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Trapped Marriage With The Ceo

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Renko
  • Chapters: 67
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 636
  • 7.5
  • 💬 30


Lunar, a strong-willed woman with dreams of a happily ever after, finds her world shattered when her fiancé, the man she thought she would spend her life with, betrays her trust. Forced into a corner with limited options, she enters a marriage of convenience with Arkan, a wealthy businessman who already has a lover of his own. At first, Lunar and Arkan's relationship is cold and distant, bound only by their shared desperation. Yet, as they navigate the complexities of their arrangement, unexpected feelings begin to bloom. Lunar discovers a compassionate side to Arkan, and he, in turn, uncovers Lunar's resilient spirit. Through trials and tribulations, their marriage evolves into something more profound. Lunar's wounded heart slowly heals, while Arkan starts to question his existing relationship. As they grow closer, their shared experiences create a bond neither of them can ignore. But just as their love begins to blossom, their world is thrown into chaos when secrets from the past emerge, threatening to tear them apart. Lunar and Arkan must confront their deepest fears and fight against the odds to protect the love they have discovered within each other. "Trapped Marriage With The Ceo" is a captivating tale of betrayal, unexpected alliances, and the healing power of love. Will Lunar and Arkan find the strength to overcome the obstacles that stand in their way, or will they succumb to the forces that seek to tear them apart?

Chapter 1 Who Will Believe?

Lunar White gazed at her reflection in the mirror. The dress she wore looked stunning, adorned with white beads. The front of the dress was short, resembling a peacock's tail with its long back. Its length allowed her to walk without worrying about it getting dirty on the floor.

Today was her wedding day with Nico, the man introduced to her by her sister. She had to look exceptionally attractive as she would be the center of attention.

"Finally, my youngest daughter is getting married," her mother's voice exclaimed.

Her parents, accompanied by her father and sister, walked in with beaming smiles. Lunar, on the other hand, had never desired a loveless marriage. She had only agreed to it due to her family's demands.

"Mum, Lunar isn't officially Nico's wife yet. We still have to wait for the ceremony to begin," Sora, her sister, pointed out.

"It's all the same. Whether now or later, Lunar will still marry Nico," her mother replied.

"How can it be the same? We never know what the future holds," Lunar retorted.

Only their father seemed concerned, knowing that his youngest child would soon be handed over to a man she didn't love. However, it didn't change the fact that Lunar's parents were forcing this marriage upon her. For the Lunar family, marriage was the easiest way to shirk responsibility.

Before agreeing to the marriage, Lunar had initially refused, but her family responded with harsh words. Powerless and struggling to find employment, she had no choice but to comply.

Sora had also experienced a similar fate to Lunar's. Perhaps luck was not on the White family's side. However, Lunar's situation was slightly better than Sora's, as she was marrying a young man like Nico. Sora, on the other hand, married one of their father's friends, which was even more tragic.

Sora always appeared content, as her material needs were well met. She would indulge herself by buying various goods every day, satisfying her worldly desires. This was the reason why Sora supported their parents' decision for Lunar. They believed it would bring her happiness.

One thing Lunar couldn't comprehend was how her sister could be content with an older, wealthy man. She wondered how her own life would have been if she were in Sora's position.

Fortunately, Lunar was introduced to Nico, Sora's friend. At least her sister had considered her feelings by not arranging a marriage with an older man. Now Lunar could only hope that her feelings for Nico would eventually grow.

"By the way, where is Nico? I haven't seen him since earlier," Sora asked, wearing a puzzled expression.

Lunar remembered that Nico had finished earlier and mentioned going to the restroom. However, he had been gone for too long, especially with the wedding ceremony about to commence. She couldn't call him as his phone was with her.

"Nico said he was going to the restroom, but it's taking him too long. I'll go look for him," Lunar said, feeling restless and fearing something bad had happened to her future husband.

Lunar searched around for Nico. It had been over five minutes since he had left the dressing room, and she still hadn't found him.

"Ugh!" she sighed.

Could she really be abandoned on her wedding day?

Lunar would have been relieved by that thought before they had made all the wedding preparations. Now, with everyone gathered, canceling the wedding would only tarnish their reputation.


It wasn't Lunar's voice. She heard it coming from a hotel room with a slightly ajar door. She stood right in front of that door. She tried to compose herself.

"Oh, Nico..."

Lunar was taken aback. She still held onto the hope that the man engaging in intimate acts with another woman wasn't her future husband, Nico. She couldn't fathom how he could engage in such behavior right before their wedding.

