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  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: sileda
  • Chapters: 25
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 797
  • 7.5
  • 💬 2


The deliberate omission of the wise words of an old man led Jade, a very beautiful, determined young village girl with an adventurous and rebellious spirit, after a trivial disagreement with her sister Sofía and her friend Evelin; to get lost in a semi-inhospitable jungle. In the middle of the jungle, she experienced some slight vicissitudes and plunged into revealing dreams that kept her on edge for three days, when she was rescued. After a sobering punishment handed down by her mother, Jade's stubborn determination to win Frank, her idyllic love, has been cut short. She stops at nothing and achieves her goal, which she thought was a chimera, becoming the girlfriend of her great love. After some time, she finds that the boy of her dreams is a weak, insecure and manageable being by her mother and sister, who do the unimaginable to break a relationship that, from their petty points of view, does not suit her. To his son; which occurs, after the cowardice of a man who did not know how to value true love. After that resounding failure Jade did not stop believing, like the congenital romantic and dreamer that she was, in love and decided to flow into a new stage, meet new people; she started accepting dates and going out with boys. There were several attempts to find the ideal love, until finally, in a fortuitous moment, she met Mateo, feeling smitten by Cupid from that moment on and, as was her persevering personality, she decided to conquer who from that moment would go down in history. , finally considered his true love. Jade achieved her goal, in complicity with her best friend, Silvia. It was a love like few others, which loomed immortal, perpetual. After Silvia's tragic death, Jade falls into a deep depression, she feels that nothing and nobody matters to her and that nobody cares about her. She was submerged in the emptiness caused by depressive disorders, she lost track of time and feelings. Jade stopped feeling and dreaming, she moved away from everything, even from her great love whom she unconsciously pushed away from her side, trapped in the mud of the monumental uncertainty she had suffered. Mateo decides to walk away and end that idyllic marriage that was foreshadowed on the way to the altar. Not even science managed to get her afloat from the quagmire where she was submerged by mourning. It was not until his alter ego appeared, who made him see the reality of life; but at that time he felt that he had already lost everything, he is special, to his great love. Jade finally found herself again and forgiveness and the desire to fight for a dream, she was able to bring out a love that never ceased to exist. Love could completely overcome everything. Just when he thought everything was happy, a strange phenomenon occurred. That alter ego took over his soul completely and transferred it to another body, in another time and in another love.


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