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Unfulfilled Desires

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Ritu5594
  • Chapters: 120
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 9K
  • 7.5
  • 💬 4


What is it about life that makes it so challenging? We may not always have what we want, and the things we do have are either unappreciated or we fail to recognize their true value until it's too late. Riya, like any other young woman her age, fantasized about meeting the right guy and living a happy, romantic life with her Prince Charming straight out of a fairy tale world, but she was soon forced to accept reality, seeking happiness with her lover, Harsh, rather than pining over someone who may or may not exist. Riya was helplessly drawn to a new guy who started working at the same company she did... His demeanor reminded her of the man of her dreams

Chapter 1 First meeting

"Riya's Point of View,"

"No, it isn't correct. For me, this is impossible. "

I know I should keep my thoughts to myself, but why can't I think about how glad I am? What is the source of the deficiency?

After all, why am I drawn to Rachit in the first place?

Does Harsh not have any feelings for me?

Oh no, I can't! How can I question his love? In his life, I am the only girl.

If I didn't love Harsh, why was I in this relationship with him? In all these years, I have given no one else a thought.

What drew me to Rachit in the previous several days?

What is it about Rachit that makes me think of him? For me, this is unthinkable. I'm going to explain myself. I need to go back and retrace my steps. But how could everything happen? This is something I shouldn't have done.

I can't change what happened, but I will not make the same mistake twice.

Yes, it is correct. I'm just a little taken aback by how much Harsh loves me.

Our relationship is in perfect condition. We were called "love birds" by others. They referred to us as the ideal couple.

Harsh isn't someone I'm going to betray.

In my mind, I made the final decision on this ongoing discussion.

"Yes, this will be fine," I stated after taking a deep breath.

I reached for the phone at the foot of the bed and blocked Rachit's number.

When I realized what I was doing, I opened his old message and was going to delete it. As a result, I couldn't stop myself from reading that conversation once more. I'm going to miss our chat a lot.

Rachit had only been at my office for three months.

As a result, he rose to the top of the office's popularity.

Rachit had a 5' 9" frame and was attractive to his height, strong build, fair skin, and seductive eyes.

On his first day at work, Rachit wore grey slacks and a black shirt, and every female in the workplace concentrated her gaze on him, with the entire staff sighing on one side.

My assignment made me worried.

It was my first day as a manager, and they gave me the chance to lead the meeting for the first time; it was also the first time I had presented my idea to the direct client since the promotion. Otherwise, all of my efforts would be in vain. The only one who received credit was my senior.

I was adamant about not making a mistake today. After all, I'd risked my life for this opportunity.

Despite my nerves, I communicated my thoughts with the customer at the start of the meeting.

It startled some individuals in the company to see me because I went into the meeting so confidently because they had their doubts about my abilities and didn't think I was qualified for this position.

As I spotted the blown colours on those faces, I smiled confidently.

I then drew my attention to a charming man.

"Who is he, exactly?

He was unlike anyone I'd ever seen before. He was most likely accompanied by the client."

My subconscious thinks of him as a client.

I took a big breath and headed straight to the restroom after the meeting.

In the mirror over the washbasin, I inspect myself. After untying the high ponytail and untangling the long brown hair until my waist, making it back into a high ponytail and spraying water on my face, I folded the sleeves of my navy-blue shirt.

I smirked at myself in the mirror and remarked, "I don't have the same appeal as the other girls." I don't even know how to put on makeup. "

A little smile formed on my pink lips. Then I came out of the bathroom, wiping my face.

As soon as I exited the restroom, Harsh's call displayed on my phone.

"Please tell me how you did in your presentation."

He's played a major role in all of my accomplishments.

To give my presentation, he gave me a lot of support. He could have left me working at night and slept soundly if he wanted, but he didn't.

Even while observing a woman's success usually causes her lover or husband to develop an inferiority complex, Harsh isn't like this at all!

He is constantly excited to see how far I have come.

Maybe the reason for our relationship's success is that he always regards me as a friend.

He halted my thoughts by saying, "Can you hear my voice?"

"Yes, without a doubt, my presentation was excellent, and I have a lot of admirers at work."

"Wow, I had a feeling you'd go all out."

"All of this is possible because of you; if you hadn't motivated me, I might not have been able to accomplish this today."

"Harsh, thank you so much."

"This is entirely your accomplishment, and I will not take credit for it.

All I've done is offer words of encouragement; the rest is up to you."

"It's enough that you back me up on every decision I make."

"Riya, I have some urgent stuff to do, but I'll see you later. Bye, love you."

"I love you too."

Bye, I disconnected the call by saying this.

Ashish took the lunch box off the table and remarked, "Riya, its 2:00 p.m. Let's have a bite to eat."

Looking down at my wristwatch, I said, "Yes."

Ashish had to leave lunch halfway through because of an emergency. I ate my lunch alone at my table while checking my emails.

"You've done a good job, Miss."

The sound of a voice drew my attention.

"This is the individual who attended the meeting. He isn't a client, so who does he owe gratitude to? "I muttered this to myself.

"Thank you," I said, "but I'm sorry, but I don't recognize you."

"Hello, my name is Rachit Khurana, and I'm the new marketing director at this company.'

"Please accept my sincere apologies, Sir." I got out of my chair.

"Relax by taking a seat. I'm just a coworker of yours. It is unnecessary for you to apologies. You may address me by my first name alone."

"New Project Director, Riya Mittal:" With a handshake, I replied.

Chapter 2 A sensual kiss

"Riya's Point of View,"

I received a call on the phone.

"Are you ready, Riya?" Harsh inquired as I emerged from the memory.

"Today is our day to go out.

At 7:00 p.m., you must be ready."

I replied affirmatively and hung up.

In the evening, I looked at the clock on my phone. I went to the bathroom at 5:30 p.m., stripped off my black shorts and sky blue t-shirt, untied my hair to my waist, and turned on the shower.

I was standing in the shower, thinking about Rachit's kiss the night before.

After Rachit's passionate embrace, I felt like I was kissing for the first time in my life.

For a while, after I touched him, my lips went numb. He wasn't the first guy to kiss me, but I'd felt nothing like it before.

What zeal he possessed!

I rubbed my fingertips across my lips, re-experiencing the kiss.

Rachit sat peacefully in the driver's seat while I sat in the front. He kissed me, and I did not know how or why.

I co


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