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Alpha's Misconception

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A slight frown creased Damion's face as he addressed Karen, "Karen, I don't mean to be blunt, but you are mistaken. I have already marked someone else as my Luna" He kept his distance from her, confused by her behavior. "Hold on a minute. What are you trying to say? I'm not making up stories..." Karen ran her hand through her hair, at a loss for words. "The truth is, my wolf has scented you. What else could that mean, if not that you are my mate? Yet, you deny it?" she asked, her expression a mix of confusion and disbelief. ****** ****** Karen Adams Van Brunt, a formidable hybrid of the Blood Moon Pack, was secretly trained by her parents to master her powers. On her eighteenth birthday, she had her first contact with the outside world. That night, she met her mate, Damion Creek, a powerful alpha of the Golden Paw Pack, where she genuinely confessed her feelings to him. Unfortunately, he rejected her, revealing that he had already marked Luna, who turned out to be her elder sister, Charlotte. That same night, Charlotte's body was found in the woods, with all signs pointing to Karen who had an appointment with her before her death. Alpha Damion Creek refused to believe that marking Charlotte was a mistake. Instead, he displayed various hostile behaviors towards Karen, accusing her of killing her sister out of jealousy. To avenge Luna's death, he imprisoned Karen behind silver bars. After suffering in prison without Damion's knowledge, Karen was finally granted release. However, her freedom came with a dangerous condition – accepting Damion's life-threatening ultimatum. Would she be able to keep this illusive deal, or would failure cause her to seal fate with Damion over an inescapable life-bonding punishment?

Good News For Karen

"I've reiterated countless times that you will be reunited with your loved ones once you're prepared," Marcus asserted forcefully as Karen swiftly defended her position.

"And when might that be?" she grunted, parrying her sword with his own.

"Excellent move!" he exclaimed, catching his breath. "You have the potential to be a formidable swordswoman if you maintain this level of skill"

Karen knew Marcus was once again dodging her question, feigning ignorance. His actions always angered her, and she suspected he was purposely training her to be more persistent. For eighteen long years, she had endured his frustrating behavior, but she held onto the hope that it would all end today, on her eighteenth birthday.

"I understand, but you still haven't answered my question. When can I finally go outside and see my family?"

"Very soon, but that will be a surprise," Marcus replied slyly, evading her attack with a swift spin.

"Do I even need this training? I'm a werewolf, after all," Karen exclaimed, tossing her sword in the air. She caught it effortlessly and went for a powerful strike at Marcus.

With expert deftness, Marcus deflected her blade and offered a teasing reply. "Yes, there may come a time when these skills will be necessary, and you'll be glad you have them."

The intensity of their sword fight only escalated, the metallic clangs growing louder with each passing moment. Despite Marcus's best efforts, Karen's defense remained impenetrable. Seeing an opening, he aimed a sweeping blow at her feet, but Karen leaped over it and delivered a swift kick to his face.

Quickly, Marcus recoiled to avoid the forceful blow, but he was caught off guard by Karen's next move.

Karen's sword swiftly disarmed Marcus, knocking his sword from his grip, before she pointed her own weapon at his neck.

"Easy young lady. You wouldn't dare sl*t your master's throat, would you?" Marcus said, an unusual grin on his face.

"What if I did? Would you report me to my father?" Karen chuckled, her shoulders rising and falling as she caught her breath.

"Of course not. But I would report you to the moon goddess, Selene," Marcus retorted, rising from the floor and dusting off his trousers after Karen had withdrawn her sword.

"She's the only one who can handle you, since there is no one in the pack who can match your strength," he added, a determined expression on his face.

"Whatever. You don't need to remind me that Selene blessed me with greater strength than the others," Karen responded, turning to walk away.

As Marcus watched her leave, a wide grin spread across his face and his gaze fell upon his fallen sword.

"Do you remember what I taught you when you were younger? A true warrior never turns their back on an enemy, even when they seem defeated in battle," he reminded her.

With that, Marcus stepped on the hilt of his sword and it swiftly leaped back into his grasp. Abruptly, he struck at Karen, thinking she was unaware of his attack and leaving her defenseless. However, to his amazement and admiration, Karen deftly swiveled and used her left hand to block the strike. Her strength was in her left hand, and she could defeat anyone in a fight if she utilized it.

"Otherwise, he will strike you down from behind, leading to your downfall. Did I get it right, Master?" Karen teased, a smirk appeared on her face.

Her powerful forest green eyes shone with intense focus.

"How could I have forgotten that you never let your guard down?" Marcus mused, no longer surprised. "But perhaps you should have dodged my attack instead of breaking my favorite sword. You know, your left hand is like a weapon of mass destruction.", he stared at the hilt of the shattered sword before casting it to the floor.

Karen's eyes returned to their normal color as she finally noticed the damage she had done. The collision had caused the sword to shatter into broken splinters and its hilt. "I'm sorry for that," she apologized.

