is living a double life. He is impersonating his late friend Duke Paul Alexander as they promised each other to take care of their beloved in case something bad happened to one of them. Now is Atticus has to fulfill his promise but he didn’t expect to find his fated mate is the one betrothed to Prince Philip, the duke’s nephew. Alpha Atticus is torn between keeping his mate at all costs or honor his word. Viviane Sinclair, is the heiress of the prosperous Sinclair Group and have an arranged marriage to Prince Philip. She discovers she is mated to Alpha Atticus but doesn’t know anything about bonds or shifters communities because she is a human. Though she hides that after an accident she hears a voice she thinks is her guardian angel when in reality is her wolf spirit, a gift from goddess Selene. Atticus is smitten by Viviane right away but she refuses his advances, while her fiancé is also trying to charm her. In the end only one can have her hand in marriage.

Chapter 1: Paul

Paul POV

“Your are so f*ck*ng wet and ready for me, little sl*t.” I retrieved the two fingers I used to stretch her tight p*ssy and grunt as I pushed the tip of my c*ck inside her, marveling at how I entered in and out of her roughly. "Who’s your Daddy, little pet?” I say in a deep raspy voice. I spank her round *ss making her jolt, "Ohh Alpha, please." The room fills with sloppy wet noises and the slapping of skin. I cover her mouth to muffle her moans. "Hush, you know what happens to bad girls, don't you? Not a sound. Unless you want to be punished.” She nods once in consent and I tug her collar to make her keep quiet.

I’m not finished with her yet. I get out of bed and look for what I have placed on the table. There I have all the toys I’m planning to use. The kink is what gets me off. I returned and glanced at the scene before me. On the bed I have a beautiful Omega kneeled facing the mattress, with her arms crossed behind her back. Her *ss is up in the air in full display waiting for what I’m going to do next.

This chick gets off by surrendering to me. She looks so vulnerable at my mercy. I run one of the toys along her sleek entrance. I'm planning on playing with her a little longer before letting her reach her climax. I don’t have time to f*ck around, but she and I have a mutual arrangement. Communication is crucial in this realm, she needs to understand the role we play in it. I’m not ready for a mate yet, not after having my heart crushed once. Sounds complicated but is not.

Suddenly the mind link opens and the voice of my Beta interrupts me “Alpha! They need you right away. Is the prince again.”

“F*ck*r, you’ve got to be kidding me, I’m in the middle of something here. I’m afraid the prince will have to wait. Don’t I have you there to keep a watch on him?”

“He sneaked out without his bodyguards. Again.”

“F*ck! Come to pick me up. I'm in the penthouse.”

After making sure the mind link is close, I decided to finish what I was doing. My c*ck is still hard and I needed to release myself , “ Where were we?” I turned and saw the Omega moved from her spot. "Tsk. You want to be a bad girl today, don't you?” She glares back with sultry eyes knowing very well what she‘s going to get.

It’s breaking dawn. The limo is parked at the back of the club, waiting for my Beta and Prince Philip to appear through the emergency exit. I stopped scrolling my cell phone for headlines and put it away at the sight of them. I will make sure no one leaked the news later.

"I took care of everything like you asked. The club's management will keep their lips sealed."

"Good. That means a thing less to worry about" I tell my Beta. "Help the prince get in the car and drive us directly to the palace. We need to get him ready for today's busy schedule with the Council."

"Yes, your Grace." He grinned devilishly and not much later I heard a loud thud accompanied by a string of swearing.

"Ow! Philip grimaced when he bumped his head trying to get in the car.

"Terribly sorry about that, your Highness." The chauffeur, or should say Beta, excused himself but pursued his mouth in a self-satisfied smirk.

I mind-linked him, “What’s wrong with you? We don’t have time for this, we are running on a tight schedule.”

I knew he did it on purpose. The man wasn't happy with me being in the palace impersonating the duke. It's too late for regrets now, he is much like me, and must realize how important it is for me to keep my word as an Alpha. After making that oath years ago, I’m now bound to help the prince achieve the crown and establish himself in power with his new wife. For us would mean the survival of my pack.

With the mind-link still open, “You have been loyal to me and proved to be very resourceful in this mission, as your Alpha and your friend, don’t f*ck*ng push my patience.”

I thank him for accepting this challenge and working with me far from our pack. It was necessary so he could work with me at the palace.

