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Alpha King and the white wolf

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The future alpha king, Jacob Gold has been looking for his mate, school after school for about 2 months until he came upon the blue moon pack where he found his mate, the daughter of the two best fighters in the pack and also she was a pearly white wolf. What is the real reason she had the daughter of moon goddess's wolf. And What secret is she hiding besides beening a white wolf? Read my story to find out This story doesn't have cheating or getting captured it's just about 2 wolfs falling in love and making a family together but I hope you like it It's my first time writing a story especially like this one so I hope you won't give me any bad comments, I know the first couple are short chapters but they do get way more longer as you go through them Warning There will be very sexual parts in this story I'll have ☆☆☆ before it comes so you know it's coming there won't be a word with dots in between two letters just the normal word so if you don't like that type of language I'm sorry but please read my story Muture content Erotic parts 18+ only

Chapter 1

Hey my name is Layla Rose and it's the day before my 18th birthday and I can't wait till tomorrow when I can finally find my mate, most wolfs can sence there mates when their 16, they have a pull towards their soon to be mate but they can't mark each other till they are 18, they can just get to know each other until it's time for them to fully mate, me no I haven't been able to feel that pull with anyone yet but hopefully I'll be able to find him tomorrow. 

Since my birthday is tomorrow I don't bother dressing up so I just wear short denim shorts and just a plain blue shirt, not really caring if people stare or not all I really care about is if my two best friends Beth and Sam are always with me.

Walking down the stairs towards the kitchen my mum is in there making breakfast. 

"Morning mum" 

My mum was one of the lucky ones to find her mate when she was 16, she and my dad has been together since they met each other at 16, they felt the pull towards each other and they just basically fell for each other. 

"Morning sweetpea, how was your last night as a 17 year old" she say as she puts a plate of pancake and bacon in front of me. 

"Like every other night just a day older, I think I'll feel different tonight when I'll actually shift the next day"

"Yeah everyone always feel different after they do there first shift so in the morning me and your dad will go to the forest with you and help you through your shift" 

"Thanks mum" 

I get up from the counter after eating breakfast and grab my keys to my car, making my way to school for another day of learning. 

When im at school I make my way to my Locker, opening it to get the books for my first two subjects. 

My two best friends Sam and Beth sneakup to my Locker and screamed 


"What the hell, really guys why did you scare me like that" 

"Because your always so easy to scare" Sam says while Beth is still laughing 

"Stop laughing at me it's not funny" 


"Better get to class see you at lunch" 

"Yep see you then" Beth says 

We all head to our classes. 

*Skips to lunch* 

After my second class of the day I head towards my Locker to put my books away, then i headed towards the cafeteria to meet up with my friends. 

I walk to the cafeteria, grabbed a tray and grabbing my food then walking to the table my friends are on and start eatting 

" man I hate school, it's just another day where we don't find our mates" I say 

have I mentioned that either Sam nor Beth have found there mates either. 

"Yeah I know, I just wish I could meet my other half and be loved by him" Beth says 

"Oh Beth, we know what you mean but we both still love you" Sam says 

"Yep, and always will" I say 

" thanks guys, I love you both too"


We head off again to our next class. 

We go through the first lesson with no interruption, then the bell rings for the next class, when I'm walking to my next class out of nowhere came a very faint delicious smell that stops me in my tracks for a few seconds but I shook my head and kept walking to class. 

All through my class I couldn't stop thinking about that smell, after class i quickly ran to my Locker, tossed my things in and went to the cafeteria to talk to my friends about that smell. 

"Oh my God guys I just smelt the most wonderful smell ever when I was walking to my next class but then the smell faded too quickly, but yeah it was amazing it smell a bit like crispy coconut and black pepper, I know it's a weird combination but it smelled so good, I just wish I could find who that smell belongs too" 

"Do you think it could be your mates scent" Sam says 

"I hope it is because it's an amazing smell" 

* RING * 

We go to our last two classes and i didn't smell it once the rest of the day 

Walking to my car to head home, when Sam and Beth comes up to me 

"Did you smell that scent again" Beth says 

"No, I'm actually really disappointed I thought I would find my mate today, well hopeful I'll find him tommorrow" I said in a sad tone 

"Well it's your birthday tomorrow maybe you'll get a surprise birthday gift tomorrow" Sam says 

"If only I am that lucky to find him on my 18th birthday, when I didn't sence him on my 16th" 

"Yeah but all we can do is cross our fingers and see what happens tomorrow" Beth said 

"Yeah, well I guess ill see you tomorrow I better head home" 

"Yep see you tomorrow" Sam and Beth says at the same time. 

Driving home from school and pulling up in front of my house as I make my way inside. 

"How was school sweetpea" mum asked as I walk into the kitchen 

"Half and half" I replied 

"What does half and half mean" 

" well  it means good and disappointing because I was walking from my 3rd class to my 4th and I smelt this scent, it was amazing mumma but the rest of the day it didn't come back, so I'm kinda a bit disappointed but hopefully I'll find it tomorrow after I shifted" 

"Yeah of course you'll find him his your 2nd half" mum replied 

"Thanks mum" I say as I give her a hug before walking upstairs 

I walk to my room and flop down on the bed looking up at the roof while thinking about that scent. 

°layla dinners ready° mum says through the mind link 

°ok mum be right down° 

I get up from the bed and make my way down stairs 

"Hey daddy, how was training today" I say to dad 

"Hey princess, training was like normal but I did try and teach someone else but he was hopeless i couldn't say it to their face but just had to push through" 

"So they were that bad" 

"You wouldn't believe how bad they were it was like they didn't have any fitness bones in there body" dad replied 

"Anyway enough about that, what about you mum said that you smelt maybe your mate today that's exciting" dad says 

"Yeah, but the scent was very light and I also had to get to my class so I just pushed it off which I'm very disappointed, I should of just followed the smell" I said 

Mum puts dinner on the table and we start eatting. 

"So your brother Mike is coming back from the school camp tomorrow morning so you'll have to start taking Mike to and from school again" mum says to me 

"Ok mumma" 

When we were finished eatting dinner I went up stairs to my room to get ready for bed, I grabbed my clothes for tonight and went to the bathroom to have a shower, since tomorrow my birthday I washed my hair and shaved everything, I got out and went to my room and layed in bed and thought about that smell till I fell asleep.

Chapter 2

It just hit midnight when I started getting a very sharp pain everywhere on my body as I just let out a giant scream for help. 

"MUM, DAD HELP ME" I scream in a staggered painful scream 

Mum and dad comes running into my room with a worried look on their faces 

"Oh my God, honey i think she's shifting" mum says to my dad 

" ok we'll need to take her out to the forest before she fully shift because shifting close to the earth helps shifting without a mate but being with us should help a bit" my dad replied 

Dad picks me up with a hiss because my body temperature is rising. 

"Quick we need to move she's burning up" 

" daddy it hurts" I say before I scream again 

"I know princess where almost to the forest" 

Dad puts me on the ground a few meters in and waits till I shifts 

"Sweet pea just think about being a wolf and allow your body to go through the change it will go quicker


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