Just then, footsteps echoed down the silent hallway, causing Karen and Marcus to turn and focus on the door. After a few moments, the footsteps stopped and a shadow appeared at the doorway. The clicking sound of the door knob was followed by the door creaking open, piquing Karen's curiosity as to who was visiting her.

"Hello sister," a sweet feminine voice rang from behind as the door fully opened. Karen was disappointed to see that it was her elder sister, Charlotte. She had been the only one from the pack to visit her since she was little.

'Does that mean no one else cares about me except trainer Marc and my sister Charlotte?' Karen thought to herself.

"Did I interrupt something?" Charlotte asked with a dazzling smile on her face.

"Not at all," Marcus replied. "In fact, Karen has greatly improved since I last saw her. She can now control both her wolf and witch powers. And she just demonstrated her strength by breaking my well-crafted sword."

"Okay, I'll leave you girls to catch up. I'll be waiting outside," Marcus said, pointing to his right as he headed towards the direction.

Charlotte gazed upon the shattered pieces of the sword, her eyes shifting to Karen, whose displeasure was evident. Assuming Karen regretted destroying her master's sword, Charlotte hastened to reassure her.

"Don't worry Karen. Marcus isn't upset with you",she told her, hoping to ease the apparent guilt in her heart.

Karen's smile, however, lacked conviction, and Charlotte sensed something deeper troubling her.

"Happy birthday to my dear Karen, you're now eighteen!" Charlotte exclaimed, attempting elation. Yet, even after the celebration, Karen remained unhappy, prompting Charlotte to inquire about the source of her discontent.

"Karen dear, what's wrong? Aren't you happy that I came to visit you, or are you upset because we haven't talked in a while? It's your birthday, remember," Charlotte questioned, placing her hands on Karen's shoulders.

Karen withdrew, folding her arms, and walked to a small window she used to glimpse the outside world for eighteen years. "How long are you guys gonna keep me here? I'm eighteen; I can handle myself and this disastrous power of mine. I just want to see Mom and Dad, feel their touch and let them hold me tight," Karen expressed, searching for the right words.

"And just know how it feels to be loved by your parents and your mate. I just…"

Charlotte smacked her temples a bit frustratingly and sighed, "Karen, please just stop. You've ruined the surprise with that mood",she said with a frown.

" Anyway, Father has decided to let you meet the pack today and after that, you'll no longer return to this bizarre place anymore. He has already organized your birthday party and everything that will be needed to make it memorable. And guess what?"Charlotte paused to watch her reaction.

" What?"Karen's face brightened. Her eyebrows raised in curiosity.

" Your mate is gonna be attending the party!"

" Really?!" Karen exclaimed, pop-eyed.

"Absolutely. The best part is that he's the son of the powerful alpha of the Golden Paw pack," Charlotte added.

" Is that the name of his pack?"


" Wow! I don't know what to feel right now. Do you think he's the right type of guy for me?", Karen asked, worry written all over her expression.

" That, you'll decide for yourself. C'mon, you've got to relax, the party is just eight hours away. I think that's enough time for you to get prepared. Maybe, things might even turn out different", Charlotte said, wearing a secretive smile.

" What do you mean by that?"Karen inquired, eyebrows raised suspiciously.

"Uhm, it's nothing to worry about. I was just saying that he'll definitely like you," Charlotte lied, surprised by Karen's perceptiveness.

Karen didn't believe her sister's innocent expression.

She could have forced her to tell her what was going on but she feared spoiling her mood again. Lost in euphoria, her worry was soon replaced with anticipation to meet her parents and mate. Oh, she couldn't wait to meet the last one!

"Dad's beta will pick you up soon. Before that happens, I'll send the maids to fix you up. You look so pale and stressed out. Enjoy the rest of the day," Charlotte announced, leaving for the door.

As Charlotte's figure faded from her view, Karen ascended to her lofty bunk. Enveloping a pillow with her arms, she submerged herself in contemplation, envisioning how others would treat her as the mightiest werewolf within their pack. While Karen indulged in anticipation of the splendid moments awaiting her on her first-ever birthday celebration, she never knew fate had other plans for her.

Getting Ready For The Party

"How do I look?" Karen inquired, her heart racing with anticipation, as she emerged from the dressing room. Her gaze was fixed on her trainer and mentor, Marcus, seeking his approval. She valued his opinion greatly and had made a silent vow to abide by his judgment.

Ever since Charlotte's departure, Karen had been bestowed with the care of the maids, who were tasked with ensuring her attire was befitting for the party.

The moment Marcus set his eyes on her, he could proudly say that she made the right choice in her outfit.

Her hazel green eyes matched with the dark-trimmed lashes that framed them delicately. The iconic red ball gown worn by her, exuded regality, embodying her true personality as a princess and chosen Luna of the pack. Her almond-shaped visage radiated like that of a porcelain doll, while the moon itself seemed to illuminate her captivating smile.

" So what do you think?"Karen spoke, breaking his silence.

" Child, I'm literally speechles


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