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A Bride For The Four Alphas

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"I, Alpha Zane of the Blue Pack, offer you, Bella my daughter , as a bride to the four alphas of the Red Moon pack," he declared, his words laced with venom. "In exchange, I demand my freedom and your mercy." The offer hung heavy in the air, a twisted bargain born of desperation and spite. But as the alphas of the Red Moon pack grappled with the weight of Alpha Zane's proposition, Bella found herself thrust into a world of uncertainty and turmoil. With her fate now inextricably linked to the whims of her father and the demands of the alphas, she faced a choice that would define the course of her destiny. Caught between duty and desire, Bella must navigate the treacherous waters of pack politics and personal ambition, all while grappling with the consequences of her father's betrayal. And as she embarks on a journey of self-discovery and redemption, she must confront the demons of her past and forge a path forward that is truly her own.

Chapter 1

Chapter One

Amidst the burning  ruins of their once vibrant pack territory, four alphas stood in a solemn circle, their eyes burning with righteous fury.

 In the wake of the terror Alpha Zane had inflicted upon their kin, there was only one decree that echoed through their minds: "Kill them all. Don't let any of them escape."

With a primal roar, the first alpha Leo , a massive brute with scars etched into his fur, led the charge, his packmates following close behind. 

They surged forward, their muscles tense with anticipation, their claws glinting in the dim light of dawn.

As they approached the enemy stronghold, the scent of fear and desperation hung thick in the air. The defenders, loyal to Alpha Zane, were prepared for battle, but they were no match for the fury that burned within the hearts of their assailants.

The second alpha Lucas , a very strong  predator, darted through the chaos like a shadow, picking off enemies with precision strikes. 

His movements were a blur as he danced through the melee, his claws leaving a trail of destruction in his wake.

Meanwhile, the third alpha Seth , a cunning strategist with eyes that gleamed with determination, rallied his packmates with a commanding roar. 

Together, they formed a formidable wall of fur and muscle, pushing back against the onslaught with unwavering resolve.

And then there was the fourth alpha Alex , a silent assassin lurking in the shadows, his presence barely felt until it was too late. With deadly precision, he stalked his prey, taking down enemy after enemy with ruthless efficiency.

As the battle raged on, the cries of the fallen mingled with the snarls of the victors, filling the air with a symphony of violence. 

Each blow struck was a testament to the vengeance burning within the hearts of these four alphas, their determination unyielding, their thirst for justice unquenchable.

“Stop! have mercy on me . Don’t kill me I will give you anything you want “

“ What makes you think you deserve mercy after what you have done . “ Leo spoke with firm authority.

“You didn’t have mercy on our pack member when you barged into our territory and started ripping their heads off their body “ Alpha Lucas glowed.

“ You killed who we consider our mother . She gave birth to our pack Zane . I will make sure you suffer hell on earth .” Alpha Seth said as he launched at Zane using his sharp nails to scratch a large potion of his flesh .

“Seth control yourself,killing him will be the same as showing him mercy . He will live but will regret everyday for the rest of his life “ Leo the eldest of the four replied .

Just then , a figure emerged from the shadows, her presence commanding attention. Alpha Zane's daughter, a fierce warrior in her own right, sprinted onto the scene with a protective determination in her eyes. Ignoring the carnage around her, Bella  rushed towards her father, her every movement showing concern . 

With a voice filled with worry  she threatened their assailants, demanding they leave her father alone or face the consequences. 

“Take her away with you . You can have her but please have mercy on me “Alpha Zane said while pushing Bella towards them .

“ Father, what are you doing? “ said a confused Bella.

With a bitter sneer curling his lips, Alpha Zane spat out his daughter . "You were never of any use to me," he seethed, his gaze cold and calculating. "But I've finally found a way to rid myself of your pathetic existence." Turning towards the four alphas of the Red Moon pack, he straightened his posture, his voice dripping with false humility. "I, Alpha Zane of the Blue Pack, offer you my daughter, Bella, as a bride to the four alphas of the Red Moon pack," he declared, his words laced with venom. "In exchange, I demand my freedom and your mercy." The offer hung heavy in the air, a twisted bargain born of desperation and spite.


I  stood tall, the moon casting an ethereal glow upon his features as he spoke with quiet authority. "We are the four alphas of the Red Moon Pack, a force to be reckoned with in the supernatural realm."

As the eldest brother, I, Leo, lead with wisdom and strength. My every decision is guided by the responsibility bestowed upon me by our ancestors. Lucas , my younger twin, embodies the power of the storm, his alpha status resonating with the raw force of thunderbolts.

