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We Belong Together

We Belong Together

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I flared up, "Goddamn it Lyn!, my heart is bursting out with pain. How could you do this to me? So this is not a dream" I walked to the door and shook my head as if I wanted to shake off everything. Then walked back and stared at her. Tears were flowing out of her eyes like water. Seeing her crocodile tears, I became more raged. So I exclaimed, "What the heck are those tears for. I am the one hurting here. How in the world will I give another man's child my name". She tried to hold my hand as she said, "Abel the baby is yours, it's our baby, ple...". "Shut the fuck up and get the hell out of my sight", as I disengaged my hand from hers. Then continued in anger, "I never knew you are such a bitch. You are nothing but a slut. I was in a coma for three months, three whole months. Heaven and you know that I have never even seen your panties not to talk of touching you. So how did I get you pregnant? Did I turn to the holy spirit or what? Gosh!, this is so frustrating. You are driving me crazy!. Do I look like a fool to you? How can you cook up such a lie and feel that I will accept it? I never knew you are this wicked. I treasured you but you ended up betraying me". She kept crying, "Please hear me out, please it's our baby". I left her and started walking away but then something pricked my brain. So I paused and walked back and asked her, "Did you rape me when I was in a coma?". She looked at me stunned, then replied, "No, I will never do such an unspeakable thing to you". Disappointed with the answer, I shouted, "Then how did I get you pregnant!!? Get the heck out of my sight and never call my number again". She kept on, "Please calm down and… "

1 Taste of his meal

Writer's POV

For any normal human being, the evening breeze was cool, refreshing, and very satisfactory as it blew outside the gate of Peter's residence. Unfortunately, in Abel's situation, everywhere was hectic as he sweats profusely walking to and fro like a man preparing for war. He was dying of frustration as he started lamenting again, "Gosh why is my own story different, I've watched many movies, I've read many books, and they always end up happily ever after. I don't understand, it was just one mistake, why won't Lyn let go? I have never felt this bittered in my entire life, I can't just understand". The pain was tearing his heart to pieces as he walked up to the gate for god knows how many times. He shook the big gate again, and the gatekeeper appeared, seeing that it was still him at the gate, he pleaded, "Sir please go home and rest, tomorrow you can come back, please". He responded, "No Benett, you don't understand, I need to talk to her. I need to see them, please open the gate", He continued to plead with the gatekeeper. Unfortunately, there was nothing the man could do because he was following orders. So he apologized for not being able to help him out. He still didn't give up. He went to the gate intercom and pressed the button hoping that someone was there to pick it up. He kept pleading, "Angel, please answer me, say something" as he kept ringing the bell. "I beg you in the name of everything that breath, for the sake of our babies, please open the gate". He couldn't even hear a single movement but he continued, "Angel I love you so so much, I will die without you please let's talk, I am pleading, please. If you don't let me in, I will not leave here please my Angel". He felt so shattered but all of a sudden it seemed as if he heard something, and became very alert listening very attentively. Then a voice came, "I am sorry Abel but Lyn is not ready to talk right now. I suggest you go home and come back tomorrow". He cut in sharply, "Steph please let me in just for a few minutes,". Stephanie replied, "I am sorry Abel, she is very upset, please just go home". She cut the call before Abel could say anything.


Lyn was upstairs in her room with her sister Stephanie. The twins were sleeping soundly. Abel had been outside the gate hoping that Lyn would listen to him, but she would never. After abandoning her when she was pregnant, and calling her all sorts of dirty names, she nearly went crazy out of depression. Then he thought she would forgive him? It would not happen. It was over between them. She believed she would be fine by herself.

