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The Story of Rose

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Rose Huang was constantly pursued due to her beauty, which brought her many troubles. When she poured her affections into Zhuang Guodong, he heartlessly left her. Overwhelmed with grief, Rose went to study in the United States and married Fang Xiewen. A decade later, Rose divorced her husband and returned to Hong Kong alone. In her loneliness and solitude, she met Fu Jiaan, who was suffering from a terminal illness. Their three-month passionate love affair left her heartbroken. Several years later, Rose, now remarried, unexpectedly encountered Zhuang Guodong, who had been missing her for over a decade and had since divorced...

Chapter 1 The Story of Rose Part One: Rose 1

My name is Huang Zhenhua.

Rose Huang is my younger sister, Rose. She is fifteen years my junior, and I have never seen a girl who resembles a rose more than Rose does.

She is my only sister. Our mother gave birth to her at the age of thirty-eight, when our father's business was thriving. All conditions were set for Rose to be spoiled.

When Rose was three years old, she was already a little beauty, which surprised even our mother, because none of us were particularly good-looking, so such a beautiful child was indeed a pleasant surprise.

Not only was Rose beautiful, but she was also eloquent and charming. When she was applying for kindergarten, she was unstoppable. The teacher touched her black, shiny hair and said affectionately, "This little Rose Huang is going to be Miss Hong Kong one day."

Her life was free of setbacks.

Later, of course, she grew up. Pretty or not, all children have to grow up.

Rose grew up to be so beautiful, with rose-colored skin, round eyes, a blue mole on her left cheek, long legs, a sturdy chest, and an extremely lively and cheerful personality. The year when boys began to pursue her, I had already finished studying architecture and, with my father's support, I started a company with my classmate Zhou Shihui. Zhou Shihui was mature for his age, with a bright and pleasant world. He was decent and noble in appearance, and he was not interested in poetry, pictures, birdsong, or fragrance of flowers. In terms of life, he focused on cars, houses, and of course, the company's accounts. He was a typical aspiring young man of Hong Kong; you can't say he was vulgar because he was a university student with elegant speech, but you also can't categorize him as scholarly, because apart from architecture, he knew nothing about the outside world. He would think that Botticelli was a new brand of crocodile leather shoes. But I liked Zhou Shihui; he had many virtues, and being amiable was his foremost strength. He had a childhood sweetheart but kept her very much to himself, hardly letting us meet her.

His reason: "Especially you, Huang Zhenhua, one should always be on guard against people. I'm not afraid of a thousand, but I'm afraid of a one-in-a-thousand chance. Wait until I marry her, then let her meet you. Love is like war, your conditions are too good, I can't rest assured."

I couldn't help but laugh and cry at the same time. This is Zhou Shihui, my business partner.

Mother was satisfied with me.

She said, "Zhou Shihui is a child with a business mind, he can make up for your shortcomings. When the business grows in the future, there will inevitably be disagreements. You should be more tolerant."

I agreed.

Mother's temper has been very strange these last one or two years. Father told us to be tolerant of her, as she is in menopause.

"I heard that Zhou Shihui is about to get married."


"And you?" Mother asked.

I scratched my head, "No girlfriend."

Mother said, "All the phone calls are for Rose. Rose has been very unreasonable lately, always running out. It will be too late if something happens," she was displeased, "You are her older brother, she always listens to you, you should say something to her."

I smiled and said, "Mom, nowadays kids, there's nothing to say, they all have their own opinions."

"I'm asking for trouble," she complained, "Having a child at forty, now the daughter is not like a daughter, and the grandchildren are not like grandchildren."

I quickly said, "Rose's grades are still top-notch."

Mother couldn't help but smile, "I don't know what she's up to. It's said that St. Teresa's is a famous school with very difficult studies, but since the first grade of primary school, I have never seen her flip through a textbook. She only starts to study hard before the big exams every year, yet she always ranks first. I think there's no point in this school."

The phone rang.

Mother said, "You answer it, it's for Rose again." She got up unhappily and went to the study.

