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A Forgoten Kingdom

A Forgoten Kingdom

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A girl named Daisy is the omega of a low ranking pack she must find her mates and claw her way to the top. She has to find out her family's past . She must go through a jungle of trials to find her purpose. Daisy must learn to love and control her inner wolf. On the journey she will find the true meaning of love. She will find passion, love, lust, and forgiveness. She must find a way to adjust to her mates and Royal life. Will she find her true meaning of life or is she destined to fail?

Chapter 1

I wake up to hear the sound of my alarm echoing through the walls of the pantry. It was pitch black except for my little alarm clock which said 5:30 am. I rubbed my eyes and removed my thin scratchy blanket from myself. I yawned as I pushed open the pantry door and stepped out onto the cold tile floor. As I walked to the fridge to start making breakfast for the pack I noticed a stick note.

The sticky note read "fix the hole in the wall". I groaned in pain remembering last night's beating. I saw the hole the alpha punched in the kitchen last night when he missed my head. I pulled out some hash brown, eggs, bacon, and bread. I made breakfast for the pack as I was about to eat a piece of toast.

I heard the pack wake up and saw the alpha coming down the hall. I quickly scramble to hide in one of the cupboards. I watched as all of the beta's, the alpha and Luna started eating the meal I had made. In less than 30 minutes most of the food was gone. My belly rumbled as they all just sat there and talked.

When they finally left I got out of the cupboard and started making a plate when the alpha came from a dark corner of the room. You thought you could hide from me? said Alpha Cratose. No I didn't think I could but my voice trailed off. Your lies cannot save you, he said with a sinister laugh.

I backed into the stove still warm as sweat dripped from my brow. He slowly walked towards me with a menacing stare. I can't wait for your twenty-first birthday when you will be ready to mate he said. He pressed his face against mine in a kiss as salty tears. He gripped my shoulders digging his nails into my skin.

If you try to run away we will find you, he whispered in my ear. He threw me onto the ground and said "now clean yourself up we have company coming" he growled.


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