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We Belong Together

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Abel, hopelessly had his heart shattered by the mayor's daughter, who unexpectedly dumped him. He vowed to never again fall victim to love's terrible desires. But fate had other plans as Lyn came along with beauty and sweetness who made him forget his vow. He thought he'd finally found his happily ever after, until a shocking revelation - Lyn was pregnant, even though he had never touched her. Heartbroken and betrayed, Abel rejected the pregnancy and abandoned her. However, the truth about Lyn's pregnancy shattered his heart more as he realized her type. Consumed by regret, Abel longed to make amends and win her back. But his rejection had pushed Lyn to a height, forcing her into a decision that now threatened Abel's happiness and all around them. As the saga unfolded, Abel was faced with an agonizing dilemma. How long would Lyn's anger burn? Would Abel find a way to reclaim her heart and the twins, or would his happily ever after slip through his fingers once more? The battle for love and redemption had only just begun.

1. How dare she

Abel's POV

     I just returned from Italy after spending a year to get my head together after major surgeries and a heartbreak I got from Angela. 


    I was in a relationship with Angela, the Mayor's daughter for years. When I was in hospital due to my lung surgery, she hardly visited to know how I was recuperating. If I called to hear from her, she would give the excuse that she was busy with work. Upon my discharge from the hospital, I realized that she was seeing another person. 

      On confronting her, she broke up with me instantly without any tangible excuse except that she didn't want anything to do with a sick man. That was a girl I loved and wanted to propose to. My heart was broken which made me swear that I would never date a girl from a wealthy family and would never fall in love again.

     To clear myself of the bad experience given to me by Angela. I decided to travel out of the country for a one-year course which improved my intellectual qualifications and experience, placing me higher than my colleagues.

     I was feeling great as I stepped back into the hospital vicinity to resume work. Before returning to Anchorage, I made it a duty to let myself know that I had the power. I would not let any woman get my heart broken again. It was scarier than knowing your heart would be cut open during surgery.


A few days after my arrival, my cousin Benita called up that she was coming over to pick up the gift I brought back from Italy. I told her to come over to the hospital since I had dropped the gift at the hospital. She responded that she was on her way, so  I waited at the office. 

       Later I was called to attend to a VIP patient. I went to do that. On my way back, I was instructing Nurse Kenneth on how to handle some things when I saw her stepping out of My cousin's car. She dressed up in a white tracksuit and white sneakers. Her hair was let loose as it danced to the tone of the breeze which blew it around in different directions. There was no makeup on her face but her skin was gleaming like the evening sun. She was like an Angel sent down directly to earth. I had met girls but none was as pretty as her. I got stuck in my tracks as I admired what my eyes were seeing. 

    "Oh my heavens, what a beauty", escaped my lips.

     I got carried away staring at her. As I forced myself to pull my eyes away, I realized that she was staring at me as well. I felt my heartbeat change its tone as I got hypnotized by her eyes. It seemed like I was taken to another dimension.

     "Hey there, talking about the devil” I heard my cousin’s voice. That jerked me back to reality. 

     “Bestie, come on let me introduce you guys". 

    She almost pushed me forward to get my legs functioning again. I kept staring from my cousin to her until she dragged me close enough. 

I didn't seem to be myself until Benny, my cousin brought me back as she reacted teasingly. 

   "Hello handsome, do you happen to be admiring someone here?" she asked with a serious note.

     Carried away, I smiled and said, "Do you blame me? Come on, it's not my fault if the heavens created someone with extraordinary beauty". 

   My head turned to stare at her with a smile. I lost count of time and words then my cousin made a sound bringing me back to reality yet again. 

     On retracting my eyes at last to normal position, I pinched myself.

    "Guy, be in control and protect your heart. It's too fragile to risk. She might be pleasant to your eyes but it doesn't mean you are pleasant to hers". I composed myself. 

     As my cousin was introducing us to each other, she said she had heard a lot about me and that it was nice meeting me. My heart rejoiced at what she said. I found myself wanting to gaze at her charming face more. I moved and offered a handshake. She accepted and my heartbeat escalated joyfully.

     "You are my crazy cousin bestie. I hope you are not as crazy as her". I tried to make a little conversation with my hand still in hers. 

     "I am not crazy at all". 

She said in a voice that sounded like music to my ear. I heard myself laugh heartily.   

   "That's lovely, you should be called Angel because you seemed and sounded like one. So nice to meet you, Angel. I hoped it was all good things you heard about me anyway".     

     She responded positively with the most beautiful smile I had ever seen and the sweetest voice that seemed to be resounding in my head. I couldn't take my eyes off her and my hand kept hooked to hers. Her smiles seemed nonstop, making it hard for me to let go. 

     "Hey guys, I am still here". Benita said, alerting us 

     I came back to my senses but before I could let her go, she let me go as she withdrew her hand. I felt a bit awkward giving myself another hard pinch".

    After all that was said and done, my cousin insisted that I take them to the cafeteria for a snack and some updates. At the cafeteria, Benita asked lots of questions concerning my travel experience. I tried as much as I could to keep my eyes away from Lyn hoping that the chit chat would be over sooner. 

     Then Benita's phone buzzed. She excused herself, leaving me alone with her. To make it worse there were just a few people in the cafeteria. There was no one to distract me with greetings. I noticed that she was trying hard just as I was trying, not to look at me straight. It made me inquisitive. It was the first time the heir to Christophers empire sat opposite a girl and she didn't try to make conversation.  

    Something must be wrong somewhere. Girls used to come after me, some for money, some to be the wife, and others for fun. Why is she not showing any interest in me? In the middle of my thoughts, she stood up and excused herself to use the restroom. 

   "D*mn it, who is she to ignore me like that, I am still very dashing, I am not an old man yet. She should be staring at me and giving me beautiful smiles so I could spoil her with gifts".

    I realized I was angry at her for not talking to me some more. Why would she give me such an attitude? 

     Benita's words brought me back as she said, "Hey handsome cousin, are you thinking about my friend?". 

    To my amazement, I responded, "Yes, she seemed…no. I mean.. No. What are you saying, come on Benny, why will I think about your friend?". 

     She smiled without saying a word and settled back in her seat.   

    Then I saw her returning. I stood up as she settled back in her seat. I told my cousin that I was expecting her as we discussed and told Lyn that it was nice meeting her but with a fake smile. With an unsteady heartbeat, I left them saying within me, “How dare she ignore me”. 

2. So curious to know

Abel's POV

   On leaving the cafeteria, I moved directly to my office. I was very angry for not controlling myself when my cousin introduced us. Why did I flirt with her earlier? I even called her an angel. During the intro, I thought she fancied me. I gave her all my manly smiles and even appreciated her beauty. Why did she sort of ignore me at the cafeteria? 

   I settled down in my seat and decided to check out her profile. Since her uncle's name was Peters, I guessed her social media name would be Lyn Peters while I was searching for her name. Unfortunately, I couldn't find it. So I called Benita to inquire about her. The minute I told her what I was searching for, she nearly screamed. 

     "Oh mine, my handsome cousin is hooked. I told you that you would like her but you refused to be introduced. Oh mine". I heard her chuckle. 

      "Come on Benny, stop jumping to conclusions. I didn't say I like her okay? I just want


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