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After One Night Stand With The Alpha

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With the death of her parents, the bankruptcy of the company, and the betrayal of her fiancé, Rebecca went to a bar to get drunk, but accidentally took Thomas as a pimp and slept with him, and the next day Rebecca was afraid to see Thomas's face and left in a hurry. Four years later, Rebbeca returned with three children, but accidentally reunited with Thomas. How the next?

Chapter 1

Bright Saturday morning, the sun was shining beautifully. The sound of birds chirping, which sounded so melodious, responded to each other. It's the same as a beautiful woman fast asleep in bed, with her eyes still perfectly closed as if she were having a beautiful dream.

In her sweet dream, she met a man who often appeared in her dreams. Her face, which looked blurry, couldn't be seen clearly in their eyes.

"Who are you? Why are you always present in my dreams?" she asked in a loud voice, but there was absolutely no reply from the man who was there

The woman stared perfectly, but she still couldn't see the man's face clearly.

"We've met, haven't we? And I always remember you."

The woman shook her head quickly. "No, you didn't find out where I was at all!"

Rebecca was still in the man's arms. And she felt comfortable because she just didn't realize that she had made love last night with him. The man kissed Rebecca's forehead. “You are an extraordinary woman. I've never met a woman like you."

The man then gave her more than a kiss on the forehead. But it goes down the cheeks and ends on the lips. They kissed each other on the lips until they felt comfortable and full of passion. What she did before finally did it again. They perform a union of bodies and they release their desires together.


The sound of the cell phone ringing was so loud, it disturbed the woman's sleep. The woman named Rebecca opened her eyes forcibly. Even though she was still completely lost in thought, she also remembered what she had dreamed of.

As if she had just come out so quickly, from a foreign world she knew nothing about.

"Why am I dreaming about it again?" Rebecca muttered in a low voice, rubbing her face very roughly. Not the first time, Rebecca dreamed of that man almost every day.

"I don't know what his face looked like, he only wore a mask that night. But why do I always dream about it?" she asked again, truly surprised at what had happened to her.

"If he's always thinking about me, he's probably looking for me now, isn't he? Until my children were three years old there were no signs that he was looking for me," she replied in a slightly curt voice and seemed very annoyed.

That night, Rebecca really remembers the incident that caused Rebecca to become pregnant with triplets. Where Rebecca indulges herself at the bar but ends up missing. Only because Rebecca's fiancé Ryan broke off their relationship when Rebecca really had feelings for him.

Ryan is a man whom Rebecca really loves and even truly falls in love with. Nothing can beat Rebecca's love for Ryan. But everything ended up being lost.

This made Rebbeca drunk at the bar, and a few weeks later Rebecca was revealed to be pregnant. Rebecca covered her face with both hands when she remembered something embarrassing that was difficult for Rebecca to even forget completely.

"Why does everything happen so fast? There wasn't even the slightest pause, it all happened in one day," Rebecca's mind screamed loudly, and sometimes she regretted what she did.

But on the other hand, when she saw her three children grow, she felt happy and proud because she had good children like them.

"I may not have been able to meet him, but I managed to look after and care for my child until he is now." Rebecca smiled proudly when her three children were 3 years old, living without a father and Rebecca didn't know who the father was. “I will continue to look for who actually did this to me. And I hope that I can find it."


Rebecca's gaze was diverted to the sound of the telephone which continued to sound so clearly in her ears, she took out her cell phone and looked at who was calling her. Apparently, it was Hana who made a video call to her.

Rebecca just stared for a moment, feeling too lazy to accept the call. After all, she was also going to meet Hana later, but why did her partner contact her again?

"What's wrong with this kid?" Rebecca was annoyed, and without thinking for a long time, she accepted the call.

“Hi, Rebecca!” said the colleague from across there, who seemed happy to greet Rebecca there. But not Rebecca, who looked at her colleague with a slightly sour face, disturbing her sleep.

"What is it? You're disturbing my sleep so much," Rebecca said in an annoyed voice.

Hana's colleague laughed a little at the look on Rebecca's face which looked very cute. "I just want to remind you, don't forget to come to X city, because your friend, Hana, needs your help to send something," said Hana's colleague in a soft voice, Rebbecca quickly nodded.

"I definitely remember that you don't need to remind me," replied Rebecca.

"Who knows, the proof is that you are still sleeping today," replied Hana.

"Yes, I will definitely come, maybe not on time but not too late," said Rebecca in her soft voice.

"I really thank you, Rebecca, you are very beautiful today," said Colleague Hana, winking at Rebecca.

Rebecca rolled her eyes lazily. "You have something prepared as an elaborate gift from me for you," said Hana's colleague again.

"You guys are taking a lot of trouble, okay then I'll say thank you too," said Rebecca.

"Also tell Hana that I will take my three children there. It would be a pity if my children were left at home," said Rebecca again.

"We are waiting for your presence at the location later."


Her colleague turned off her cell phone, and Rebecca put the cell phone back on the table. At that moment, the three children ran over to Rebecca, who was still in bed.

"Good morning, Mom!" Greeting them happily and very cheerfully, Rebecca smiled and hugged her three children.

"Good morning too, my children!" Rebecca replied in a voice full of smiles.

"Mom, we're going to X City, right? I really can't wait to get there," said Rebecca's daughter cheerfully.

Rebecca nodded. "It's bound to happen, Mom, I want to get ready first, okay? You guys have to get ready too."

"Okay, Mom!"

Rebecca looked at her three children with a sweet smile, she didn't think she would make it to this moment. She can go to the extent of looking after her child without the mercy of her father, whom she hasn't seen for a long time.


They finally left for X City, and they both looked enthusiastic about going there. Her three children also couldn't wait to quickly arrive at City X

"Will this journey be long, ma'am?" Asked one of Rebecca's children in her cute voice.

"No darling, this will only be a moment. Be patient," said Rebecca, as if she wanted to laugh at the sullen faces of her children.

"I'm getting more and more impatient to get there."

"They said Aunt Hana would give us gifts there, that's very nice, isn't it Aunt Hana?" Rebecca replied, making the three children's eyes widen even more.

"Is it true, Mom?" he asked.

"Yes, Aunt Hana is really nice, I really like her."

Rebecca smiled, had good manners, she had taught her three children and it didn't end in vain. Rebecca is still curious about what Hana will give her to keep it a secret.

Chapter 2

Thomas is now teaching the young wolves in his group to train their strength and also to quickly defeat their enemies.


The sound of Thomas' cell phone ringing made Thomas stop exercising. He chuckled in annoyance, who disturbed his training day?

Thomas took his cell phone, it turned out that Hana was the one who called him. He immediately accepted the call.

"HELLO! THOMAS!" shouted Hana very excitedly, while Thomas just kept a straight face.

"What's wrong with you interrupting me while I'm practicing?" Thomas was annoyed, but Hana was seen laughing from the other side.

"I just wanted to tell you to pick up a special guest at the airport," said Hana.

Thomas raised an eyebrow. "Special guest?" Hana nodded very happily, and couldn't even hold back her smile.

"You will be happy to meet her, and will definitely be very happy. So I want you to pick her up at the airport," replied Hana.

Thomas rolled his eyes lazily, he alrea


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