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Alpha's Fated Bed Slave

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Aurora
  • Chapters: 105
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 10.4K
  • 7.5
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As the last descendant of the werewolf clan, Gerardo O'Bound was guided by the werewolf book that he had to s*x with as many as 50 virgins. Moreover, he had to kill the last virgin to obtain immortal blood. For Gerardo, it was not difficult to get a virgin. After all, he was a rich and powerful businessman in the modern era. But the more virgins Gerardo had s*x with, the weaker he became, and he had been addicted to violent s*x when he met the fourth virgin Livanna Maria Thompson. Livanna initially felt a lot of pain, but by the end of Gerardo's s*x game, she began to enjoy every movement and lashing delivered by Gerardo. On the other hand, Gerardo was cold and only treated her as a bed slave. What is the truth behind the scene? What if Livanna's sexual relation severed for a secret purpose? Read to figure out.

Chapter 1 September 1789, London

"Gerardo, please come here,"

A tall young man with brown curly hair approached the old man who was calling out to him in front of the castle window.

"Yes, father," said the man named Gerardo, bowing his head in respect to his father.

"You have lived in the world for 110 years, while I have lived for 210 years; the fact that it is becoming increasingly difficult for us to survive makes me consider your life journey; I don't want you to perish with the rest of our nation; there are several things you want to know." "I will show you and teach you," Gerardo's father said.

"Dad, what do you mean?! Isn't it true that we're perfectly safe here? Right. Uncle's influence has vanished. Please don't burden me with those father's words! "cried Gerardo, his face worried.

Mr. Rey O'blound simply smiled at his youngest child, the look in his eyes indicating that he knew what was going to happen in the future.

"It's very safe here," Rey replied casually, "but the virus brought by your uncle has already spread throughout our bodies, except for you, Gerardo."

Gerardo was taken aback and covered his mouth, appearing to lower his face and look at his father.

"It's not possible! What happened?! Please don't make jokes that aren't funny at all! "yelled Gerardo, his voice rising as he became terrified by his father's words.

"We will leave this world in 10 days, and if we leave, only you and Yorefo will leave our clan, and even if Yorefo is still alive, it means you two will survive," Rey said.

Gerardo shook his head; he had never considered living alone in this world. Their family, known as the immortal family, would never have to face death. Gerardo was filled with dread.

"What, then, does immortal family imply? Death? Why can't I accompany you if that's the case? How dare she abandon her child in the world! Is that polite?!" exclaimed Gerardo, his face turning red with rage.

"Gerardo, keep your emotions in check! It is a reality that we must face. Your uncle has spread a virus that we haven't seen in hundreds of years. Even though our family's strength is high and eternal blood flows in our bodies, your mother and I can still feel that this virus has made us very weak; I can't even use my wolf powers; it's terrible," Rey stated emphatically.

Gerardo gave his father a sharp look, then shook his head and left; he didn't want to hear his father say anything about death.

"Gerardo!" "RETURN!" yelled the father, but Gerardo continued to walk down the stairs at the far end of the room, ignoring the call.

Gerardo went to see his grandmother, who was sleeping in a room on the castle tower's ground floor. Gerardo now needs the words of his grandmother. He wants to know how dangerous and terrible the virus that has infiltrated his family's bodies is, and he also wants to know why he is not affected by the virus.

Gerardo rang the doorbell at his grandmother's house.

"Nana? May I come in, Nana?" "I have a question for you," Gerardo said from the front door of his grandmother's room.

Footsteps could be heard from inside the room, and the door soon opened. An elderly woman, still attractive, stands in front of the room's door, smiling warmly at Gerardo.

"Of course, dear, I also really want to talk to you," Gerardo's grandmother said as he led Gerardo into his room.

Gerardo walked into his grandmother's room, and the aura and comfortable atmosphere instantly calmed Gerardo's racing heart. Gerardo sat on the edge of his grandmother's bed, while his grandmother looked out the front door warmly.

"Nana, sit here; why is Nana standing there as if a foreign guest has arrived?" Gerardo asked.

"I'm tired of sitting. I've been sitting for more than five hours today; can you imagine how cramped my 410-year-old *ss is? "The grandmother chuckled. Gerardo smiled, but behind that smile was despair at what his father had said. Gerardo thinks it's all nonsense, as evidenced by the grandmother's response, who showed no signs of illness or weakened condition.

"I know what you're thinking, Gerardo; what your father said is true; we're weakening; have you ever seen me sitting in my room for nearly half a day? This is the first time in a hundred years that I haven't been able to use my instincts and all my powers, which should be free to use," Gerardo's grandmother said, tears welling up in her eyes.

Gerardo immediately rose from his seat and hugged his grandmother, saying, "Tell me, Nana, what happened to our family?! Isn't it possible that the virus has no effect? If that's the case, why am I not experiencing the desired effect? I was the one who suffered the most during the fight with Uncle, but why did Dad say that only I could live in this world? "

Gerardo's grandmother, Theressa Aramound Leuvi, let go of Gerardo's arms and smiled while holding Gerardo's face.

"Listen to me, Gerardo, on the tenth day, just as we are about to leave this world, a manual for your strength and life will appear under the tree of life; take it and hold it, and you will live for thousands of years, learning every way and direction that comes your way. If you're wondering why we affect the virus except you, the answer is that your body has been strong since childhood, your wolf gene is the best that has ever existed in our family. We also never expected to experience this, so accept this fact, Gerardo, you have to be able to survive and I believe that you can face your life, someday," Theressa gently said. Gerardo couldn't hold back his tears and immediately hugged his grandmother tightly, letting all the tears fall from his eyes.

"I'm sorry Nana, I'm really confused and can't believe it," Gerardo sobbed. "I just don't want to lose you all, I love you so much."

Theressa stroked her granddaughter's head gently and lovingly; she said nothing; the two of them just hugged each other tightly to release anxiety and sadness, and like a hug for memories that would soon fade in the last ten days. 

Chapter 2 March 2018 in New York.

Today's weather was a little cloudy, and the sun, which usually shines brightly on New York, seemed a little embarrassed to show itself. Even so, the busy city's atmosphere remained unchanged; everyone was still walking and cramming the streets with their respective vehicles. Some appeared to be having fun, while others appeared to be filled with emotion. Such is life; some are rejoicing, while others are suffering from sadness and anger that is being shaken.

Gerardo was enjoying a cup of Kopi Luwak, Indonesia's original coffee, at a coffee shop not far from his workplace. Gerardo sipped his coffee delectably while typing something on his expensive $3000 laptop.

"Does he still not get what I'm saying? Is he serious about applying for the position of CEO at my company? He doesn't understand the purpose and meaning of my sentence," Gerardo grumbled as he responded to an incoming email.

Gerardo's expression indicated that he was irritated with the person with whom he


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