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the sicilian mobster and the virgin

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Giovanna a sweet and naive girl who works to support herself, she lives with her aunt Lucía a mean and cruel woman. But the worst is yet to happen, when Lorenzo a mobster with a thirst for revenge crosses his path, Giovanna is the daughter of the man who killed Lorenzo's father, and even though he is not to blame for his father's actions, Lorenzo, blinded by hatred, kidnaps her to get your revenge.But he falls in love with her and will have to choose between hate and love.It will not be an easy task for both, together they faced great challenges, and several enemies to live this love

Chapter 1

Giovanna Rich 21 years old, hardworking, kind and dreamy Giovanna Rich 21 years old, sweet, sweet, dreamy and kind. Lorenzo, 29 years old, ruthless mobster is without love to anyone. Giovanna: today my day was very busy, I worked at the house cofe, the whole day, and I'm very tired. However, I'm happy, I'm managing to save some money to move out of my aunt Lucia's house, I stayed with her after my father died. She keeps throwing it in my face that she won't accept me in her house for a long time. I also don't want to live there for a long time, I want to go to college, build my life gradually. I know it won't be easy, but I won't give up on my goals. If I have to work day and night, I will. I leave the house and decide to walk home, the night is cold, after walking for a long time, I get home, I find it strange, because I see that there are two cars parked in front of our house, the door is open, I go in and turn to face with a man sitting on the sofa in the living room, and my aunt sitting on the other sofa. I got scared, looked at my aunt and asked her what's going on here? Then the man with the cold and dark face, gets up with a revolver in his hand, looks at my aunt and says: Lorenzo:_ so is this cursed daughter of that b*st*rd who killed my father? Lucia:_it's her, she's Alfredo's daughter! Lorenzo:_ then she will pay for it. Giovanna: I stand still without understanding what is going on, that man comes towards me, and I ask again what is going on? Lorenzo:_ you will pay for the crime of your poor father. Giovanna:_ what crime? Aunt, what is this crazy talking about? Lucía: _ his father, Giovanna, he worked for the mafia and betrayed them thus causing the death of the boss, his father hid for years, until he died leaving you behind my back. Giovanna:_ boy, I don't know what my father did, but it's not my fault, leave me alone! Lorenzo: hush, or I'll kill you right here! You will come with me, and you will pay for your father's betrayal. If you try anything cute, I'll kill you both right now. Giovanna: the d*mn thing grabs me by the arm and throws me into the car, points the gun in my direction, making me cringe all over, he stares at me and says: Lorenzo: don't try to do anything, you've been warned! Giovanna: I stay quiet the whole way, I cry in silence for not knowing what this monster is going to do to me. Is what this b*st*rd is saying true? I get out of my thoughts, when the car stops, the madman opens the car door pulls me out and drags me towards a beautiful house! He comes out dragging me inside, I start to get desperate, I'm so scared! As soon as we got in, he pulled me to a basement where there was a – a lot of torture devices, my eyes widened, I started to struggle, when he threw me on the floor and left, leaving me locked in that place. Lorenzo: my hatred is so great that my will is to kill that poor woman, but according to my investigators, her father is not dead, he is very much alive! And I won't have peace until I find him, and that girl will be my bait. The unfortunate man never spoke of his daughter, he really didn't think we were going to find out about her existence. I am filled with hatred, I will not have peace until I avenge my father's death, I swore on his grave and I will fulfill it. **meanwhile... Giovanna: I'm sitting down, cold, I'm very hungry, on drugs, what a life I have, I don't deserve to be going through all this. And worst of all is knowing that the culprit is my own father, the man I've always admired. So I end up falling asleep. Lorenzo: I go into my office and grab a drink, and I start to remember my father dying in my arms, all because of that unfortunate traitor. I call Santos, I ask how the torture of the unfortunate is going, caught up in the conflict with the rival mafia, he tells me that the miserable is tough to fall, so I tell Santos to take it hard, because any information we will serve. Then I turn off the cell phone and turn on the TV and watch the damned's daughter, lying in the fetal position. My desire is to go down there, it's to kill her, but I need to contain my anger, if I don't control myself I won't be able to use it to hit him, I turn off the TV, I go to my room, I take a hot bath, it takes time, I try to relax, but I can't, the scene of my father's death keeps hammering in my mind. After the shower I sit on the bed, take another bottle of drink and start drinking, until the bottle is dry. I put on some clothes, and I go to Selena's house. As soon as I arrive she already knows what I want, so she comes looking like a dog in heat, I start to f*ck her without mercy, that's how I stay the whole night, when dawn comes, I put on my clothes and I leave. . I go straight home, go into my room, take a shower and lie down to see if I can get some sleep. Giovanna: I ended up turning it off, because the cold and the tiredness were very great, I ended up getting scared with a mouse passing me by the pool, I was scared with the animal, which is very big. After the scare I can't sleep again, my fingers are stiff, the cold makes it difficult for me to breathe, it's a good thing I'm well wrapped up.

Chapter 2

Lorenzo: I woke up because I got back at two in the afternoon, I got up, brushed my teeth, and went down to the basement to see the girl. As soon as I open the door I see her unconscious, so I go to her, I throw water on her, she got scared and started to shiver from the cold. Giovanna: I get scared with the asshole throwing a bucket of water at me, I can't contain myself, I go towards him, I get close enough, and I slap him in the face, he, grabbed me by the hair, grabbed a knife from the table torture, and put it on my neck, I clearly saw the hatred in his eyes, so I didn't beg him, I faced him the same way and said: Giovanna: if you intend to kill me, do it at once, don't be threatening if he couldn't comply, let's kill me at once, what are you waiting for? If you blame me for the mistakes of others, then kill me once and for all. The wretch throws me to the ground so hard that he ends up hitting his head and fainting. Lorenzo: who does this bitch think s


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