I answered the phone, and it was a little boy on the other end, timidly asking, "Is Rose there?"

I said kindly, "Rose hasn't been let out of school yet. Who is this? Let her call you later, okay?"

He was very flattered, "No, no, I'll call her later."

I couldn't help but ask, "What do you want to ask her for? To borrow homework?"

"No, I want to invite her to the movies," he said.

"Okay," I said, "Goodbye." I hung up the phone.

Rose is just a young girl; are all these boys just trying to get close to her? I wondered.

The phone rang again, and I was about to answer it when the old servant, Ah Fang, came out with a smile and said, "Young master, let me get it."

I was surprised; it was for Rose again.

Ah Fang said, "The young lady hasn't come back yet, I don't know."

I asked Ah Fang, "Are there many such calls?"

Ah Fang sighed, "Young master, you're not often at home, you don't know. These calls have been ringing from morning till night, all looking for the young lady. It's annoying to death."

I said, "Really?"

"Yes, the madam said there's no need to answer at all, and she even wants to change the number for some peace."

"Go talk to the young lady," I said with a smile, "You raised her."

Ah Fang said, "Don't be ridiculous, with so many people chasing after your younger sister, when are you going to get married?"

This question chased me into the study.

Just as I wrote three words, Rose came back, kicking open the study door and shouting, "Big brother, big brother!"

I didn't dare to turn around, I said, "Rose, your poor big brother has to work hard, don't make noise, okay?"

"Big brother!" She put her head in.

I saw what she looked like and couldn't help but scream in horror: "Rose, what have you done to your hair?"

Rose's long straight hair, which used to reach her waist, was now curled and tangled, wild and scattered.

She said nonchalantly, "I got a perm." While chewing gum.

"You've gone mad," I said, "Wait until mom sees your hair, you'll see."

"She's against everything," Rose said, "I can't bother with her so much." She slipped onto the sofa and sat down.

I scolded her, "Where are your normal shoes? How can you wear roller skates indoors?"

"Big brother, this is not allowed, that should not be, you are too miserable," she said disdainfully.

"Having a sister like you, I can expect pain," I said, "What's the matter, let me focus on my work."

"Lend me some money," she whispered, "three hundred."

I took out the bills and before I could hand them to her, mother had already pushed the door open, "Huang Zhenhua, don't give her any more money!"

Rose was quick and had already put the money in her pocket.

Mother flew into a rage: "Rose, try to explain your behavior. It's still the second day of the month, you're wearing shorts so short that you can almost see your buttocks, what does this mean? A good head of straight hair is turned into a crazy one, what does this mean?"

Rose's face darkened instantly, she lowered her head and was silent, her legs swinging back and forth.

Mother's anger grew, "Take off the roller skates!" I said with a smile, "She's already living in these roller skates, how can she take them off?"

I said with a smile: "Mom, this kind of dress is popular now, kids naturally follow the trend, you being angry is useless."

"How could I have a daughter like you!" Mother scolded, "You have no manners at all, just a disgrace."

I pushed mother out of the study, "Alright, alright, you old also don't get angry, or your blood pressure will rise, which is not good, go and rest."

Mother finally left the study.

Rose let out a sigh of relief, "Mom is really something!"

"Don't blame her," I said, "She has two generation gaps with you, it's no wonder she doesn't see you in her eyes."

"She never liked me," Rose said.

"No, she will be fine if you just go along with her a bit," I said.

Rose slipped around in my study, making the floor creak loudly, then she hugged my neck and said gratefully, "Big brother, you are the best to me."

I pulled her shoulder-length curly hair, "Do you know what you look like now? Like a gypsy wild girl."

She laughed.

Sometimes I also feel that mother is a bit too much for Rose. Rose is still a child and should not be treated too strictly. It's useless to scold her, and if there's time, guide her gently. If there's no time , let her go. As long as the child's grades are good, there's nothing big to worry about.

