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The Professor

The Professor

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Katherine has to grow up in the most prim and perfect life that her parents have set up for her, very luscious, very in your face, very grim for Katherine. When they find out she doesn't want to go to Ivy League schools they are hurt. Little do they know their underage daughter is going to bars and.... mingling with a professor? Life will turn upside down for Katherine in a short period of time. Watch to see as her life changes before her eyes in a whirlwind and how she has to chose which path she should continue.. it will keep you on your toes.

The Graduation

"So let's hit that bar tonite girls"

Katherine's phone vibrates as she finished getting her beautiful graduation dress on. Her parents gave her the Lincoln for the day last week and she took her friends to the upscale mall a few cities over. They tried on at least 10 dresses each before she found the one she wanted. The dress is a topaz blue, as it highlights her ice blue eyes. It only goes to her thighs and the neck line is debatably appropriate for a school graduation. She put it on and it fit perfectly and she did not have one care about how the school would feel.

She walked out in it and her friends drooled over how good she looked. Her auburn hair flowed down her back and complimented the way the dress looked on her. She sashayed over to the mirror and couldn't help but gasp. This was it.


"Linsey do u have my ID???" She typed back to her friends in the group chat. She finished up getting ready and got in the car with her parents. Her father worked for Apple so he always wore expensive suits and had the most updated technology. He had the same auburn coloured hair as her, although his eyes were more grey than blue. Everyone said she looked just like her mother. Her mothers long auburn hair was now done up in a tight bun and her beautiful blue eyes were surrounded by gold eyeshadow. She always strived to be beautiful like her mother, something she had always worked hard for.

Her mother looked back at her in the car, "Darling, don't forget to sit straight and legs stay closed. Where are those stilettos I just bought you?" She looked up from her phone and down at her feet. She could never walk in heels like those so she decided the 3 inch silver heels were best. She brought the stilettos just in case.

"I'm sorry mother, I'll put them on when we get there okay?" Her mother glanced at the box and nodded. "Don't forget them Katherine."

She sighed and looked out the window as they drove to her private school. Yes, the most expensive private school was what her parents wanted for her. To be the most popular and well endowed woman there. Of course her parents got what they wanted. Once they found out she was going to community college her mother fainted and her fathers face went bright red. She expected them to react like that so when graduation came she dressed how her mother wanted, looked and acted how her mother wanted because as soon as she was done with that private school? She was gone.

"Betty, don't forget the flask." She typed one final message to her friends as her parents pulled up in front of the old Italian-style building. The gate was a beautiful gold shade. They always painted it and waxed it every year. The brick walls surrounding the school and the gardens was covered in wild vines and beautiful rose bushes. She once tried to hop the wall and unfortunately landed in a rose bush. Her parents were not happy when she came home bleeding and filled with thorns. Her mother got angry because she had a photo shoot scheduled the next day for Vogue magazine. Just imagine how angry she must have been then and now that she has to tell them she's moving into her own apartment? She's not sure how they'll take that...

The After Party

Katherine walked across the stage, accepted her diploma along with 10 other mindless awards, flashing her brightest and most fake smile. She almost fell down the stairs wearing the stilettos her mother insisted she wore but caught herself before anyone noticed. But of course, her mother noticed and had to chastise her for a half an hour after the graduation was done. If that hadn't put Katherine in an even worse mood, her father answering a phone call as she went up on stage started the downward spiral. He didn't watch her walk across, didn't listen to her valedictorian speech, didn't listen to any awards she won.

As the graduation settled down and everyone started leaving Katherine tried to avoid her parents and found her two best friends, Betty and Linsey.

They both went to this crazy expensive private school with her, only their parents weren't villains trying to run their lives. Linsey was a goddess. She had long blonde locks that sat at her


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