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Alpha Rain

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Alpha Rain Hilton, of the Blue moon pack is the youngest Alpha in reign. Everyone doubts his capabilities, even when he weathers many storms and succeeds in keeping his pack safe. He has only one problem, he has no mate, even at 28. Nevertheless, he never rested in finding his mate, as he traveled to several packs just for a chance to find his mate. On a fateful night while on a flight, he meets a renowned fashion model, Ketra Venture, who turns out to be his mate. The problem is, she has no time for a mate. Will she put her successful career on hold and assist him in leading the pack? Does she have Luna qualities? What about the secrets that threaten to tear them apart?

Find an outstanding Luna

Blue Moon Pack

Everyone moved hurriedly to prepare for the guests that would arrive in a few hours. It had become a normal routine to prepare for several guests every week in the Blue moon pack.

Their Alpha, Alpha Rain Hilton was being pressed by the pack members to find a Luna as he was already 28 years old and had yet to find his mate.

Every week, guests (especially women) from different packs visited the Blue moon pack to see if Alpha Rain's mate was somewhere among them. He lost count of people that came with hopes to become his Luna but left disappointed.

Some beautiful women would throw themselves to him for a one-night stand and he probed them happily. Those who clung to him later were the only reason why he wanted to find his mate as soon as possible and leave this sh*t.

It had become a normal thing and he wasn't bothered by the presence of so many women all targeting him either for fun or to mark them and make them his Luna, even without the bond of being fated mates.

Alpha Rain sat in his study on the first floor of the pack house. He chose to put his study on the first floor because he had to meet many people with different intentions and he didn't want to risk the security of his pack.

He believed, the lesser the people knew about his pack, the safer for everyone who stayed beside him. There was a big number of people staying in the Pack house ranging from high-ranking pack members to lowly omegas. Even if there was a disparity between their ranks, he still looked at everyone the same way and everyone received equal treatment.

The dining area of the pack house was vast to accommodate everyone in the pack house. There were a number of six dining tables and everyone chose a comfortable position to have their meals. Everyone had a right to voice out their opinions, especially during times when the pack had some difficulties.

The study...

Alpha Rain sat in a black leather seat with his neck resting on the top of the chair. He was tired as he didn't get enough rest in the few past days while dealing with the sudden rouge attack. It hadn't happened in many years that he didn't think of its possibility and they ended up having some casualties.

His Beta, Beta Samuel was sitting on the couch across from him as they discussed security matters. They were about to host several guests and he didn't want what happened a few days ago to repeat itself. They discussed the spots where security needed to be tightened as he highlighted possible dangerous places on the map.

There is a river a few miles away from the pack house and that's where the rouge's found a flawless route to enter the Blue moon pack. He emphasized how he needed 24-hour tight security around there and even around the forest.

"Inform Alex and Nathan to appoint warriors on each border. This might happen again and I don't need casualties anymore." Alpha Rain ordered his Beta Samuel and gestured for him to leave the study.

He needed some time to be alone and focus on a pile of work on his table before stepping out to meet the guests.

Rain didn't take note of the time as he was fully immersed in his work. He had shut down his mind link in order to focus without anyone interrupting.

A knock on the door interrupted him and he cursed through his teeth before speaking.

"Come in," His voice was as cold as it had always been.

"We meet again, Alpha Rain." Spoke to a blonde who was now standing in front of his desk.

Rain frowned as he tried to remember if they already met. His reputation for forgetting his last sexual partners wasn't good and he wondered if he ravaged this blonde as well according to how she introduced herself.

As if detecting Alpha's confusion, the blonde spoke to introduce herself.

"I'm Grace, we met in the Amber Moon Pack before. Even though I didn't get a chance to introduce myself back then during the Luna ceremony in Amber Moon Pack, I'm glad to meet you here and as your guest." she introduced and Alpha Rain exhaled silently.

Thank heavens he didn't roll in the sheets with her or else she could be another headache to deal with.

"Please have a seat." Alpha Rain offered and continued to work on his computer.

He was now aware of the arrival of the guests from the Amber Moon Pack and he finally turned on his mind link.

'Sam, when did the guests arrive.' Rain inquired his Beta through mind-link.

'About an hour ago. I thought of entertaining everyone as you finish your work but seems like someone announced their presence to you already.' Beta Samuel's unpleasant voice sounded in Rain's mind.

Samuel was a serious Beta in everything he did and he didn't like when someone interrupted his work. The same applied to Alpha Rain Hilton, he liked focusing on one thing at a time and that made him an alpha he is now.

When the guests arrived earlier, he offered them to rest as Alpha Rain gets done with his business but he was irritated with a blonde girl whose behavior didn't go to his liking.

She was over the place asking for Alpha Rain and the fact that she addressed him casually irritated him.

Even with his irritation, he still let her do what she wants and he watched as she walked to the study. It was useless to explain to a person who doesn't understand anyway.

"Alpha Rain, do you need help with anything? You know that I have education and can help you here with anything." Grace aka the blonde girl initiated as she looked at Rain seductively.

The last time he ignored her during the Luna ceremony in her pack no matter how much she tried to get closer to him. This time she was determined to make him look at her and take her. One taste and he could make her his. She was confident about this.

Guests from Amber Moon Pack

Alpha Rain decided to step out and meet the guests after making it an excuse to escape Grace's seduction. Who knows what he might do when her behavior goes on and how is he supposed to wash it off after it's done?

"Alpha Rain." Everyone greeted him in unison when he emerged from his study. There was a lounge across his door and that's where everyone was.

The guests seemed to be pleased with the hospitality so far, all thanks to Beta Samuel. Alpha Rain wore his ever-serious expression to meet the eyes of the seductive women in front of him. For now, he was confident that his mate wasn't among them because he couldn't pick up any addictive scent yet.

He could see how every woman gave a different expression as they looked at him and he gritted his teeth at their reactions. This was his umpteenth failure to find his mate and he was already frustrated. Nevertheless, he couldn't show the guests an image of how he wanted to send


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