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The Alpha’s Re-born Mate

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Betrayed by the man she loved, given a second chance at life, she vowed to hunt down those that did harm to her and made sure to make them feel the wrath of what they did to her. Thrown into the world of vengeance, Athena might have signed up for more than what she could take. How would she survive in the world of drama, mystery, death and not to forget… her revenge? Although, revenge might be the last thing on her mind as she uncovers truth she didn’t know she needed. In order to get way from those… she might be seeing more of her pasts than she anticipated.

Chapter 1


"Why don’t you want to listen to me, Aiden?… At least trust me!" Athena cried in anguish as tears streamed down from her eyes at a rapid pace.

The indifference behavior from her mate about her pregnancy shook her to the core. Yes, she knew he was mad but what she doesn’t know was that, his anger for her would go to such length.

Aiden glanced at her with so much hatred and fury that was clearly written all over his face, there was nothing she could tell him that would make him listen to whatever she has to say.

"Aiden, please… just listen to me, let me try to explain" Athena held him at his arm and pulled him closer, trying to make him pay attention to her. But Aiden who was having none of it immediately swatted her hands away.

"Do not touch me with those filthy hands, you wh*r*!" he spat, "We both know that the child you are carrying isn't mine. So don’t you dare try to call that b*st*rd mine again”

He took some steps predatorily towards her which forced her to steps back to avoid his angry rage.

“Have you suddenly forgotten about the day I found you and your lover on our bed? perhaps you have, but I haven’t. That memory is forever imprinted in my head!!" he gritted, his voice beginning to rise, cold and dark, very different from how he sounded, it was like he was a different person entirely.

"I don't know how Sebastian got there! I told you I don't remember anything that happened that night, You know I would never cheat on you Aiden, This," she approached Aiden and placed his hands on her almost protruding belly, "this is our child, Aiden” she whispered the last part, hoping whatever had gotten into him could at least make him see what was in front of him.

"You have the nerve to look me in the eyes and lie to me, you f*ck*ng Liar!" Aiden yelled, pushing her away from him and she stumbled, her belly barely missing the edge of the stairs as she fell and landed to the floor with a hard thud.

Athena’s eyes widened in shock, completely taken aback by Aiden’s sudden outburst, she knew he was mad but to act like she or the baby meant nothing to him brought more tears to her eyes.

She struggled to get back up on her feet but before she could completely be on her feet, Aiden had walked past her to the door.

"Would it really not matter to you if anything happened to me or our child?" She asked in tears at his nonchalant behavior towards her and the baby. Yes, she knew he was mad due to their mate bond but she at least thought he could sense the truth. She couldn’t understand why he was acting that way and had turned into a completely different person overnight.

The question seemed to have made Aiden pause in his tracks. He turned around slowly and looked at Athena, his face expressing an indescribable emotion… but one Athena could fathom… Hatred… Hatred for her, which shook her to the core.

With heart beating rapidly, Athena had a glint of hope shimmering in her heart, that perhaps, Aiden would listen to her and believe her.

He chuckled, "Do not ever call that b*st*rd my child again, and now that you've mentioned it, upon the decree of I, Aiden Grimwald, the future Alpha of the Night Walker pack, rejects you, Athena Sanders as my mate and future Luna." he announced, his every word laced with spite as he glared at her.

"Aiden no, please, I didn't do anything wrong, the moon Goddess knows, I had nothing to do with Sebastian,” Athena sobbed, pleading. A deep pain lodged in her heart like her heart was about to be ripped off from her chest.

Her sobs and pleas were met with chuckles from Aiden. His face suddenly shifted back into the cold expression he had worn.

Athena watched Aiden as she noticed him clenched his eyes, the rejection between mates must get the bond broken and since Aiden had just rejected me, a part of the mate bond was broken until she accepted his rejection should they finally be broken apart and no longer bonded.

She couldn’t do it as she suspected he wasn’t in the right mind and perhaps she could convince him, but a little part of her felt like the Aiden she knew wasn’t who she was conversing with.