“I miss my mates.” The f*ck*r whined. Another lucky b*st*rd that not only found his fated mate, but got to keep his chosen one too. So far we have succeded in the mission for the real duke, in part because we have managed keeping our true identities hidden. When in public I call him by another name. "Sebastian, we need to get him home in one piece." I commanded, my words devoid of any emotions but meant with all my alpha authority. I’m very strict with rules and protocols, I do things by the book, it’s not for nothing that I’m appointed as the prince principal advisor.

"Yes, your Grace.” He flinched at the sound of my voice, only werewolves could feel the power of my aura but I can't command other species as easily though they still can feel my authority.

“Shall I fasten his seatbelt too?" He awaited my response. He was getting p*ss*d that he had to play my chauffeur and assistant. Now he has to add a babysitter to the mix. But protecting the prince and assuring his safety was part of the deal.

"No. Leave him be. Just drive us out of here." I’m annoyed too with the whole situation. Phillip is being reckless by going clubbing this week. I took a quick glance at the prince. He looked pathetic and disheveled after partying so hard.

"Philip, let me remind you that good manners are always to be followed. Much is expected from you, young prince. Don't forget that everyone, especially the press, will be expecting you to falter." His body is sprawled in complete disarray on the back seat of the limo.

"Ugh my head, why does it keep spinning? Are we moving?" He mumbled. He looked very intoxicated and for a moment I thought we had to stop the car or roll the window down so he could take some fresh air.

He‘s been spotted visiting clubs throughout the city the whole week, the upcoming wedding with Lady Sinclair is hitting a toll on him. The man is having a tough time. If he wants to be the next ruler, he has to comply with the arranged marriage.

After a deep sigh tell him, "If you didn't insist on clubbing each night like you’ve been doing the past days and stayed out drinking until closing hours, you would not be this sick. You have to stop this Philip or it will be very difficult for me to save your neck next time. Future Crown Prince or not, you can't just do whatever you like without thinking about the consequences. Better not behave like a brat next time” I scold him..

People will start gossiping, especially the paparazzi, who are after him waiting for the royal prince to screw up at any moment. "Yeah, yeah, I’m not that drunk, only tired.” He said in slow motion as if the weight of the words made it difficult to talk at all. “Why don't you lose yourself a little and enjoy life for a change?" He waived his hand in annoyance. “I don't need you to lecture me, uncle. I've had plenty of that almost my whole life.”

"¡Hey! That hurts!" I smacked him in the head, not caring if he was having a hangover. The f*ck*r deserves it for cutting my night short with my temptress brunette.

"Au contraire my dear nephew, it is evident you still need my advice. At least until the wedding and you settle down with your wife.”

At the mention of his impending marriage he tenses. "Remind me why do I have to marry her? He said scrubbing a hand over his face. “I know you are going to say that Viviane Sinclair is a perfect match. I've tried to at least be friendly with her.”

"This d*mn thing is ridiculous uncle. It is the 21st Century! Who does arranged marriages nowadays?" He scrunched up his nose and sniffed.

"Don't you realize how lucky you are? You get to marry the heiress of a very profitable business and from what I’ve heard, she is a beauty too. If you want the crown, you have to make small sacrifices. With you being twenty four years old and your parents retiring, we need a new ruling family.” I stated.

"Easy for you to say. You're not the one having an arranged marriage. As a matter of fact uncle, why haven't you married? You look beyond your marriage years. Do you have other preferences perhaps? He wiggled his eyebrows in a sign of mockery.

I looked him in the eyes and said with a very serious tone, "Would you rather switch places with me?" I questioned him, knowing d*mn well he won’t let anyone else step in as the next ruler. I was the one who taught him. After an uncomfortable silence I pronounced sternly, “Thought so.”

Chapter 2: Paul

Paul POV

While on route to the palace, I took my cellphone out and proceeded to make some calls. I'm planning on a new way of taking the necessary precaution not to lose track of any of Philip's movements again. I'm thinking high tech or biological measures. He doesn't need to know the details but I will have him pinned.

First thing I need to do is schedule a meeting with security services, someone must answer for letting them leave the palace unprotected.

Going through my agenda I spot the day Philip's betrothed will be visiting to arrange accommodations in what will be their new home. My mind start to wonder how the Sinclair heiress will fit perfectly for the role of princess, she comes from a wealthy family. They are well connected in the real estate industry and have established themselves in the stock market. The Sinclair's are billionaires with many real estate assets. Money, power and women. Three things nee


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