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Alpha Killian's broken mate

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WARNING: mature content ahead. if not comfortable, don't proceed. After her husband finds his fated mate, Maya is casted away. Broken and shattered, she sneaks to midnight pack as a slave. What she didn't expect is to fall in love with the most ruthless and coldhearted Dark Lord, Alpha Killian. What future does she have with Alpha Killian? When her secret powers are exposed, Will Theo come back looking for her, claiming her? Follow me to discover more.

Chapter 1

" You look so beautiful tonight." My husband, Theo murmured into my ears, his tongue slowly licking my earlobes making me shudder.

I was standing by the dressing table, looking at the woman in the reflection and I could not help but agree to him.

But wait… something sounded wrong or at least his choice of words wasn't appropriate.

" Just tonight?" I asked, cocking a brow at him, challengingly.

Theo smiled, his smile so beautiful that I was mesmerised, lost in it for a moment before I shook my head to return to reality.

" Not just tonight Maya. You are always beautiful but every time, you display a different style of beauty and I can't help but fall in love all over again." Theo replied, flashing his pearly white teeth at me.

I smiled back, nudging him with my butt.

" You have a sweet mouth." I commented and he chuckled, " Isn't that what you like about me?" He countered, raising his eyebrows at me.

Yes, that's one of the reasons I like him but it's not entirely it.

I have to agree to some extent that his sweet mouth was what lured me into his love trap.

You see, Theo and I are not fated mates. We don't share the destined bond that mates share. It wasn't until he marked me that we forged a bond between us.

He was about to take the position of Alpha but hadn't found his fated mate.

When he proposed to me that night, I was the happiest woman on this planet.

I said yes right away. Afterall, I always had a crush on him and hoped and prayed that he was my fated mate.

Since our marriage, we have gone through a lot, endured a lot and conquered a lot.

I'd say, he is not just my husband, he is my best friend too.

" I have more than enough reasons to love you." I replied casually but that was the truth.

I have heard people talk behind my back,call me names and make nasty comments as to why I agreed to be with Theo.

Some say that I agreed because nobody ever loved me and Theo was the first to show me concern. That's a truth I can't deny, Theo was the first person to treat me like a human.

All my life, I was the despised and looked down upon daughter of my family.

My mother called me a disaster on my eighteenth birthday after I shifted into a White wolf.

Being of beta blood, our wolves are usually black in colour but I was an exception.

The bad treatment I got from my family worsened after I shifted.

I can't seem to forget how my father looked at me with disappointment. My mother's face was filled with scorn but Theo was there.

" You are special in your own way Maya. Never look down on yourself because you are the best version of yourself." Theo had said to me that night.

From that day, my feelings for him deepened.

Sometimes,I can't help but think that those people are actually true.

Am I here with Theo because I love him or because he is the only one who cares about me. Or am I that power hungry b*tch who couldn't wait to become Luna?

' Whether we Love him or not, you should be clear about that in your heart.' My wolf, Sasha, commented.

" Tonight is your night Maya, shine as the star you are." Theo whispered, twirling me around and gazing straight Into my eyes.

" Be yourself. I know you have your worries. Forget about everything that happened today and focus on the reason we are having this party." He added before kissing me lightly.

I wanted to deepen the kiss but Theo pulled away.

" We can't ruin your makeup. After the party, you can have me all to yourself." He said, winking at me before leaving the room.

What I didn't know was that that was going to be the last kiss we shared.

Taking a deep breath, I calmed down my nerves.

I was still sad over what happened today at the pack's meeting.


" It's been four years of your marriage and yet no signs of Luna getting pregnant? Alpha, can you explain this?" One elder blatantly asked.

" I am not ready to have a child yet." Theo answered as a matter of fact but the two of us knew that it wasn't the case.

" Not ready?" Another elder sneered." You are not ready or is it because you are covering up for her? Is she unable to bear Children?" He added, pointing his fingers at me.

Theo slammed his hands on the table, obviously angry.

" I won't sit by and do nothing as you disrespect my Luna. If I say we are not ready, we aren't. There's no room for discussion on that matter." Theo roared, his eagle-like eyes regarding all the people present at the meeting.

" Nobody should bring this matter up again in the future." He added.

" You can't stop people from talking as long as they have the medium to do so. Why are you so agitated, is it because Maya can't give birth?" Clara, Theo's brother, commented.

" She's Luna for you!" Theo challenged, glaring at his sister who shrugged nonchalantly.

" Whether my wife is capable of giving birth or not, I don't owe anyone an explanation." Theo uttered with resolution.

End of flashback

I wiped a stray tear that managed to escape.

Actually, Theo and I have been trying to have children but every month when my periods come, disappointment floods me.

Although he might appear calm and not caring about the matter on the surface, I know that he actually cares.

As the Alpha and the head of the pack, how could he not care about having an heir who would take over his legacy?

Even after going to different hospitals, the test results always come out the same; we are both healthy yet I can't seem to be pregnant.

" Don't give up! I can't give up now!" I murmured to myself, wiping clean my face before leaving the room.

Chapter 2

I descended the stairs gracefully, lifting the trail of my dress and careful not to step on it. That would be fatal.

The hall was filled with people from different packs.

This year, Theo decided to make my birthday special so we booked an hotel to celebrate it.

The party was being held at the hotel and not the pack.

He also made sure to invite the Alpha from the midnight pack and even from other regions to join us in the celebration. It's said that Alpha Killian from midnight pack is unfeeling and ruthless. He kills without a second thought but only his enemies.

Actually, I never wanted anything grand but Theo insisted.

" You are my Luna and the Queen of my heart. You only deserve the best." He had said to me and I agreed, albeit reluctantly.

To me, I'd rather spend my birthday with my family which ofcourse is Theo alone.

But Theo shared a different opinion so here we are.

As I made my way down the stairs, m


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