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Alpha's Last Howl

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Vanessa Martin, a member of the Silver Crescent pack knows that Jordan Hale is the forbidden fruit—someone off limits. He belongs to the rival pack. And yet, she's attracted to him in ways she cannot explain. When a tragedy befalls him, Nessa wants to be there in some way to comfort him. She goes out of her way, ignoring all words of advice and warnings from her peers and her grandma and soon, a friendship blossoms between them. The smooth wheel rolling down breaks when they find a body washed up on the shore, and soon a couple more follow, piling up. Nessa and Jordan pair up, vowing to get to the bottom of this, but as they investigate more, they realise the matter is more sinister than they expected. Will they stop and expose those involved in these gruesome murders or fall down the rabbit hole trying to uncover the mystery?

Chapter 1 - Preface

If she knew before that this day was going to be her last, she would have appreciated her last moments with her mate a little more. She could not remember the last words she said to him but she remembered what she felt just right..

Embraced in his arms, huddling against the warmth of the burning wood—she remembered she was happy. Happier than she had ever been.

She didn't remember telling him how she felt, maybe she did not because she was too involved in enjoying the moment. She remembered the way his eyes glistened against the fire, holding hers—his scent, calming in a way and at the same time, disallowing her to be away. Also, smiling as his lips met hers.

She remembered wanting to tell him she was in love with him. But she did not remember telling him that and it hurt. More than the combined pain of a concussion, a bleeding arm and a silver bullet in her shoulder.

Any of her attempts to contact her mate failed. When she was first brought here, she was able to feel his anger. She could read this thoughts and hoped he would be here anytime soon but now as time slipped from her hand like fine sand, there was nothing left in her. Her powers had diminished. Her body had given up on her. The wolfsbane had starting acting up.

Footsteps echoed in the dark room, squeaking against the wet floor. There was a silent pause and then she felt a sting in the bleeding arm and seconds later, the burning pain from the cut started numbing. She did not feel her arm anymore but the rest of her body continued to shiver.

She tried to lift her dampened cheek so she could have a look at him. That hurt too but she bore the pain somehow and found him. His figure was blurred because of the tears in her eyes but she blinked them away and saw him, towering over her helpless state, looking down at her with a cruel smirk on his face.

There was an empty syringe in his hand. A drop leaked from the end of the needle and met the ground silently.

He sighed, smiling widely to himself. Finally, his thick voice hit her ears, "Ready to die, darling?"

Chapter 2

"Psst. Nessa? You shouldn't be staring at him," Riley told her bench mate in a rushed whisper, trying but failing to be discreet. Her thick brows were raised and knitted together, even though her eyes looked straight ahead at Mrs Robinson—their biology teacher—who was blabbering about frogs. Ew

Despite her continued whispered warnings, Nessa didn't take her eyes away from him. She wanted to, but she just could not.

Nessa didn't see it, but she knew Riley's bulbous eyes were widening as her voice grew restless. She sounded surprised.

Even though she sat beside Nessa in every class they shared and hung out with Niall and her, Riley was not a friend. Not really. She couldn't be labelled as an enemy either. She was more like a frenemy to Nessa—a human cousin she had to tolerate since they were born in the same year on the same island—Bellpond, isolated from the main-land by a long, wide bridge. And Nessa was almost c


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