The next day, when I got back to the office, Zhou Shihui sneakily told me, "Huang Zhenhua, I've decided to get married."

I said with a smile, "Good guy!"

"Look at this ring," he opened a velvet box and handed it to me, asking, "What do you think?"

I took a look, "A big move, is it more than one carat?"

"One carat and fifteen points," he said, "I ask you to be the best man."

"I agree."

"Lend me your dad's 450 for the occasion," Zhou Shihui said.

"No problem," I laughed, "Now you can reveal your bride."

"Let's have lunch together today," he said.

I finally met Zhou Shihui's lifelong partner, a girl named Zhizhi, with the surname Guan, a good girl.

She is like plain boiled water, but she has a bachelor's degree from a British university, but no one can say she has a taste. She has not yet taken shape, both externally and internally very ordinary.

She is very suitable for Zhou Shihui.

A few days later, Zhou Shihui invited me to visit his new home again. There were several female relatives of the girl's family present, and they all showed great interest in me. I immediately understood.

Having caught Zhou Shihui, the golden son-in-law, the aunts immediately followed the stick up the snake, and pursued the list, which already had the name Huang Zhenhua on it. I dealt with them politely. Zhou Shihui's new house was too colorful, the furniture was too crowded, and the collocation was very vulgar, but somehow, there was a joyful sense of happiness, which made me feel lonely.

Guan Zhizhi was laughing and greeting guests in the cramped living room, and she actually had a kind of gentle and virtuous taste, which made me immediately question myself in my heart: Huang Zhenhua, you can also live such a happy life, why insist on it?

Zhou Shihui pulled me aside, "What's the matter? Do you like any of these ladies here?"

I just smiled.

"What are you waiting for?" Zhou Shihui asked in surprise, "There are no fairy girls descending from the sky in Hong Kong. After marriage, work hard for career development, women are all the same, feelings can be cultivated."

I shook my head, "No, Zhou Shihui, it's not like that."

He sighed, "I don't understand you."

I said, "You think you can create happiness with your own hands, my view is different, love is a happiness that can be met but not sought, and the pillar of marriage must be love."

Zhou Shihui sneered, "Huang Zhenhua, you are more young and naive than I thought. Good luck to you."

I took it in stride and smiled again.

I brought Zhou Shihui's invitation to my home, and I knew what my mother would say.

Sure enough -

"Zhou Shihui is so capable, I'm afraid when other people's children and grandchildren are all over the place, you are still alone."

"You and he are classmates, it's a world of difference."

"Have you ever thought about being a bachelor when you grow old, and being lonely and desolate? Parents will leave you sooner or later, and then you won't even be able to have a proper meal."

Rose made a face and whispered to me, "Now even you are scolded."

Dad came to my rescue, "Don't worry about Huang Zhenhua not being able to get married. Now there are many vain girls outside, marrying him may not be for his person, but maybe just for the title of architect, he has to be careful."

Rose said to me, "Big brother, I have something to say to you later."

She pulled me to the balcony.

"What is it, another three hundred yuan?" I was in a bad mood.

"No, mom has installed a switch on the phone, and I can't answer the phone when I'm not there, can you help me?"

"I can't help."

"Big brother, you have always been the best to me." She pleaded.

I stared at her and had to laugh.

"Apply for a phone to be installed in my room, please." She asked.

"Is your social life really that busy?"

She stuck her tongue out.

"You are only fifteen years old." I said.

"Almost sixteen," she said, "Please help, big brother."

"Well," I couldn't bear it, "I promise you."

"Big brother -" she blinked, her eyes and nose turned red.

"Okay, okay, if you are good in the future, it will be a reward for big brother."

I patted her on the shoulder, "I will call my secretary tomorrow to handle it properly for you, let the telephone company come and install it when mom is not at home, okay?"

"You are the best to me." Rose said positively.

Zhou Shihui's wedding ceremony was held in the church, and I was the best man.

After the ceremony was over, it started to drizzle. I had an appointment to play tennis with Rose, so I had to rush home to pick her up.

