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  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Dahbo
  • Chapters: 66
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 28
  • 7.5
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Logan knows he will have a mate no matter what, even though he doesn't really want one. He therefore determines that she must live up to his standards before he will accept her. And he possesses a great deal. The life and pleasure of the pack is Audra. As the daughter of the Alpha, she is loved by all. The Moon goddess bestows to her a heart of gold, literally. Will she live up to the Alpha's expectations, though?

Chapter 1


"Alpha, the documentation for the recent transfers is with me. Do you want them filed by me? 

I listened to my wolf cry as I extended my legs and gave my knuckles a weary snap. He was itching to run.

"Go for it." I squeezed the space between my eyebrows and groaned. My Beta gave me a haggard look and raised an eyebrow. I appeared to have aged twenty years. I required a vacation. awfully.

The door burst open once more, and my Gamma strode into my office like he owned it. He rolled his eyes at my silent grumble and jumped joyfully onto the couch. 

"So I hear we're going to the Burlington Pack?" Boston hurried out and excitedly squeezed one of the pillows.

After glancing at me, Matthew returned to the filing cabinet. We both knew he was more interested in talking about rogues than he was in perhaps finding his mate.

"We are," I answered, sitting up straight in my chair.

He grinned. "I've heard the daughter of the Alpha is attractive. like, extremely, really hot."

"I heard that she's a spoiled brat." With a smack of the file cabinet, Matthew added his voice.

Ignoring the roar of my inner wolf, I pressed on. He was roaring so much that it was starting to irritate me. 

"What she is doesn't matter. Our sole objective for being there is commerce." With emphasis on the term "business," I spoke strongly.

Please don't snarl at me. Downstairs, Devin is getting eager to hit her." Boston whispered, glancing at me like I was innocent.

I huffed as my wolf snarled louder. "Look, my wolf is starting to get quite irritated. We certainly don't need Alpha Horris to sever our ties just because some moron couldn't keep it in his trousers."

They both held up their hands in protection.

"Everyone here, even Devin, is a virgin, Logan. You are aware of that. All we want are our partners." Matthew stated it firmly.

Boston gave a nod of approval. "We're as virgin as the Virgin Mary."

My skull pounded at my wolf's even louder snarl. 

I tried not to become angry and glared at him. "And you'll be a bloody Mary if you don't leave my damn office now!"

Rather than urinating and bolting like any other wolf, he shook his head and laughed. "You need to get laid."

He scrambled for cover as I snatched up my stapler and flung it at him. Boston got up when the stapler made a gentle thump on the rug. "Yeesh, no chill, Logan."

He rolled his eyes and my wolf growled. "Piss off, Logan; maybe you'll be in a better mood tomorrow."

I growled at his disdain and got up from my seat. I wanted respect from all wolves, best buddy or not.

After Boston left the room with a skip, I let out a sigh and sank back into my chair. 

Before I started killing innocent people, I had to get this meeting over with quickly.


I looked up, a warm smile spreading across my face. "Hey, Dad."

Entering his former office, he took an approving look around. His gaze found me once again, and he grinned and moved to sit down next to me. 

With a playful grin at me, he remarked, "Well, you haven't strangled the life out of Boston, that's an improvement." I stood to hug him after rolling my eyes.

I rested my head on his shoulder and felt comforted as he massaged the back of my head. "You seem tense, son."

I let out a sigh and pulled away, massaging my temples. "My wolf is killing me, Dad."

"Really?" He rested his head on my desk and gave the wood an appreciative knock. "Good oak."

"He is incredibly agitated. I'm not sure what's going on." My wolf was marching up and down within my skull, and I moaned.

My dad looked at my face for a long time. "Maybe he's restless because you'll find your mate soon."

My breathing became more rapid as the beating increased. "I hope not," I said. 

I didn't want a mate to spoil all of my hard work to make this pack the strongest in the country. I was not allowed to have any weaknesses or diversions. 

"Your mom wants grandkids, Logan."

I arched an eyebrow. "What about you?"

Arms crossed, he leaned back against the desk. "I agree with you, but first you need to locate your partner. You require a Luna.

"I'm doing just fine without one, Dad," I sulked as I sat back down and rearranged some documents. 

But it was true—I was succeeding well on my own. The best that Luna could accomplish for me on my arm would be to look nice. I already had too much on my plate, and getting into a relationship would be excessive. "Son, there are some things an Alpha can't accomplish that a Luna can. When under stress, it's impossible to be the rational leader the pack needs and also be a motherly figure. Together, your mother and I made decisions that led to our success. We gave each other compliments. When you're in charge of the group, you need to have that equilibrium. Son, this is a two-person job."

His comments caused me to pursue my lips. However, my wolf concurred with my father and began to pace back and forth within my skull once more. 

Silently, I moaned. I didn't want to acknowledge it, but my dad was right when he said that. Certain things, like showing affection and caring, I was unable to accomplish, and my pack needed that. 

"Fine," I replied, "but I have some expectations for my 'Luna'."

My father's brows raised. "What kind?"

I chewed my lip as I considered myself the ideal partner. She needs to be independent and powerful enough to fight. She must be intelligent and have a decent heart, thinking only of the pack's welfare. I refuse to have some dumb bastard on my arm."

Son, you cannot determine someone's level of intelligence by looking at their hair color. It's hairy.

I looked at him blankly. You understand what I mean. Simply put, I don't want a foolish partner." 

He stared at me, rolling his eyes. "Your list is also foolish. Son, she's not meant to be flawless. It's expected of you to accept her as she is. You're not flawless either, after all. So get off your high horse and consider the consequences of your conduct, as someone is going to suffer serious harm."

He's accurate.

Whoa, my wolf turned on me too. 

Not wishing to quarrel with him, I sighed. "Yes, Dad."

"Good," he exclaimed with joy, "go to bed now. It's a long journey for you tomorrow. And you will begin looking for your mate as soon as you return from this conference."

I hugged him again and nodded before returning to my work. I found a list of packs my mom had given me when I was going through the paperwork. She had indicated that my mate would almost certainly be in one of these packs, as they contained the majority of unmated females. 

A smile flickered across my lips.

Once back, I might as well get my hunt on. After all, I did want puppies.

I enjoy both raising puppies and the process of raising them.

I grimaced in response to my wolf's want. His lustful thoughts were going to drive me insane. 


Chapter 2


"Devin, could you please stop talking for two minutes? Or I'm going to throw you out of the car, I promise to the Moon Goddess." I became enraged. 

Devin quickly stopped talking and turned to face the window to avoid my glare. I rolled my eyes and picked up where I left off, reading pack reports. 

The purpose of this conference was to discuss rival packs and the borders seriously. Nobody could ruin this for me with their stupid remarks. To create a powerful alliance, we needed to gather as many packs as possible. 

From the driver's seat, one of my pack fighters said, "Alpha, the Burlington Pack is coming up in T-5." 

I nodded, putting the documents back in their proper folders and taking a closer look at the land. Several residences appeared to be arranged in a huge U shape over the fields. There was a bigger home than the others in the middle of the rows, and I figured that was the pack house. There were a few warriors in


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