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Alpha of Alphas

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Alpha of Alphas. That's what Xerxes existed for the rest of the world, but a beast hindered in human form. I detested him. I halted excavating the prosperity in his smile and the vicious turmoils he birthed upon me with his one feverish gaze, no longer tremble me. My soul that yearned for him, for my other half ceased the longing the moment I witnessed his true self. He kept me begging. He kept me within the palm of his hand, playing with me as if I were his doll, crushing my dreams and never excluding hope little by little each day. The eternal love I instilled during our early meetings squirmed into ashes. His soft gazes successfully confined me into misconception for he never planned to repay my emotions yet all he left me with is misery for a lifetime. Xerxes was my brother's closest friend and the strongest, a male who many women from diverse packs hungered over desperately hoping he would end up being theirs. He was a wicked seducer indeed for those striking heterochromatic orbs of his, and flirty smiles that entangled many, including me. And just like that, I was deluded. The moment he elongated his claws to rip the heart of my brother clearly in front of me whilst I cried and screamed for him to spare my only family. He doesn't feel any sorrow, yet he passed me a vicious grin of his. He shows his true colors. Beauty is an illusion and Xerxes Celeste is a deception. He made me pay for sins I've never committed. His definition of love and adoration is fully modified into obsession and suffering. The hands that caressed my skin lovingly induced sparks of want every time he touched me now left wild marks of his ownership each night. His warm embrace that kept me warm on cold nights now suffocated me. He was no longer a human. No longer the male I desired. His eerie has surrendered to the beast that resided inside him yet he never succeeded in breaking me. He killed my family, destroyed the pack I grew up in, massacred the people I was raised by. Yet he left me alive, to suffer for eternity, by his hands. He taunted me, my emotions were just new exciting toys for him. He calls me his flower for he wants to watch me writhed under his fingers. Revenge, his excuse for destroying my life and mate bond, his reason for letting me live entirely for he couldn't let his wolf die. He is a greedy male. A ravenous creature of the night. Even though I'm devoid of any strength, I will fight, till my last breath. There is a reason moon paired me with the male I detest with my heart. Revenge will be my mere reason for I'll now destroy his life. **** "

Chapter 1

I could not feel anything. My limbs had given up the strength I retained moments ago. The bruised muscles of my limbs cried out for me to rest. But I could not stop. Not when I had been given the chance to flee the clasps of the devil I called my moon blessed.

Courage welled and I pushed my feet against the bare grounds of the forest as I heaved and panted. My destination was not decided but my motive was apparent. I needed to cross the river before his warriors caught up to me or terrible, I land in his hands again.

The risks were high.

And the fact that my wolf was in hibernation for he had dominated her fully, ignited outrage and natural turmoil inside me. So vastly. He had demolished so much of me. My breath was unequal but I could not risk it for I was so near to my path. Just needed to cross the river and my scent would be mixed with wolves of another pack. I just hope the weed Dextra had given me worked for a few more days till I decide what I need to do next.

Pebbles pierced through my soles, the blood dripped down my forearms as I ran with all my might. My eyes hastily searched the area when I heard soft waves of water cascading down the rocks.


I run carelessly with bleeding limbs. I had been running for the past few hours. I hadn't truly believed the location Dextra had given me of the next pack but the deeper I ran into the forbidden forest, the more I feel it... the taste of my freedom.

Freedom that had been yanked through my hands by the nefarious barbarity of my mate. The one who was supposed to protect me was the one I was seeking protection from. Why? Why did he have to be my mate? Were my longings of wanting a mate who loved me and cherished me wholly was so much that the moon finds it so unfair for she cursed his existence upon me. My thoughts shattered, a wild wind blew past my flesh making me shiver. A few more steps and I was near the shores of the river that flows south.

I scrunched my shoulders to my ears at the glacial wind. It followed me into the thickening trees that grew darker the further I endeavor. The setting sun was casting the sinister shadows that turned every rustle that the wind made into an imagined threat.

Sweat beaded at my hairline as the pain in my body deteriorated. The soft sound of running water should have been a gift, but it served to be a new way, for now, I had to sneak into foreign lands. When a rushing river came into view, it didn't take long before I spotted another side. I didn't waste any time before making my way toward it.

My body hurled in relief whilst the cold flowed through me, causing it to break out in goosebumps. My finger touched the cold water and I held back the urge to shiver and back away. I needed to cross it. Xerxes's wolves were a lot swifter and if I kept lingering in his territory, it would be a matter of time when I would be again in his clutches.

Shaking my head, I sagged a deep breath before dipping my leg into the water. My teeth soon began to chatter violently. Clenching my jaw tightly to seize the motion, I quickly moved further. The river was shallow, barely reached my shoulders and that was quite beneficial since I only had to swim to a certain distance before I reached the opposite side.