"I want you to leave this pack as soon as possible, if I return to see you still here, I wouldn't hesitate to put you in the dungeon" Athena’s eyes widened upon hearing what Aiden had just said. Confusion clouded her eyes, when did he turn into such a monster, into someone she could no longer recognize.

She wished she could remember how she got there, perhaps she could render a better explanation to Aiden that would convince him that she would never cheat on him.

“Funny how the moon goddess granted me another mate right after you broke our bond. I want nothing to do with you or that b*st*rd!” Aiden’s statement brought Athena back to the present.

A heavy silence erupted between the both of them, the howls of the wind enveloping the tense atmosphere. With dried tears on her cheeks, she stared at him in agony, not knowing what else she could do or say to him.

It very well looked like he had made his decision and there was nothing changing his mind.

Aiden continued, "Even when you blatantly denied being with your lover, I still kept you in this pack. Against my every wish. Against everything I stand for, and today… Today you dare to stand before me and…" Aiden paused, drawing in a sharp breath.

He couldn’t stand to look in her eyes, the only reason he was still there and talking to her was because he wanted her to know how much he hated her. He thought she loved him, he had stood by her, defied his mother and made her his Luna and she had brought such humiliation to him by bedding another man.

Even with that, Aiden still accepted her, the last blow was when she had lied to him that she was pregnant. He scoffed as he glared at her. The nerve she had to call the b*st*rd his child.

"The only way I would still accept you as my mate is if that baby is gotten rid of. Otherwise, you can leave the pack together with that b*st*rd you are carrying before I return" he said, then walked out through the huge entrance doors.

Athena remained on the floor, in shock and sheer pain from what she had just experienced. She let out a shrill cry, her heart aching as she did so, hoping to let out her hurt but the more she cried, the more hurt she got over and over.

She couldn't explain the rush of emotions she felt at that moment. That wasn't the Aiden she had come to love, that wasn't the Aiden she knew and had fallen in love with, the one who had against everyone's wishes, stood by her and had mated her even when they all refused an omega to be their future Luna.

What could have possibly gone wrong? Why didn't he trust her anymore? Believe in their love? He couldn't even give her the benefit of the doubt. Tonnes of questions kept ringing in her head driving her crazy as she tried to make sense of what was happening.

As she sat on the floor, her mind suddenly wandered back to that night when she had woken up in Aiden’s chambers confused and had found Sebastian fast asleep beside her and an angry Aiden standing by the door, together with Greta, her childhood friend and best friend.

She still could not seem to remember how she had gotten into Aiden’s chambers that evening? Her heart began to ache as the memories of Aiden’s cold gaze towards her came rushing down on her, the cold look in his gaze like he doesn't know her anymore.

She kept on crying, not knowing what to do. She wasn’t sure if she could convince him any longer. If she should leave like Aiden had suggested or get rid of her child. The last thought sent a cold chill to her spin which made her shivered. Just because Aiden refused to believe her doesn’t mean she would get rid of her pup just to please him.


At the far end of the pack, away from civilization, were two individuals finalizing their business deal.

"It is done" the young woman who wore a cloak over her head to hide her identity said.

"Thank you" the other woman smiled, at last she had gotten what she wanted and had been waiting for.

They parted ways and the woman made sure no one was watching before she returned back to her pack.

A mischievous smile gracing  her lips as she walked to the pack house in search of the future Alpha

Chapter 2



I kept weeping on the floor, until I felt the person come to a stop beside me. I raised my head to see who it was.

Greta stood in an exaggeratedly stylish manner with smiles on her face, I couldn't understand why, but I felt anger brewing inside of me.

My mind wandered back to the day when Aiden saw me and Sebastian on the bed in his chambers, Greta had a satisfied look in her eyes.

After Aiden had stormed out in anger, I had tried to explain to her, to explain my side of the story. She kept a stoic expression and said nothing but just walked away.

"Why are you here?" I asked, anger lacing my tone.

She scoffed and yanked me up roughly.

"I think you should get a better dress to wear. If I'd be advising, I'd say you wear something more loose." she said sarcastically.

I couldn't help but begin to fume at her at


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