Meanwhile, Steph had been trying all she could to convince Lyn to reconsider Abel. She had told her there was nothing to consider, yet she kept pestering her. She pleaded for the sake of the babies, but she told her that her babies would be fine. She refused to let her be in peace. She remained adamant and pushed on to make her give in. Lyn became angry and faced her. She flared up, "I can't believe you are telling me this Steph. "Were you not aware when he abandoned me? You know what, if you care so much about Abel, why not go ahead and start a relationship with him". In surprise, her sister replied, "Calm down Lyn, it has not gotten to that point. You just keep on blaming the guy for what he did to you, what about you?". She glared sharply at her sister and said, "Are you seriously saying that to me? as she shook her head in disbelief. Stephanie replied, "Listen, Lyn, you need to reason with him and end all these conflicts. Remember if you didn't do what you did, he wouldn't have done all he did". In anger she fired back, "So I am the bad girl now huh, what about what I did? It was a big sacrifice and I did it for him. What about him, did he do all that for me? Did he push me out of his sight for me? He even called me a slut when I was still a virgin. Was that right for him to do? Answer me, Stephanie, what if I had died, do you ever think of that? I am the bad one right?". Stephanie was getting tired so she defended herself by saying, "Come on Lyn, I never call you a bad girl. You know what, you are unbelievable, you are not my sweet little sister anymore. What the heck happened to you? You have completely turned into a stranger,". She scoffed and said, "Oh really, then I prefer to be a stranger than a victim". Stephanie resigned as she raised her hand to the air in surrender saying, "I just wish this is just a dream. Do you even take your mind back to those days when you and Abel used to smooch around with each other like magnet and pin". Lyn replied, "Fortunately for me, I don't remember, and I don't wish to remember". Steph stood up to leave her room since she was tired of trying to convince her. At the door, she turned and said, "You are taking this too far Lyn, don't regret it later", then she left.

Lyn was glad that she left as she whispered, "Hmm too far? Regret my foot". Then one of the twins started crying. She rushed to the baby, picked her up, and said, "Come to Mommy dear, we don't need him. It's going to be just the three of us. Tomorrow we are leaving everyone and everything behind and starting a whole new life together okay? Mommy will love and take good care of you and your brother".


As Stephanie left my sister's room, she went down to the sitting room. Lyn's phone was lying on the table there blinking. she reasoned that there would be over a hundred missed calls there. she guessed Abel would have gone home after she had told him that Lyn would not talk yet. To her surprise, he was still there outside the gate. she tried to convince him but the guy was not ready to give up. So she took her sister's phone, tried her password, and the phone unlocked. She hissed, and said, "Imagine she refused to let him in but still uses his birthday date as her password. She is somehow not okay yet" " She went to her text messages. There were lots of texts from Abel pleading for an audience with her sister. She overlooked the messages and sent a fresh message to Abel as if it was coming from Lyn. And after a few minutes, she found out he had left. she relaxed hoping that by tomorrow she would be calm enough to reason well.


Meanwhile, Abel refused to give up but at a stage, he became tired of walking about or even standing. So he sat down on the ground hoping that she would come out. He had been there for hours and was even feeling very devastated, but still, he didn't have the guts to leave. He kept hoping that his Angel would come out. So he stood up and decided to try again, but at that moment, a message entered. He rushed to his phone, it was Lyn's number, and it read, "Please go home, I don't feel like talking now, come back tomorrow". He opened his eyes wide, asking himself if that was for real. He got up immediately and reread it. Hopefully, he was relieved as he jumped up happily. "Oh mine it was for real, at last, I will have a chance. Oh heaven I need your help with this more than anything, I want my Angel back". With that hope, he entered his gray-color Carrera Porsche and headed home.

When he got home, he realized that he was very famished. With the hope that he would talk with his Angel the next day, he dived into food first since dinner was already served. He ate as much as his stomach could handle. His dad asked if they finally talked. He responded that they didn't but would talk by morning. After dinner, he went straight to his room. He showered, and in hope of tomorrow's talk with his angel, he climbed into bed and slept off instantly.

2 Trashed hope

Abel's POV

At daybreak, I was the first person to wake up with the hope of resolving everything and having my happily ever after. So I took a quick shower, dressed up, and left to see Lyn and the babies.

On arriving at the house, Mr. and Mrs. Peters were happy to see me. After exchanging pleasantries, I told them that Lyn said I should come today so that we could talk. The parents were surprised but delighted to hear that. So Stephanie said, "Let me go and check if she is awake". When she took steps forward, the father said, "No Steph, let Abel go by himself" as he directed me to her room.

I beamed with a smile as I climbed the stairs. On getting to the room, no sign of them. I could tell that I was in the right room. I could perceive Lyn's scent and the baby's cribs were there but they were not in the room. I called out her name but nothing, I went to check the bathroom, but no one was there. I felt chills down my


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