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Twisted Desires

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BLURB: Mia Patel, a strikingly beautiful and charismatic young woman, becomes the object of desire for two powerful men. Caught in a passionate romance with her charming billionaire boss, Harry Bailey, Mia's life takes an unexpected turn when an accident involving the influential businessman, Alex Young, forces her into becoming his personal assistant. As the lines between duty and desire blur, Mia becomes confused with her feelings for both men while . Mia must find her own path to true love.

Chapter 1

Angry boss

"Mia Patel, have you lost your senses?" thundered the voice of an angry Harry Bailey as he glared at his employee. Mia, taken aback, faltered, "Why, sir!?" But before she could finish her sentence, Mr. Bailey cut her off sharply, "Don't you question me!" His voice roared throughout the office, leaving no room for further argument. "You know very well that, more than anyone else, you've given me no peace since you started working here. You are a big pain in the neck and can't seem to do anything right!"

As the weight of his words settled in, Harry paused and leaned closer to Mia, causing her to shrink back. He stood up abruptly and declared, "You have done well today. You may go home," before striding out of his office in a most commanding manner.

Mia stood frozen, attempting to process what had just transpired. She gathered her belongings, her eyes welling up with tears, and hurriedly left his office. The tears threatened to spill over as she made her way home, feeling utterly defeated.

In an attempt to wash away the pain, Mia decided to take a shower. Standing in front of the bathroom mirror, she caught a glimpse of her reflection – a face framed with damp red hair. Her thoughts drifted, and her fingers slowly untied the black ribbon holding her hair in place. As she brushed her hair, she couldn't help but notice some of her distinctive features that made people drawn to her. Her hair flowed like molten lava over her shoulders, complementing her saccharine sweet lips, which appeared soft and inviting. Mia's perfectly symmetrical nose enhanced her already soothing face. With her shapely figure, glossy skin, and a voice that could rival that of an angel, she had earned nicknames like "red moon princess" and "sassie-lassie." Yet, despite her beauty, she never bragged or boasted, always approaching others with kindness and humility. Despite the fact that people were drawn to her, she still remained a typical introvert, Vanessa was the only one who could understand her and became her one and only friend.

Back in her room, lying on her bed, Mia pondered what might have led Harry to act so aggressively towards her. Confusion and hurt filled her thoughts as she desperately tried to understand what conspired behind his behavior. In the midst of her contemplation, a knock on the door startled her, snapping her out of her reverie. She opened the door to find her aunt Emily, a woman in her forties who had cared for Mia since she was a child.

"Mia, my dear, is everything alright?" Aunt Emily asked, concern evident in her voice. Mia mustered a smile and replied, "No, Aunt, I was just feeling tired and dirty, so I came back home to freshen up. There's no need to worry." Aunt Emily, still worried, insisted, "If anything is troubling you, please don't hesitate to tell me." Mia nodded appreciatively and retreated to her room.

As her aunt left, Mia's mind turned to her parents, bringing forth a sudden wave of melancholy. Her parents had passed away in a plane crash when she was just an infant, leaving her with only pictures and stories from her aunt to imagine their faces.

Overcome with emotion, Mia stumbled to her bedside where she retrieved a small wooden box, a treasure chest of memories. She slowly opened it, revealing a necklace her mother had left behind. This heirloom had been passed down through generations, reminding Mia of her heritage and the strength she carried within. Mia scolded herself for not being upfront with her aunt about what had happened at work, as honesty was a virtue she held dear. However, she couldn't bear burdening her aunt with her troubles. The necklace always gives her strength and attracts good luck, it was her lucky charm, she knew and believed in it. she always put it on but because she was hasty in her preparation for work she forgot to wear it. Maybe that's why her boss was so angry, Mia thought as she got up, no longer feeling moody, she grab the necklace and put it on no l

Driven by determination, Mia grabbed her jacket and returned to the supermarket, determined to confront Harry and seek clarity. As she entered the bustling store, she searched every corner, hoping to catch a glimpse of him. Despite her previous experience working there, she felt nervous, as if it were her first day on the job. She muttered to herself, "This might just be my last time here."

With her heart pounding, Mia scanned the aisles, searching for Harry amidst the customers. Finally, she decided to check his office. Her hands trembled, anxiety coursing through her veins as she approached the closed door. Summoning every ounce of courage, she took a deep breath and turned the knob.

Inside, Harry, a strikingly handsome man in his late twenties, was dressed in an expensive tuxedo, exuding confidence and charm. He seemed engrossed in a phone call, but as if sensing Mia's presence, he abruptly ended the call. When Mia began to approach him, he fixed her with a glare that emanated both anger and intimidation. She instinctively lowered her gaze until she felt close enough to speak.

"Mia," Harry's voice cut through the tense atmosphere.Tension filled the atmosphere as Mia braced herself for whatever decision Harry would make. With a hint of aggression in his voice, he asked, "What are you doing here, Mia?" Mia struggled to comprehend his words, as he repeated the question with growing impatience. Stammering, she managed to reply, "I... work here." Harry's reaction was unexpected; his face contorted into a strange expression as he let out an odd, throaty laugh. Leaning in closer, Mia instinctively moved backwards, almost losing her footing, but steadied herself. In a low voice, Harry delivered the devastating news, "You are fired, Mia." The weight of his words echoed in her mind, and she whispered to herself, "So this is how I lost my job." She turned to face Harry, only to find him steadily retreating.

Chapter 2

Surprise Party

Mia's phone slipped from her hands as she received the heartbreaking news. As she turned to leave, she heard Harry's voice calling out to her. In a state of shock, Mia asked him what he meant. Harry explained that it was all just a prank and that it was actually their anniversary, marking six months since she started working there.

Taking her hand, he guided her to the workers' lounge and told her to close her eyes. He whispered in her ear, asking her to only open them when he said so. The anticipation grew within Mia as she nodded, curious about what awaited her inside. When Harry finally gave the signal, she opened her eyes to a breathtaking sight.

Every corner of the room was decorated with professional elegance. Her co-workers stood before her, wishing her a happy anniversary in unison. Overwhelmed by the beauty of it all, Mia turned to Harry, who wore a smile on his face. She couldn't help but ask how he knew she would return and why he went thr


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