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Trial Marriage:the billionaire wants to marry me

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The night before the engagement, Rosaline was tricked by her cousin. She was drunk and sent to a stranger’s room. She broke free from their control, went to the next room through the window, and had a one-night stand with a mysterious man. She didn't want to have anything to do with him, so she matched wits with him and finally escaped. The man stared at silhouette with a smile: "You will never escape from me." It was five years later when they met again. Neither of them recognized each other, but she was stopped by him in a dramatic way, "Sir, anything can I do for you?" "Yes." "So, what's the matter?" "I need a wife." He looked at her, and his lips twitching slightly. "Sir, I don't quite understand what you mean." "I needed a wife, and you are just the right one for me." "What! Why?" "I don't like women who are too beautiful or too smart." “...” "I'll see you at the Bureau House at ten a.m. tomorrow." “...” What?Was she proposed by the richest bachelor in this City!

Chapter 1 The Dangerous Man

"I'm so hot. Come on baby...give it to me..."

"Oh.. you'd better keep your hands to yourself!"

"Hurry up! I want you."

Two hot bodies were entangled with each other.

In the room 1101 of Hiltal Hotel, the highest-end hotel in Los Angeles, two hot bodies were entangled with each other.

No expression could be seen in the darkness, but the cold breath of the man spread out in an instant, revealing a sense of danger.

Rosaline Wilson could not feel the danger at the moment. The only thing she could feel was the gratification from his touches and kisses.

The man had a unique intoxicating scent, which was fascinating.

The next moment, she kissed him. Her lips were soft and warm, and her voice was seductive and temptatious.

The man's body paused for a second. He was surprised, "Where did this woman come from?"

Could it be Tim, his best friend, who had just said that he wanted to send a woman to him? He was really bold! He still did that after he rejected his advice.

He'd got strong discipline., but at this moment, he lost the control of himself.

He knew that the woman in his arms was dizzy. She must have been drunk.

Suddenly, he,Ian Clarkson, wrapped his arms around her waist strongly.

"What are you doing?" The pain of the grab made Rosaline regaine some consciousness. She tried to look at him with her beautiful eyes, but she couldn't see anything in the darkness.

"Don't you think it's too late to ask this question?" He slowly opened his mouth.

She came into the room through the window and had kissed him for a long time. And she asked what he was doing. It was really interesting!

He had been single for 24 years. He had never been attracted by any woman.

Well, he could feel she was special because she had made him lose control.

They breathed each other's breath, and the air in the room became steamy. Ian took the tie off and unbuttoned his shirt. Rosaline couldn't help but touch his s*xy Adam's apple and strong chest. His muscles were like the most perfect sculpture of an artist.

Rosaline couldn't reject this charming man. She followed her instinct and reached out to hold Ian's neck. As her skirt slipped down, her plump breasts were revealed in front of him.

The man's heavy and rapid breathing sounded in Rosaline's ear. She could hear herself moaning as well. She closed her eyes and sank into his love.

When Rosaline woke up, she felt the sore all over her body. When she noticed a man was falling asleep next to her, she blinked her eyes and swallowed her saliva secretly. There was only one thought came to her mind, "before anybody noticed her, it was better to leave as soon as possible..."

She didn't dare to stay any longer. She fumbled about putting on her clothes in the dark.

"Are you going to leave just like that?!" Just as she was about to leave, a voice suddenly sounded in the darkness. His volume wasn't loud, but it was especially clear in this silent room.

Ian had woken up somehow. He leaned against the bed and stared at her. His voice was hoarse and emotional. No one could see his emotions in the darkness.

She broke into his room through the window, and then... now she wanted to leave like this?! He must let her know that he was not an easy man!

"Or what?" Rosaline said calmly. Even though she couldn't see his face in the darkness, she could feel his intimidating aura .

It seemed that she had provoked someone she couldn't afford to offend.

"Let's make the things clear." Ian turned up his volume.It was obvious that he wouldn't let her go easliy. "In Los Angeles, no one can escape from me."

Rosaline knew that she must have offended a big shot.

"I have to save myself!" Rosaline thought to herself.

She did not want to have anything to do with these rich people.

"I have to save myself." She repeated to herself.

"Come on, calm down. You can find your way!" She thought.

A plan came to her mind.

She picked up his clothes, grabbed his phone which was charging on the bedstand.

In the darkness, he could only see her figure, but he couldn't understand what she was doing.

In fact, the light switch was right beside him. But he was not hurry to turn the light on.

Obviously, he enjoyed watching her acting in the darkness.

She stopped in front of him.

He frowned, "what is she going to do?"

"This is your due reward." While he was lost in his thought, she had just placed one dollar in his hand.

It was not that she was stingy, but that she only had one dollars at the moment.

The moment the coin fell into his palm, she quickly retreated.

He was impressed. But the next second, he was furious...

Chapter 2 The Escape

She couldn't see his face in the darkness, but she could feel his temper clearly.

She knew that he was angry as well as his shocked.

Before he came back to his senses, she suddenly turned around. In the darkness, she grabbed his clothes and his phone at an extremely fast speed, and rushed to the door.

She took the card which was connected to the electricity of the room when she opened the door. So when Ian tried to turn on the switch, it was still dark in the room.

All her movements were done in one smooth motion. By the time he came to his senses, she was already at the door, holding the handle of the door.

"Goodbye, Mr. Sexy. I will never see you again." After that, she closed the door and ran away.

The only thing he saw was the shadow of her figure reflected in the light.

She wore his clothes and took away his pajamas. He couldn't chase after her nakedly.

He gritted his teeth, and his eyes were cold. "Fuck! Fuck!"

She just esc


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