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Alpha Kyle

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Ajila
  • Chapters: 10
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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  • 5.0
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Evelyn's entire world collapsed when her parents were killed and her pack was destroyed. Becoming a slave in the pack of the one whom she despised the most, she had no other choice but to endure. But then who would have thought that her enemy was mated to her? Evelyn's life became hell the moment the other party found out. Having no other choice she had to leave to save her life, but then who would have thought that she was delivering herself into the arms of a wolf in sheep's clothing? It was not until he came back that she realized that she was wrong all along. How would Evelyn react? Would she accept her fate?


Evelyn's POV "I, Alpha Kyle Turner, reject you, Evelyn Sanders, as my mate." Alpha Kyle hoarse voice boomed in my ears making me freeze on my tracks, his voice laced with disgust. Crack! A cracking sound resounded inside my body and I felt as if a part of me was forcefully torn and taken away. My wolf howled in pain but there was nothing I could do about it. Tears flowed down my face as the pain became immeasurable, increasing with each second to the point I was unable to tolerate it. I could care less about the gazes on me. I was already used to it. I could feel their hatred and disdain, it was as if they were going to gobble me up any time. "Take her away and whip her a hundred times, then throw her into the dungeon." The Alpha's voice came again, making me shiver. When the hell was I going to be from my miserable fate? My mate just rejected me and I was going to be whipped for no reason. Was it my fault that I was mated to him? Or should I blame the moon goddess for mating me with such a heartless Alpha? Before I could react, strong arms dragged me and tied me to a familiar Pillar. If the pillar was a living thing, perhaps, I would have become friends with it as I couldn't count the number of times I was tied to the pillar. Crack! The whip descended on my back mercilessly tearing away at my skin as blood stained my rather old ragged clothes. I was rather numb to the pain at this moment even though I could help it as tears flowed down my face. The heartless guards could care less about my situation and continued whipping me. I could tell that with each whipping, a part of my skin was thorn and my blood was taken by the whip. Finally, after what felt like an eternity, the whip suddenly stopped descending on my back. Next, an arm grabbed me, roughly dragging me away. Before I could catch sight of the crescent moon, I was thrown into the dark dungeon. I knew my faith was sealed and I knew not when I was going to see the daylight. Maybe after a day, two days, it might even be after a week depending on the Alpha's mood. I wished I could die as I felt like I couldn't bear it anymore. Tonight was supposed to be the happiest day of my life, but then it turned out to be the worst day for me. Could anything worse ever happen to me? Even though I was just a maid in the pack and held no position whatsoever, I was hated and despised by the Alpha of the pack. I would go through a lot of inhumane torture every day and it would be worse anytime he was annoyed. Tonight, there was supposed to be a festival in the pack, while serving the crowd, I came across the Alpha of the pack and unexpectedly I felt an uncanny connection with him. Before I could scramble away afraid he might notice, I was stopped by his rejection. He had also noticed. I had thought that at least, he was going to accept me, but then it turned out that I was living in a fantasy world. Thinking about all this, the tears in my eye became intense as it flowed down like a river. Never was I going to be able to heal in this lifetime. Since everyone despised me, I might as well leave the pack. But then there was a problem, the security in the pack was just too high and it would be impossible for me to escape without the Alpha noticing. Thinking about this, I quickly dispelled the thoughts and lay on my back. I had long become accustomed to the darkness. The dungeon was like a home to me as I would be thrown in here any time the Alpha was in a bad mood. Sometimes, I do wonder what I had done to the Alpha to receive so much hatred from him. First, he killed my parents and eliminated all those in the pack leaving only me alive. I was brought here and became his slave who had to bear the brunt of his anger. There was nothing I could do that was going to please him. Instead, I would be punished for a little mistake. "Arrgghh!" I groaned softly as I felt a searing pain on my back. The strong wind that had just blown in had an adverse effect on the injury on my back. Even though the injury would heal in no time, it was going to leave some scars. My back at the moment was filled with all sorts of scars due to frequent whipping. Sometimes, I wondered how I was able to endure the pain of being tortured day and night. Sighing, I managed to lay on the floor of the dungeon, even though the pain of lying on my back was rather excruciating, I was long numb to it so it didn't quite matter. A wave of wind blew over at the moment making all of my body strangely relaxed. Before I knew it, I was beginning to feel dizzy. I had been working non stop so I was quite exhausted. I was supposed to be in pain due to the severed mate bond, but then strangely, it was as if the pain had been suppressed by a certain something. Though I was shocked, I didn't want to dwell on it. I knew not when I was going to leave this hell of a place. Who knew if the Alpha was going to change his mind and ask the guard to bring me out and then ask them to whip me before throwing me back here? Well, such was the life I lived. Before long, I was no longer able to hold back the darkness trying to take over me and soon entered into the realm of darkness as it had already overpowered me.


Evelyn's POV "Bring her out, the Alpha said we should bring her out!" "It's been two days, I'm afraid, she's dead because the injuries from the whip were not treated!" "Who cares, if she's dead, then so be it!" "But...." "No buts, the Alpha asked us to release her!" Voices drifted into my ears as my eyes fluttered open. I knew not how long I had been asleep and I didn't want to know as I knew it was of no use to me. "Argh!" I groaned softly as pain raked through my body the moment I tried to get to my stand. It was as if my body had become one with the floor. "Sir, she's alive!" A surprised voice drifted into my ears. "Who cares, bring her out at t


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