Feeling relieved that I no longer was fenced in his region, and now that my little wavering odor was washed away, it was difficult for him or his wolves to trace my imprints.

Kneeling on the ground, I took deep breaths, the air around me seemed changed now. But the pain resonating through my sides was jaw-clenching. It was my limit now. I couldn't take it any longer. I barely had any stamina left to walk.

My breathing was now trivial, more refined and the cold wind now had started to leave glacial impacts on my flesh. Pushing myself, I tried to regain my posture yet it only resulted in me landing on the ground again. This was it.

The pain was too much to bear. And that was when I started feeling numbness creeping its way down my legs, and my torn, wet clothes indecently clung to my body.

Losing the battle with my mind, I surrendered on the ground. The moment my head touched the ground, my body went limp and darkness was soon followed but the sudden snap of a twig to my right had my senses on high alert and with a groan of frustration and pain, I managed to pick myself up from the cold wet ground.

I cautiously looked around, the limited light moon provided was the only source since it was already dark. Just as I was about to turn right, then another snap of branch paralyzed me in pure horror. My heart started pounding so hard that it was all I could hear.

That one snap triggered the worst moments of my last few months repeatedly. My breathing now had started to come out in short raspy gasps. All I could think about was my tormentor.

I slowly turned around, shaking badly from fear that I thought my body may have vibrate mode. I felt weak without my wolf.

What if he found me? What if he was standing behind me with his evil smirk? Was he here to torture me more? Was I ever going to escape his hell?

Once I was facing the direction the noise emanated, I immediately stopped inhaling. My body was immobilized as I stared at the front. Standing a few feet away from me was a man with light hair and sharp dark eyes. He had a sinister smirk on his face. The smirk was never good, it always brought me suffering.

With a sudden shot of terror streaming through my body, I ran. Resisting my injuries and pain. I ran like my life depended on it because it certainly did.

It was a false hope 'cause I had only managed to take a few steps before I felt a heavy influence from behind. The man tackled me and I tried not to fall on my ribs, I just couldn't afford to break anymore.

His full weight crushed me under him. The stench that was waffling off him made me puke. I used every bit of my power to thrash against him, but it barely affected him. It only p*ss*d him off more whilst he let out a threatening growl.

Growl? Wolf?

Why didn't I sense his presence before? Were my senses too molded with the herbs he used on me that I couldn't even identify a wolf in this forest?

"It would be better if you stop struggling. The fun we are about to have wouldn't be pleasurable enough for you." He leaped his tongue over the flesh of my cheek.

Oh, no. I didn't escape one monster to fall into the hands of another. I was not going to get r*p*d by another wolf. I thrashed against him, shaking my body side to side while trying to claw him.

"You f*ck*ng wench!" He yelled so loud that my heart shuddered with terror. Sitting up, he straddled my torso and before I knew it, lifted his hand to strike me across my cheek my mouth instantly filled with warm, familiar, coppery, metallic blood whilst he grasped my jaw in a harsh grip. My breathing hitched as he brought his face closer to mine while his grip on my jaw hardened.

"I'll f*ck*ng make you experience hell." He slammed my head back to the ground, causing black dots to appear in my vision.

A loud growl was suddenly heard in distance, a lot more intimidating and threatening as I barely turned my head to the source of the sound, still struggling to focus my vision from the impact.

I could make out what appeared to be a giant wolf. A massive, raven-haired wolf with piercing eyes looking our way. I couldn't help but whimper more and more. All the facets, combined with pain and terror made me shiver.

Still struggling to fight the dizziness, I felt the man on top of me tense. And faster than my eyes could follow, the wolf lunged toward us. A scream tore out of my mouth as I shielded my eyes with my hands as I waited for him to tear me into pieces for invading. But all I felt was weight lifting off me and something wet prickling my flesh. My vision was blurring, the fatigue and pain had taken over me fully and my eyes darted in and out of the darkness. The last thing I felt was something feathery touch caressing my skin before I fully skim into unconsciousness.

Chapter 2

"The wounds are lethal. Although there isn't any major injury superficially, her ribs are bruised internally, she needs rest to heal." "Why she's taking longer to heal?"

I tried to open my eyes but found it to be a struggle. Two diverse voices fell upon my ears as I tried to recognize them, they were distant like someone was talking outside the door. Obliviousness washed over me and all the memories came wrecking into my head. The escape, the woods, the golden-haired wolf before I blacked out.

My lids felt heavy whilst they quivered from my perseverance, just to remain shut.

"I don't know, Alpha. I can sense her wolf but there's hardly any sign of her existence." I felt my coarse eyes open slowly, just to shut again from the bright lights above me. After a little struggle, my eyes finally adjusted to the brightness and I was able to look around.

I was lying in a hospital bed, we


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