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The Alpha Luna's fate

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“That was it”, His hand roamed over her body, .she feel his touch as his warm breath fell upon her neck. Her body quivered as his warm hand caressed every inch of her, and she struggled to suppress her moan. When his mouth found its way to her neck, she couldn't hold back any longer. He pulled her towards the wall, kissing her neck as she surrendered herself to his warm breath, causing her moans to spread through the room. Akio, believed her life had come to an end when she lost her parents and her pack. Little did she know what fate had in store for her. She was sent away from her pack by her evil stepmother and rejected by them. Life became hard for the alpha Luna as she fought against her evil stepmother. Her mother had hidden her wolf side, and she did not know why. As she journeyed to find out why, her world turned upside down as she discovered more about her family history. Despite her hardships and trials, Akio and John's love prevailed. Akio fought against her stepmother when she realized that her stepmother wanted to use her gift to ruin the world. Akio fought against the people who wanted to harm her. What will Akio do when she finds out that John's family was involved in her mother's death!


Chapter 1

Mr. James stood beside me at the long conference family table, his presence a pillar of strength and authority. He was my uncle, my father brother . As I stepped into the room, the eyes of my wolf family fixated on me with an intensity that made it hard to draw breath. The air filled with pressure, its weight tensing around me like a vise. The conference room, a sanctuary of power and influence, housed a congregation of distinguished individualities, all intricately connected to our redoubtable lineage. Renowned for their dominance and strategic prowess, they commanded respect far and wide. Each member held an unyielding determination, a hot hunger for success that burned within their soul. The conference room was adorned with substance, its walls dressed in dark wood paneling and adorned with pictures of our ancestors. The air was heavy with the scent of power, mingling with a tincture of query. The room was dimly lit, casting long murk that sounded to dance in tandem with the fluttering night. She's a Japanese witch, said Alice my stepfather's woman. "She killed my husband and is now over to kill everyone differently in this pack, transferring her back to the Japanese curse family clans would be better. Her face displayed a profound mixture of anger and abomination aimed directly at me".

I could not believe what I was hearing, and it took me a moment to gather myself and respond with a shaky voice," I'm not a witch, and I didn't kill my father. Please do not call me similar names." As her words echoed through the room, pressure-filled the air. My family members, swayed by Mrs. Alice's words, poisoned against my Japanese heritage, stood by her side. dubitation filled their eyes, and sweat etched across their faces. I felt hugely betrayed as those I formerly trusted turned against me. Their collaborative support for Mrs. Alice's unsupported claims left me feeling isolated and overwhelmed with sadness. I knew that proving my innocence would be an uphill battle, burdened by their mistrust and demarcation against me because of my background. I felt dizzy as my stepmom called me a bad auspice.

" Ever since you were brought into this clan, you brought nothing but chaos and pain. You killed my husband," she indicated .

I heard fearful steps approaching me. I pondered," Who could this be? Could this be one of my cousins?" As he sluggishly called my name, Akio!, I felt the earth fluctuate. He called me again Akio! He walked into the room; it was our clan elder, Elder Chan. He questioned," Are you guilty about these allegations?" I replied," No." He goggled at me and uttered.

" You're the reason behind your mother's death. Up to this moment, I still do not understand why your stepdad married that Japanese witch, you called mother he said to me with a furry face."Yet, your mom bewitched him and made him accept you as his child." I stuttered as gashes streamed down my face. I peered at him, bruting " Not you, Mr. Chan. I can not believe you sided with them." I knelt, facing my head toward the ground. I felt hugely shattered, betrayed by the family I had known all my life, indicted of killing my stepdad. " I'm not a witch, and I didn't kill my stepdad," I contended with Elder Chan, our clan elder. apprehensiveness overwhelmed me as I awaited his response. He looked into my eyes and took pity on me. " How will you prove your innocence in this grave blameworthiness?" he inquired. My stepfather loves me with all his heart, why will I kill someone that loves me that much? " I didn't kill my stepfather, and I'm not a witch!!" I muttered, the words piercing through my soul. He replied calmly, "if you said you aren't guilty of this accusation, also there's another way to resolve other than violence".

Chapter 1: Luna's awakening


[Introducing the protagonist ] Ever since my childhood, I held the belief that I was cherished by those who love me, furnishing me with an enduring sense of belonging in this vast world. The weight of this affection led me to believe that I was a godly presence bestowed upon my wolf pack. still, reality has lately unfolded before my eyes, and the verity has surfaced, shattering the vision of unconditional love. It pains me to admit that not everyone held the same regard for me as I had formerly believed. My name is Akio. I'm a wolf with fur as white as snow. A part of my wolf identity has been concealed by my mother, and I'm still ignorant of the reason behind her conduct. My mother, Hana, departed from this world premature .

She was the one who always watched for me. Despite being rejected by her Japanese wolf family, I now find myself shunned by my European wolf family, into which my mother had married.

My Japanese family


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