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Alpha Ace's omega mate

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Liet
  • Chapters: 79
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 24
  • 7.5
  • 💬 3


"Do you know?" His voice came so coldly but Amora understood what he meant Gently,she nodded her head and looked down avoiding his eyes "Don't give yourself any hope" Ace said and Amora looked up in surprise "Don't expect anything" He added and Amora summoned the courage to talk "W...why?" She asked,staring into his eyes "I'm going to reject you" Alpha Ace said and Amora could feel a painful sting in her heart "I......" "I won't change my mind,so leave the castle before dawn" Alpha Ace said at once, I can't be mated to an Omega, snow pack needs a strong Luna not a weakling like you he said and walked out of the room,slamming the door behind him. Amora s lips trembled as she tried her best to control her tears but they came rolling down straight on her cheeks. She just got rejected....By her Mate.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1… ★★★★★★★★★★★ SNOW PACK MEADOW What are you doing! Hurry and work!! No food for you if you don't finish up! The guards yelled at the workers, even under the hot sun. The meadow is where the omegas work, it's a large farmland with different plantations. While a few Omegas get the luck to work in the palace as maids, most of the omegas spend their whole life working in the meadow. Both young and old, men and women, some even get sold off in the process because they are useless in the pack as believed. “I'm tired” Juliet, Amora's best friend said beside her Amora couldn't reply either, she had to work an extra portion today because her mother was down, and the guards wouldn't even care if she died while working. So she dedicated herself to doing her mom's portion along with hers. The rain was hitting her body badly, aside from getting weak And tired, she was already feeling hot. “That will be all for today!” The head warrior said after so many minutes and everyone let out a tired sigh! Some fell on the hot ground to regain their breaths, while some couldn't wait to go inside. There are buildings I close to the meadows where the omegas stay, even though the only time they get to enter is at night after their daily work. They have to wake up early every day to start from where they stopped. Countless dead bodies would be found every morning, each single day, they die and will be buried like birds of no value. The omegas are well known for being too skinny and tiny due to being underfed, which results in most of the deaths. They only eat once in a day, that is after working a few hours in the morning, they eat and get back to work, until the next day. “Amora, let's go in” Juliet called her back to reality, and she began running to where they could hardly hear each other's voice Amora also followed behind, running until suddenly a strong hand grabbed her, she wanted to scream, but the hand immediately covered her mouth and Amora's eyes widened. She was pulled away into the nearest bush, and finally, she gets to see the person, it's one of the guards who have been making countless advances toward her. “What do you think you're doing?!” Amora yelled! “You think I was going to give up, I'm only going to have my way with you dirty Omega, don't bother to struggle because nobody will hear you” The guard said and Amora shook her head. “No….please” she pleaded in a broken voice, she can't lose her innocence in such a shameful way, never The guard started tearing off her clothes as he pinned her forcefully to the cold ground “Please.” She cried. “Shut up.” He slapped her and her mouth busted. Amora continued crying and screaming, then she felt his dick towards her Virginia entrance, which made her shake. “No.” She screamed out loudly and suddenly the guard was struck down by an unknown force, Amora stood up and immediately ran into the woods… ******************* 8PM≈IN THE WOODS> In the middle of the woods, the field was trembling, the ground was bloody, the surface of the earth was covered with the bodies of some wild beasts who had attacking the snow pack and killing their live stocks… The snow pack warriors all stood still, watching the unmovable bodies of the beasts on the ground in their pool of blood. One by one, they started shifting to their humans form, bones cracking, bodies rippling like liquid as they rearranged themselves into human forms. Everyone changed and groaned out Leaving just the big large black fur colored wolf, he kept on walking gently in between the dead bodies, observing one after the other. Half of his face was stained with the blood of the creatures, that's the alpha, another big wolf standing close to him just trying to know the alpha's next move, the Beta. “That was more like a training” One of the warriors said and everyone laughed They continued talking loudly until a loud and angry howl hit the air and circulated round the wood. The warriors immediately went on their knees, trembling “Forgive us Alpha” They all chorused at once. The black wolf shifted back into being a human and immediately his beta also changed back, standing next to him. Alpha Ace ran his fingers into his hair and turned to his beta, Carla. “Is there anything you want me to do?” Carla asked. “Order the clearing of the bodies” Alpha Ace said in his usual Low and cold voice “Yes Alpha” Carla bowed Alpha Ace left his sight and fast sped to the horse close by, he climbed on it and the horse made a satisfactory noise “Back to the castle” Alpha Ace said to the guards “Yes Alpha.” They all chorused and as soon as the Alpha's horse took off, they followed at the same pace. Carla turned to the warriors who were still on their knees, he's the Alpha's second in command and also given as much respect as the Alpha himself. “Get up” He ordered and the warriors all stood up. He glared at the warriors and suddenly broke into laughter, that was a lovely joke, Jim, but then Alpha Ace is not one to crack jokes with. Clean up the mess and keep up with the night watch until the alpha himself gives out the command to move. The warriors all bowed in respect Jim, keep things in order, Carla said to the warrior commander “Yes beta” JIM said “Good job everyone” Carla said and left their sight He hopped on his horse and the remaining guards marched behind him as he left too. ALPHA'S CHAMBER> Alpha Ace just finished freshening up. He left the bedroom and proceeded to the lounger, the rain was still falling heavily and how much he would have wished to go into his office at that moment. There were numerous things he needed to check out. *Even if you don't care about me, can't you at least pity yourself and rest?* His wolf, ROA, let's out a scoff in his head *What, did you get hurt?* Ace asked *Oh wow, so fast of you to ask* ROA said and Ace could imagine him rolling his eyes *You've never gotten hurt, so why should I ask?* Ace asked *Of course, I wouldn't. You know those beasts are too tiny for me to fight, but can you stop thinking about anything and rest? You're disturbing my peace* ROA said·. *I can think whenever I want to….* *No you can't. Coz you're almost breaking my ears.* ROA snapped. *Fine* Ace muttered and cut the link off.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2… Alpha's chamber… “Alpha”, Carla bowed. Did you send for me? Yes Carla, Alpha Ace said… I have been thinking, how the creatures were able to pass through the city wall that was sealed with magic, summon Samantha at once he commanded. Yes, Alpha Carla said and walked away. ROYAL CHAMBER** The guards bowed to Sabrina as she entered the building with her maids, she started walking toward the entrance leading to the Alpha's a suite, the guards inside kept bowing. Sabrina turned when she finally got close to the suite. “All of you can stay here,” She said. “Okay my lady” They said at once and Sabrina turned again, her hands holding her long night robe carefully as she walked, she opened the door and entered. “Alpha” Sabrina bowed with a smile behind him. Ace turned and faced her. “I didn't call for you Sabrina” He said huskily, and she looked up, her eyes met with his and she smiled again. “You were stressed all day Alpha, I'm here to make you feel


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