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Transmigration: Her Chosen Path

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Yuvit
  • Chapters: 45
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 5.2K
  • 7.5
  • 💬 92


She possessed the real daughter of the Orden family, Aria. However, this family already had a daughter, a fake daughter... Arin. Although she is a fake who took Aria's place all this time, Aria never thought of harassing her because she knew... she's not the real Arin but a transmigrator like herself who wants to be free not sold as a marriage. Knowing this and seeing the real person in front of her, Aria couldn't help but feel pity for her. They're both doomed to die in the original while they weren't even involved with the male lead of the novel. So, Aria decided to help her. However, coincidently she found out that Arin wasn't Arin but her twin Brother who went back in time?? He has been disguising himself this whole time as his sister to protect her from Aria's father's influence... Learning of his pain, she decided to return to his identity AND HELP HIM REGAIN HIS FREEDOM TO LIVE AS HIMSELF, not as his sister. While doing so, many secrets that had been buried will be uncovered, and... "Aria~" With a face full of tears and a longing expression, someone called me tenderly. This voice is so familiar... and this person's face too... Why is someone who doesn't belong here is here?

Chapter 1: Disappointment

Today was the day I would finally leave the orphanage and go to my biological father's place.

How happy was I when the orphanage director informed me but how disappointed am I now after seeing the face of my biological father...

As soon as I saw him, I felt he was familiar not because I look like him, since there is not a single similarity between us. And not because I remember him from my childhood because I basically have no memory of it.

Suddenly a DING- sound rang in my ear and a game-like window popped out in front of her eyes.

In which was written;


Before I could even think whether what I was seeing was an illusion or not, or wonder what was loading, I was hit by a severe headache and all kind of informations poured into my mind.

Amid the unbearable pain, I lost my consciousness.


I don't know how much time has passed since I fainted but after waking up, I found myself lying in a car??


I turned my head as to check the owner of this voice.


Seeing me not answering, Father frowned.

However, in the blink of an eye, his expression returned to normal and he said in a gentle voice.

"Are you okay? How surprised was I when you suddenly fainted? I asked the dean and he said you were perfectly fine in the morning, but I guess I will have to get our family doctor to check on you. I have already called him and he must be waiting in the villa."

Because everything about him looks so gentle, who would have thought that he has a trash personality?

He really looks different from the man I read about.

Yeah, what was loading earlier, was the plot of a novel I read before...

Who would have thought that one day I will get inside the world of a novel... It's something that only happens in novels...

Anyway, because I read the original that I could know the true face of this man.

To be honest, when I first possessed this body I only thought I was given a second chance to live and when I heard that this body's biological Father is coming to pick her up, I was so excited. I don't know if it was the happiness and the excitement of the original owner or my own. Anyway, I thought I would do my best to be a good daughter and get along with my new family.

In my past life, I only had my mother but my mother passed away when I was 16.

In my original world, my mom was my life and the driving force that keeps me going and working hard. Because, I wanted to be her pride… so when she left, I also fell into darkness and despair. Then shortly after that, I came here.

Honestly, I should be thankful for coming into this world. Although the children of the orphanage were basically abandoned and have this bitter experience in their life but they are always bright and their brightness was contagious so little by little I came out of the darkness and joined their bright world. And the memories of my original world also getting blurry also played a part in making me adapt to this place.

My age and that of the original owner are the same and to be exact we also have the exact same birthday date, and also the appearance is also the same.

Seeing me deep in thought and not answering, father waved his hand in front of my eyes.

"Aira, are you listening?"

Only then did I come to my senses.

"Ah, yes. I feel better, just a little dizzy…"

"There is only 30 minutes left until we reach the villa so can you hang in until then?"

Wait until we reach the villa? If he was really worried, he would have taken me right away to the hospital but he, Calif Ordon, a well known businessman who cares more about appearances than anything else won't take me, who is only dressed in shabby clothes, to the hospital since it will be shameful and he will lose face…

I just nodded my head at his words.

"Then let me introduce your other family members."

Father took out his mobile phone, scrolled in his image gallery and showed the faces of my two aunties and uncle then showed me another photo of a very young girl, perhaps she's 8 or 9 years old.

"This girl is your sister. Although the picture is old but because your sister hates taking pictures this is the only picture I have of her… Your sister is the same age as you. You're twins. Due to the greed of the nurse who worked at the same hospital as the one where your mother gave birth to you, she switched you with the dead child of another couple. From what I heard after the nurse was caught and interrogated. The husband was crazily in love with his wife, and he couldn't tell his wife this news so when the nurse saw him devastated and in a dilemma like that, she offered to exchange his dead baby with you, Because the man was a foreigner, I have been focusing on searching on his foreign country. I never expected he will abandon you here shortly after stealing you from us because his lie was exposed…"

Lie… Everything is a lie…

This girl isn't my twin nor is there any blood relationship connecting us and it wasn't the nurse who switched me with a dead child but it was my father's enemy who stole me and dropped me by the orphanage door. And because my father's pride reaches the sky, he can't appear as someone who can't even protect his wife and child, so he brought a substitute which is this child. And he created this scenario to make himself a victim toward me and the media and the whole world.

Not only this but this man is actually a snake… First, he has no affection for neither me, his biological daughter, nor the daughter he has raised for nearly 17 years. For him, we are both pawns he could use to make his company reach a higher level and compete with more powerful companies domestically and internationally. It's just that Arin, the fake daughter, is the main pawn and I, who he has just found, am a spare pawn who still needs to be cultivated.

Well, as long as it's a pretty daughter of marriageable age, she will be useful to him and would bring him much more resources and opportunities through an arranged marriage. But what this man doesn't know is that his main pawn has already been lost.

"Aira, are you even listening?"

He asked in a rather annoyed tone then mumbled "There is still a lot of work that should be done on you. The first thing I should work on is to make you listen well to when I talk to you. TSK."

Work to be done on me? Do you take me as a piece of wood and you a wood artist to work on me?

It's only the first day but this man is getting on my nerves with his arrogance!

"Yes, Dad. It's just that I feel so tired so maybe this affected my concentration but I remember all the main points you told me about."

Hearing my words, he let out a sigh and said;

"It's okay. Lean down and I will wake you up when we arrive."


After saying that I'm tired, the trip was relatively peaceful.

Arriving at the villa, I was honestly surprised. It was such a big high class villa with a huge front garden. So pretty….

After getting out of the car, a servant came and took my luggage from the car to my room.

Then seeing me amazed, he hugged my shoulder and took me inside with a warm smile.

"Aira, go inside first. Take a shower and change into new clothes then I will get the doctor to check on your health."

I nodded my head with a shy smile and moved inside.

However on the way inside, I suddenly felt a persistent gaze following my movement. I raised my head to where the gaze was coming from.

I could only see a shadow from a room on the second floor but if it's that floor, and based on the original, I can roughly tell who it was.

* * *

Chapter 2: He doesn't deserve her!

* * *

"This must be the starting point."

This was the beginning of everything.

The real daughter will return and as the flame of jealousy will be ignited, the fight between her and Arin, the fake daughter, will begin and the more the flame of jealousy grow the more the fight between the two will grow intense.

But is it worth it?

No, it's not. To be honest, when I read what happened, Arin seemed to sympathize with her, and I did too.

She was a child who lived as an orphan so of course, she must be dreaming of a warm reunion with her parents.

Anyway, for now, I should just stay away from her, not only her but that man who is supposed to be my father now.

-Knock, knock.

It was when I thought so, I heard a knock.

"Come in."

"Miss, the Master told me to inform you that the three of you will be eating dinner together."

Sure enough, as soon as I made up my mind, the first h


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