Seth, with a powerful air about him, is the pack's silent strategist. His intelligence and cunning make him the mind behind our maneuvers, ensuring the Silver Moon Pack thrives in the shadows where others falter. Then there's Alex , the youngest yet fiercely independent, his untamed spirit symbolizing the untamed wilderness we call our territory.

Our pack, forged by bonds deeper than blood, commands respect and loyalty. Together, we stand as the four alphas, a united front against the challenges that dare to threaten our kin. Each brother brings a unique strength to the pack, forming an unbreakable alliance that echoes the power of the silver moon that watches over us.

I must say It’s an ugly world we live in, and God sure as fuck didn't put the four of us in it to make it any prettier.

Earlier Alpha Zane wage a war against our pack . Killing and rippling our pack members of their head from the respective bodies . 

There was uproar and rage among us, and we planned to take action against Zane.  Which lead us to arrival at  the blue pack  , a towering building  made of glass, steel and white marble,stands  over us . 

From the front, it gleams like Alpha Zane got people in every  fucking corner of his pack . But we also came prepared. This bastard is going to have a taste of hell . 

“Relax. Always in such a fucking hurry,” Seth  grumbles, glaring at me. “Right from your first breath.”

I grin. “You were right behind me, dickhead.” I’m the older brother, but only by minutes.

Lucas  checks his phone. “Shut up, both of you. The door should unlock in three, two…”

The latch clicks right on time. “Fuck yeah, let’s do this. Zane  lucky he’s  is not dead or we’d be doing a lot more than just crashing his fucking party.”

Alex nods, murder in his black eyes. On the surface, Zane’s  keeps his hands clean. Charity organizations , the orphanage , some kinda community development shit, but underneath, he’s got his fingers in all sorts of pots he wouldn’t want the public to know about. 

He will after we’re done.

“Good to know the info’s solid,” growls Seth , as he follows Lucas  through the open backdoor. He loosens his shoulders with a shake, like he's preparing to jump into a fighting ring. 

Then Alex , making sure his piece sits easy in his belt. The goal is to make him pay for what he did . , but if it comes down to it, we're fucking ready. I'm the last man in, closing the door behind us and hiding that anyone ever passed through.

“That's the trouble with fancy-ass security,” says Luca . “Only takes a greedy person or two, and it all fucking falls apart.”

“Or it’s a setup,” notes Alex  glancing up at the empty hall way . 

“Well, it either is, or it isn’t,” I say with a grin and a shrug. “Nothing we can do about it now. Let’s get in, and give them what they all deserve .”

Lucas  gives the entrance a look. “How many guards  did you say?”

“The whole pack entrance ? One hundred and  forty two .” Seth takes the lead up the first to lunch at the omegas guarding the entrance . .

“We're going to take them out ,” I say with a laugh, giving him a path right in the center of his  back . His tattoo is visible on his neck . “You’re the fucking youngest. You should have aimed at five already .”

“Only with two years, asshole.”

“Shut it,” says Lucas as he throws an omega towards the door .,  he always means business. We might be brothers , but I'm the one who got the fun gene.

A door slams open a floor ahead, and an omega  rushes down the stairs, pausing when he sees us coming up from below. Obviously, a bunch of alpha’s  from the most powerful pack  isn't what he expected to run into. We step to the side and I put on my prettiest smile. From the terrified look on the guy's face, my dashing good looks are wasted on him. “Come on, hop to it. Time's wasting.”

He skitters by, more worried about his life  than whatever we’re doing  I threw him a punch which sent him flying in the opposite direction  he lim

 about a foot, rushing down to the next floor and escaping into the pack house to announce our arrival .

“Was that necessary?” asks Lucas , rolling his eyes at me.

“Oh come on, it was funny. It’s not like I actually killed him.” The other guys chuckle, but Lucas just shakes his head.“

“We need him to tell Zane we are here to make him pay “  I said my voice filled with rage .

Chapter 2

Chapter Two

Five hours later, Bella found herself in disbelief as she embarked on the journey to the Red Moon pack territory. 

What was meant to be an ordinary day had turned into a surreal nightmare as she realized she wasn't embarking on an adventure, but rather being sent as a bride to four powerful men—the alphas of the Red Moon pack. 

The weight of her fate pressed heavily upon her shoulders, the gravity of the situation sinking in with each passing mile. As the landscape blurred by outside the carriage window, Bella couldn't help but wonder what awaited her in the land of her new masters, her heart heavy with uncertainty and apprehension 

Bella's heart pounded with fear as she felt the rough texture of the cloth gagging her mouth, stifling any attempt to scream or protest. Bound and helpless, she could only cast desperate glances at the passing scenery, her eyes betraying the turmoil of emotions raging within her. The silence that envelop


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