She cautiously opened the door for a better view. Unfortunately, her hopes were shattered as she saw Nico in bed with another woman. Her eyes widened in disbelief and pain. She couldn't bear to witness any more, so she shouted, stepped back, and quickly left the scene.

She had reluctantly accepted the unwanted marriage and had chosen Nico as her future husband. Yet, on her wedding day, she experienced betrayal. Why did everything have to turn out like this? It pained her deeply.


Her hand was pulled, forcing her to turn around. It was sickening to face the man who had betrayed her, especially since Nico showed no hint of remorse. How could she have been deceived by his kindness all this time?

"I hate you, Nico! Let me go!" Lunar struggled to free herself from Nico's grip on her wrist.

"Stop making a scene."

Nico led Lunar back into the hotel room, tightly closing the door. Now the three of them stood face to face. Lunar's anger intensified as she glanced at Nico, who was only wearing boxers and an unbuttoned shirt. She also noticed the woman on the bed, attempting to cover herself with a blanket. The mess wasn't created by Lunar; it was Nico who had caused it.

Lunar's gaze fell upon the clothes strewn across the floor, further fueling her anger. "Did you sleep with a hotel employee?"

"It was just a mistake," Nico casually replied.

"Just a mistake?" Lunar chuckled disbelievingly at his explanation.

"If this was all a mistake, then I will report it to the hotel and have the employee who seduced you fired immediately." She pointed at the hotel employee without even glancing in their direction.

"I won't allow you to do that," Nico retorted as he buttoned his shirt.

"The wedding will start soon. We need to leave immediately so the guests won't have to wait," Nico continued.

Once again, Lunar laughed at Nico's nonchalant attitude towards marriage after betraying her so blatantly.

"Do you think I would still marry you after witnessing your affair? Don't delude yourself, Nico! I would never marry a man like you!"

Lunar stormed out of the hotel room, ignoring Nico's attempts to stop her. It was no longer about the guests; her priority was to prevent the wedding from taking place.

She hurried to the dressing room to inform her family about Nico's betrayal, causing her parents to become infuriated.

"There will be no wedding today," her father declared, clenching his fist.

"It's not true, Father," Lunar protested.

Amidst the tense atmosphere, Nico appeared dressed neatly in a formal suit befitting a groom.

"Lunar just wants to ruin my reputation and cancel the wedding," Nico explained.

Lunar's eyes widened. Nico's statement contradicted the undeniable truth. "I—I saw it with my own eyes, Nico, you were with another woman. I'm not lying!"

"Lunar had initially refused to marry Nico. Perhaps this is her plan to cancel the wedding," Sora chimed in.

"What do you mean? Doesn't my presence here prove that I accepted the marriage?"

Sora shrugged. "Who knows?"

Lunar's legs felt weak, realizing that Sora wasn't on her side and instead sided with Nico, the one who had betrayed her. They were siblings, supposed to support each other, but Sora didn't believe her.

"The wedding ceremony is about to begin. Don't tarnish our good name by giving reasons to cancel the wedding. Hurry up and get ready to embrace your happiness," her mother interjected.

They all left Lunar, except for Nico, who wore a triumphant smile as he successfully deceived the family before departing.

How would Lunar navigate a marriage she increasingly despised? If she went through with it, who knew what other betrayals awaited her? She couldn't endure a life of constant pain with a man like Nico.

Lunar looked around the dressing room; only she and the makeup artist remained. It seemed that everyone had already gathered at the venue.

"Excuse me, can you help me?" Lunar called out to the makeup artist.

The makeup artist appeared confused as she glanced around, realizing that they were the only two left.

"Are you referring to me, Madam?" the makeup artist asked, seeking confirmation while pointing to herself.

Chapter 2 Meeting You Was Chaos

Lunar rushed out of the hotel as fast as she could, leaving behind the high heels she had worn to enhance her appearance. They had become an obstacle, making it difficult for her to take each step. Time was of the essence, as the makeup artist was surely stalling for her.


She heard Sora's and Nico's voices calling out to her. Escaping from them was truly frustrating. She had no desire to marry a traitor like Nico.

"Oh, gosh... What should I do?"

In the parking basement, she frantically searched for a hiding place, moving slowly and crouching to ensure complete concealment.

Drap, drap, drap...

She could hear the sound of hurried footsteps on the basement floor coming to a stop. It indicated that the person chasing her had ceased running, and the last sound she heard was not far from her current location.

She knelt on the floor and peered over one of the cars to see where Nico and Sora were heading. This


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