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A Rejected Luna; Sold and Tamed

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She became an orphan in the early years of her life and was lured into a perfect nightmare. The only way out was to find her mate and get accepted by him. It finally came but all went down the drain when her only source of hope.. her mate, cruelly rejected her. Giving no valuable reason for doing so. Now, she had only one plan in mind. To escape from her adopted parents who were ready to sell her off to an Alpha she knows nothing about. While being wheeled away from one nightmare into another, she kept one thing in mind... 'Survival'

Chapter 1

.........The night breeze felt so cold against her skin, the full moon casted a little illumination in the woods, causing the tree shadows to lengthen on the rough ground. Diane sat there, her back leaning against a tree. She folded her knees closer to her chest and wraps her arms around it. She was shivering visibly, anticipating her dad's return.*Thump * Thump * Thump.Heavy footsteps approached where she sat and she saw an hefty shadow loom closer. Diane raised her head up from where she buried them between her thighs to relive the figure before her when it stops right at her presence." Dad" Diane whimpers, instantly getting the strength to stand on her feet." Let's get out of here" he authorized with an urgent note.Eight year old Diane knew something was not right that instant. She assessed her father.. His bow hung loosely on his shoulders, his palm held on tightly to an arrow. His blue t shirt had blood stains all over it. Diane furrowed her brows and locked eyes with her father. Her expression holding enough questions you wanted answers to.She wasn't privileged to ask them when suddenly the creature came to view. In her eight years of living, she never came across anything like it. It growled, snarled before attacking her father.Diane swallowed the lump in her throat. She watched her dad in that present condition. He has never looked so helpless in his entire life. He tried to fight with his fists, unfortunately, he's no match for it. Diane gasped in horror when the creature sink it's teeth into her dad's neck line. " Leave my daddy alone" she cried, throwing a pebble stone at the creature's hairy animal like face. It paused and brought its gaze upon her. Its silver eyes glistening with dangerous light. It did, except that it took stealthy steps towards her. Diane's leg wobbled, her eyes widened as she tried to keep up with its intimidating glares. Gun shots echoed in the room and she caught sight of blood, oozing out from the wolf's hind leg. " Run Diane. Run" her father yelled." I can't leave without you papa'"It's an order. Leave, now!'Little Diane did. She took to her heels, running as fast as her legs could carry her. She heard grunts as her dad tried to fight the wolf, more sounds of gunshots. She let her instinct guide her as she ran through the forest.Years Later.~Diane~Crescent Pack~ The loud blaring of the alarm woke Diane. Although, dissatisfied with the abrupt interruption, she woke up to watch the clock tick. 11:59pm.. with a small smile on her face, she counted seconds till 12am hit. 'Happy birthday to me.' she congratulated herself, clapping lightly. She rolled lazily on the small sized bed, causing the metal legs to creak. It was one of the few things the family let her acquire asides the tiny store room she was forced to make her personal room. It's been ten years since she became a part of this family. One that lured her off the streets and brought her into this nightmare she was living now. She had let her guard down because they really seemed like a nice couple on that day. If only she knew... Denying herself from wallowing in self pity, she laid back on her bed, her eyes blank as they stared expressionlessly onto the ceiling. They never celebrate her birthday or attach any special meaning to it but she knew today was going to be a different one. Supposedly, she'd be turning eighteen and it's a time where she 'must' discover her wolf and find her mate. That was it, what she needed and what they wanted from her. Truth be told, she had been preparing for this day half of her lifetime. It was like a game changer for her. She'd finally be free from the shackles of this household and finally get loved by someone at least. She was lost in thoughts until sleep folded her in its warm embrace. ... Rough hands gripped her shoulders, nudging them aggressively.'Wake up.. Diane!!' a feminine voice screeched before hitting her relentlessly on the face. She steered, jerking awake and sitting upright on the bed asap. 'What are you doing still sleeping by this time?'Diane's eyes met the raging expression of her mother, a slight tremble traveling her whole body.'I'm sorry, mum. I promise it won't repeat itself'Rather than acknowledging her apology, she dragged Diane by the ears, leading her into the kitchen. 'Get the plates washed this instant'.Diane set to work, cleaning, washing, scraping and drying. It was still dark outside, probably the early hours of the morning. The house was silent as well, confirming the fact that everyone else is still asleep.She finished with the plates and moved on to cleaning the entire house. It took only a matter of time for her to complete her chores. She went back to her room, picking out the best of her clothes for the upcoming event in few hours' time. It was a banquet the Alpha had set and made compulsory for every wolves in the pack. Young or Old.. he was setting it to celebrate truce with the Stealth Pack. The two packs had been enemies for decades. No one expected they'd suddenly go from enemies to friends. To Diane, the main purpose of the occasion is to find her mate. She must look attractive for her mate, make him want her once they come across each other. She rummaged through a set of faded jean trousers, faded t shirts. It was at this moment it dawned on her. No special outfit for the special occasion. She sighed, shoving her clothes back into her box, concluding that she'd plead with Hailey to help her with the perfect dress. Hailey was the daughter and only child of Diane's adoptive parents. One could say she's born with a silver spoon. Things go her way, she controlled her parents, gets what she wanted, whenever she wishes. In one word, Hailey Crooks is a spoilt, pompous, brat. She was lucky enough to have discovered her wolf when she was sixteen but her made was still out of reach. Hours went by swiftly and it was almost an hour to the banquet, as predicted, Hailey turned her down, leaving Diane with no option than to wear the ones she had. Everyone was ready to go. Just at the door, Her adopted father, Stewart Crooks, turned to face her. 