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Wealthy Nasty Billionaires

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When Billionaire Andrew Templeton first saw Miranda Duran, she was gorgeous yet clumsy, and he couldn't help but feel compelled to take her on his bed. They did meet in an absurd scenario, but fate brought them back together when Miranda applied for the role of personal assistant to the CEO of the Templetons Enterprise. They collided again, and a brief fling of s*x and pleasure ensued. Andrew was forced to choose between his brothers and pleasure when he discovered a terrible truth about Miranda's birth...She was his pleasure and at his mercy!


Miranda Duran, a 22-year-old orphan, was a sight to behold. A typical ordinary female who is well-known for her clumsiness in everyday situations. She had recently completed her undergraduate studies at a community college. Andrew Templeton, an egotistical billionaire, was the first person she met on that day. However, in a ridiculous situation.

The Templeton brothers were dubbed "the rich Nasty Billionaires" in their hometown of Las Vegas. They were obscenely wealthy and ruthless in their pursuit of power. There was nothing they wouldn't do to get what they wanted.

Miranda stood on the pedestrian lane, searching for a cab. It was raining outside, and she wanted to go home. She saw a Lamborghini approaching her at high speed; she was able to escape being hit by the automobile, but it splattered dirt water all over her body. She was so irritated and enraged that she hurled a stone at the car, shattering the window, because the driver didn't bother stopping to apologize.

A man dressed in a black suit emerged from the entryway and opened the passenger door. Another man emerges, and Miranda swears a spit emerges from her mouth. He was wearing a crimson tuxedo and black eyeglasses, and she could see his biceps popping out. His face was faultless and a perfection. He exuded a sense of affluence. He was devilishly gorgeous, and as he moved up to her majestically, she could feel the air around her becoming colder.

Her breath became stuck in her throat almost instantly.

She was in a lot of difficulty. Because she lacked the funds to pay for the car, she instantly fell on her knees as the man approached her front door. In this case, instead of the man pleading, it was she who was begging.

" Please accept my heartfelt apologies... " She implored, but his gaze remained fixed on her. Her skin shivered in his proximity.

" You must pay for the vehicle." He said sharply

"I don't have any cash with me at the moment. Please accept my heartfelt apologies." She apologized but he grabbed her wrist and drew her closer to him. As his hands made touch with her, she whimpered and felt a spark! Her legs trembled.

She exclaimed as she looked at his face, which was getting closer to her; his eyes were brownish but deep down had a lot of secrets in them. He continued staring at her as if scrutinizing her face, like he was looking for something, which Miranda found perplexing and unsettling.

" Do you have any idea how much the Lamborghini you smashed was worth?" He made her whimper as he tightened his grasp on her hands.

" Please accept my heartfelt apologies, sir. "I was enraged when you sprayed dirt water all over my body. Her clothing was now wet from the rain coming from the sky, so she begged.

" I want a new vehicle." He stated his case.

"How come you can't accept an apology?! "I've already apologized to you." Miranda was becoming irritated by her constant begging. Why is he requesting a new automobile if he appears to be wealthy?

" You're going to have to pay." He said sharply

" I don't have any money," she says. She responded.

" As a woman, you have the option of paying with your body." With his attention drawn to her undisclosed breast, he said. Miranda grimaced; this man appeared to be a pervert.

" Please let me go."

Miranda screamed, attempting to free her wrist from his grip, but he dragged her towards the car instead.

"Allow me to depart. I'm going to contact the authorities." She yelled angrily.

She realized she couldn't get him to drive her to his car since she didn't have any money, so she did what she had to do: she kicked him in the crotch, causing him to fall to his knees and groan in pain. She didn't expect him to pursue her after she kicked him so hard, so she started running as fast as her legs could carry her till she spotted a cab, waved at it, and got in. She took a big breath and breathed deeply when she realized she had lost him and was safe.

When she returned home, she told her friend about her experience with the man, and Claudia couldn't help but be astounded that her clumsy friend hurled a stone at a very expensive Lamborghini because the driver sprayed some dirty mud water on her cheap clothing.

"What did you do? "Do you have any idea how much a Lamborghini costs?" Claudia sneered.

"I don't give a d*mn. "I put aside $500 only to purchase this gown for my interview the next day, and he damaged it." She scowled and rolled her eyes as she crossed her arms.

" Take it seriously! Because he spilled filthy water on your $500 gown, you ruined a Lamborghini worth $15 million. He has the power to put you in jail. "I'm sure that dude is incredibly wealthy." Claudia let out a sigh.

"I didn't wreck the automobile." It was simply a minor scratch, and he made it a huge fuss for me to pay for his car." She stated sarcastically.

" I'm hoping he doesn't come after you." Claudia sighed as she entered the kitchen.

" He can't locate me, and what's for breakfast?" says the narrator. She enquired.

" I hope you don't have any regrets." Claudia issued a warning.

" Where has Aaron gone?" She enquired.

" He's playing with his toys in his room." Claudia smiled as she responded.

Claudia was Miranda's best friend and also like a sister; they met at the orphanage and subsequently escaped because the nuns were mistreating them. They barely ate once a day or twice a week in the orphanage, so they decided to flee. They walked and slept on the streets, and Claudia was r*p*d as a result. When she discovered out she was pregnant at a young age, she wanted to kill the pregnancy by using abortion pills, but Miranda refused, promising to look after her and her baby by working hard. They grew up together as sisters and relatives. Claudia eventually gave birth to a child named Aaron, who was Miranda's godson and whom she adored. Miranda and Claudia put in extra effort to get to college, which they achieved and from which they had already graduated. For both of them, life was difficult. Miranda, unlike Claudia, never met her biological parents; she was informed a lady left her off at the orphanage's front gate. She didn't care who her parents were because they had abandoned her.

" I'll put in more effort to ensure that he attends school. He is disappointed to watch his buddies go to school while he stays at home and does nothing. Miranda's brow furrowed and she said,

" You've done everything you can for him." Claudia grumbled.

" He's a member of the family." We are a family, and we must support one another. "I'm hoping to get employed as CEO Templeton's personal assistant." Miranda grinned as she pulled the pot from the cupboard.

"Just keep an eye out. The Templetons brothers are said to be dangerously wealthy and ruthless, according to rumors." Claudia gave her opinion.

"Yes, I am aware. The Nasty Billionaires are their name. I'm hoping I don't see them because I'm terrified, but what can I do? I need the money." She laughed.

" You have a huge day tomorrow."

To be continued...


Miranda Duran sat up quickly from the third quarter of the bed. Her eyelids were still tired, but she had an interview to prepare for. She yawned loudly and scratched her armpit uncomfortably. She got out of bed and ran her fingers through her unkempt hair. She grumbled since she was still tired but needed to get dressed. Her eyes widened in surprise as she examined the wall clock: it was 8:40 a.m., and the interview was set for 9:00 a.m.

She dashed to the bathroom, brushing her teeth and taking a bath. She was doomed from the start. How did she manage to sleep that much? She hurriedly dried her hair with a towel after finishing her bath and grabbed up the cloth that had been splattered with mud the day before, despite the fact that it had been splattered with mud then she had scrubbed it and it was spotless yesterday. She gave a kind grin.

She said a silent prayer and dashed out of the room, almost colliding with Aaron, who was exiting his room as well.

"Aunty, go


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