When I went to get the car, Zhou Shihui deliberately asked me to be the driver and take a few female guests back home. I had to agree.

The girls got into the car with all their might, laughing and chattering, leaving behind a girl in a white dress and skirt. Her pair of sandals attracted me, with thin straps tied around her ankles, and a white butterfly on the top of her foot.

She was hesitating.

I said politely, "There's still room, miss, please get in."

She smiled and sat down generously in the back seat.

On the way, everyone was chattering, but that girl in white was very quiet.

I secretly watched her face in the rearview mirror. It was a coincidence, just like Rose, she also had a blue mole under her left eye, like a tear, swaying slightly with the vibration of the car, as if it would fall off her cheek at any moment.

My heart was broken.

I liked her unique temperament, and I also liked that mole.

So, I deliberately took the long way around, and got all the girls out of the car, and then took her last.

She lives on the third floor of an old house.

I stopped the car and walked her to the door.

I suddenly forgot about the appointment with my younger sister, and I couldn't help but smile and ask, "Don't you invite me up for a cup of tea?"

She pursed her lips and smiled, "I don't even know your name yet."

"Huang Zhenhua, and you?"

"Su Gengsheng," she said. "Are you a relative of the groom?"

"I'm an alumnus of the bride's sister," Su Gengsheng said.

"Ah," I said, "no wonder I haven't seen you before."

She smiled.

"At least give me your phone number," I said.

She said a number, and I wrote it down immediately.

Watching her about to go upstairs, I caught up and was surprised at my own cheekiness. I said, "I'm playing tennis with my sister in the afternoon. Do you want to join?"

She was taken aback, "I've also made an appointment with friends in the park."

"That's good, I'll pick you up," I didn't let go.

"No need, it's okay to meet in the park," she said, "Goodbye."

"Goodbye," I watched her go upstairs.

I was absent-minded when I got home, and Rose pouted and waited for me.

She said I was late, and the venue would have to be given to someone else.

I didn't argue with her.

While playing tennis, I kept staring at the people to see if they had arrived, and I lost three sets in a row. Then I saw her.

She was still wearing white, sitting under the shed with friends in the drizzle.

I threw down the racket and walked over, and Rose shouted, "Hey! Hey!"

I sat down beside her as if bewitched, and she smiled at me.

Rose chased me and scolded, and when she saw Su Gengsheng, she suddenly exclaimed, "Is this your friend!"

"No," I replied, "My younger sister."

She exclaimed in a low voice, "Oh, the world really has such a thing as a beautiful woman."

I was surprised, "What?"

"You sister is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life," she said softly.

"Really?" I laughed, "Then the beautiful women you have seen are really limited. She is just a bit pretty, a spoiled rotten apple."

Rose, with a head full of curly hair, straightened up and looked at me and asked, "Big brother, are you still playing?"

I confessed, "No more."

Rose saw Su Gengsheng beside me and immediately understood. She laughed, "This sister——"

"Call her Miss Su Gengsheng," I said quickly.

"No, just call me Su Gengsheng, my friends all call me that," Su Gengsheng said kindly~

Chapter 2 The Story of Rose Part One: Rose 2

"Hello," Rose said, winking.

She deliberately came over and squeezed in between the two of us to sit.

At that moment, the rain started to pour, and I smelled the unique scent of the grass in the rain. With the lady I liked by my side, I felt as happy as I could be, wishing that moment would never pass.

That night, I said to my younger sister, "It's like a burst of sparks; I know I've found her."

"You don't even know her yet," Rose said.

"I've known her for a lifetime," I replied, "I just met her today."

"You're speaking so mysteriously; I can't understand you at all."

"Naturally, you wouldn't understand," I said.

"But I like her; I have a feeling she'll be good to me, just like you are," Rose said.

The summer arrived, and Su Gengsheng and I became good friends. We celebrated Rose's sixteenth birthday together.

Su Gengsheng and I arranged to meet at the office building.

Zhou Shihui criticized my girlfriend, "It's stran


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