'You must find your mate today, Diane. I don't need to remind you of the repercussions, if you don't. Do I?'Diane shook her head. 'Of course not, Father' Out of the corner of her eyes, she could see Hailey and her mother wearing a malicious smirk..'She's such a low life. I wonder why you took her off the streets in the first place...' Hailey's last words before she stepped out of the house.Diane followed suit, keeping her distance from them. As she walked down the road, people stared disdainfully, whispering all sorts to each other. Most of the pack members hated her because of the fact that she's an orphan and not an original member of the Crescent pack. Just few more minutes to reach her destination, she heard a desperate scream.'It's an attack! An Ambush' someone cried She glanced around, noticing the tension that grew thick in the air within seconds. Her eyes darted as she searched for her parents and sister but they were no where to be seen. In a matter of minutes, the street was eerily quiet. Torn between running back home or risking it to the banquet, Diane decided to do the latter. No matter what, she must make it to the event and find her mate. She took to her heels, running down with as much speed she could summon. A loud growl erupted from behind her. Beads of sweat broke on her forehead. It was after her..Adrenaline shot through her like a lightening bolt, panic settled and the fear of losing her life made her almost break down. She couldn't die. Not now. Not when she promised her father she'd do whatever to survive,. not When she is yet to get her revenge on that wolf that killed him that day. Anger, Frustration, Anxiety, Dread burst through every part of her body as she ran for survival. Suddenly, she heard a bloodcurdling scream from a nearby alleyway. She risked a glance to the back. What she saw when she did made her blood run cold. Standing over her was the rogue wolf. It was one the pack had always talked about, one they put a huge reward on for whoever catches it. It had been serving as a great threat for almost two years now. Moves swift as a cheetah, stealthily as a leopard and quietly as the air. Diane knew she had to act fast, run before it catches up with her. And that moment, was when something steered within her. She felt it.. how the transformation begin to take hold. She suddenly felt weak, an excruciating pain shot through her. Bones cracked and shifted, muscles bulged and fur sprouted from every inch of her skin. Diane let out an anguish cry. She had always dreamed of this day, always wanted it but what she didn't expect was this level of pain. The rogue was already close enough, snarling and poised for attack. Diane could not move, escape or act. She simply laid there, panting hard and waited for what's to come. Just at the last moment, it turned away and left, disappearing into thin air. ... The shock was still all over her when she got to the banquet. Strangely, everywhere seemed normal. They smiled, drank, conversed. It was as though nothing really happened and if not for the shock she still felt, Diane would have concluded it all happened in her head. She was able to catch sight of her parents and sister not long after. They also seemed unfazed and appeared to be enjoying the event. Every young person In attendance looked their best and Diane could tell it isn't just her who is desperate for a mate. Colorfully decorated, the food laid out were mouthwatering and anyone can have whatever it is they wanted.Since there was nobody to talk to at the banquet, unlike the others whose friends had gotten a hold of them, Diane made way to the food table. She could feel heated glares on her and the quiet murmurs reached her ears. She didn't let that bother her. Her first stop was the desert table, her belly growled in excitement at the sight. Reaching out for a plate, a sudden sweet smell filled her nostrils. Rather, Diane ignored it and placed a cake in her plate. Things didn't go the way she wanted when the smell came stronger again. Diane sensed the awakening of her wolf within, goosebumps rose at their peak and she became restless. Her eyes searched the room hurriedly. She dropped the plate she placed her cake on earlier and rubbed her upper arm, the feeling intensifying every passing second. Her hair stood on ends and her wolf panted. 'Mate!'A gasp escaped Diane's lips when she registered her wolf's call. Her mate is actually here, she's going to be free soon. Her mate is calling out to her. Excitement surged through her. Following the smell, she walked past the crowd standing in the way. Anxious to meet the one person who would help her live freely and maybe she would eventually have a dream then. It felt like her heart skipped a beat at the sight of him. For a moment, she guessed he was looking for her too. Locking eyes with the tall handsome blonde haired man, with an obvious dimple. Diane knew for a fact that she does not want anyone else. He moved with a proud gait and his attire looks expensive. It was obvious he was a person from a noble back ground. "Mate?" He asked, his voice sounded like music to her ears.

Chapter 2

"Mate?" He asked, his voice sounded like music to her ears. Diane nodded expectantly, staring up at him like he is an angel. 'Yes' she nodded enthusiastically. 'This is me' He was about to say something when in an instant a lady about the same age as her, Pulled him to herself, kissing him passionately. The smile on Diane's lips faded as quickly as it came and her heart dropped dead. She swallowed hard trying to make sense of the situation. On the other hand, people around them at that moment concentrated, curious to know whatever was happening... Tbh, she was also curious as to whatever was going to happen next. After ending the kiss that seem like forever. Her supposed mate looked down at her, disdain, iciness and hostility deep in those eyes as they held hers. Her wolf cowered.. so did she.He took stealthy steps closer to where she stood, very much dumbfounded. Irritation spiking his features. Diane's heart churned. It j


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