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The One Night Stand

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Connor came back home drunk one midnight and had his way with one of the maids, Nancy, who they both secretly have feelings for each other. She got pregnant. Despite being in a serious relationship with his childhood friend, Diane, there was pressure to marry Nancy because of the unborn child as the Martins' family never abandon their flesh and blood. How will Connor and Nancy who hate each other so much make this work?

Chapter 1

Nancy's lips curved into a smile as she approached her bedside drawer. She opened the drawer and took out her phone. It wasn't a fancy one. In fact, it was almost dead with a rubber band holding the battery just so the phone would be in one piece. She knew she needed another cell phone but it just wasn't a priority right now.

She plopped down on the edge of her bed and dialed the number she had been wanting to hear from since morning.

The person on the other end picked up after a few rings.

"My love,"

Nancy's smile got bigger when the calm voice came through.

"Hi Daddy, How are you?"

"I'm fine. Thought you were not going to call tonight."

"Sorry about that. There were just so many chores to do. That's why I didn't call earlier."

"Are you sure you're fine? Are they treating you well over there? Are you eating well? You know you can always come back home? We miss you and I promise we will find a way to make things work. I don't mind looking for an extra job."

Nancy's heart melted and she felt tears welling up in her eyes, making her remember how much she missed her family.

"I'm fine, Dad. And yes, I'm treated well. I mean, we don't have problems with the boss as long as we do what we are meant to do. We are also being fed well. I told you before that I have my own room and bathroom which is cool." Nancy said, remembering She and her brothers shared a room back home.

"Yes, you said so. But I've heard stories about these rich people and how they treat their domestic staff rudely. I really hope you're telling me the truth. I know you want to help us, dear but it will make me so sad if you're treated unfairly over there."

"The Martins' are not like that, Dad. They are really good people. Yeah, their kids can be bossy because of the fame and wealth but it's cool as long as we don't do anything to upset them. We hardly even relate with them. We only receive orders from Mrs. Martin and the housekeeper."

"I'm definitely not going to work here forever but the pay is attractive so let me just stay here for now until we are able to gather enough money to pay off the debts and live fine."

"The month is going to end in three days and I'll be paid my first salary. I'm excited about it. We will be able to pay Mr. Bruno his money and you can use the rest for kylan and David's tuition and also for food in the house."

"Thank you so much, Nancy. You've sacrificed so much for us that sometimes I feel like a failure. I promised your mom that I was going to take good care of you all but I can't even live up to the expectation. You should be in college, chasing your dreams but here you are, working so hard, just to put food on our table. Your mother must be so disappointed in me."

"Please don't say that, Dad. You've done a lot for us already. If you were not sick I'm sure you would have more than three jobs right now. I love you so much, Dad and God knows I couldn't have asked for a better parent. I'm not going to work here forever, remember? Once I make enough money here, I'll resign, then start college."

"How did I get so lucky to have you for a daughter?"

"Please don't cry, Dad." She could hear him sniffle. Nancy tried her best not to get emotional too.

"I know this is not the life you want for us but everything will be fine."

"I know. Thank you for being a strong girl."

Nancy smiled. "Thank you for always having my back."

"How are my brothers doing?" She smiled sadly, remembering how much she missed those two little monsters who were always fighting themselves under her watch.

"They are fine. They are cleaning the kitchen."

"My regards to them."

"All the staff here get the weekend off once in two months. I'll probably spend the time off with you all."

"And we will be so happy to have you here, my love."

"It's good to hear from you, Dad. But I have to go now since I have to be up early in the morning. I'll talk to you tomorrow."

"Goodnight, Dad."

"Goodnight, Angel."

Nancy ended the call and kept her phone back in the drawer.

She suddenly found herself feeling thirsty. Taking a look at the table in her room, She saw that the jug was empty.

Nancy sighed as she rose to her feet and approached the table. She took the jug, then exited the room to go fill it with water.

There was a kitchen in the staff quarters where the domestic staff cooked their food and had their own meals. The kitchen had an adjoined door that led to the main kitchen of the mansion, purely for cooking meals for the homeowners.

Nancy went to the staff kitchen. She met no one there, not that she was expecting to bump into anyone because everyone must have retired to their rooms since they all have to be up early.

Nancy helped herself with a glass of water after which she went ahead to fill her jug with water from the tap.

She was about to leave the kitchen when she heard a loud sound of something shattering on the floor.

Nancy stopped in her tracks, staring at nothing in particular. The noise was followed by another sound of something shattering on the floor again.

Looking very concerned, She placed her jug on the table and proceeded to the where the noise was coming from. The adjoined door. She opened the door and her eyes widened at what she saw.

Her Boss's only son stood beside the counter, holding a knife which he was staring at as though he wanted to end his life. 

Beside him, on the counter and on the floor were broken glasses of a bottle of wine and glass cups, with the wine liquid spilled all over the floor.

"" She screamed but it was too late as he cut his left wrist with the knife

"Fuck?! What the?"

"Are you insane?!!" She literally yelled at him, not caring if he was her Boss's child or something."

Thinking of what to do, her eyes scanned the kitchen, mostly around where Connor was. She sighed and started taking slow steps to where he was by the counter, with her eyes carefully on the floor not to step on any broken bottle.

The moment she got to him, she went ahead to collect the knife which he held with his right hand.

"Give it to me...." She mumbled, struggling to collect the utensil from him. But seeing that he wouldn't budge, Nancy stepped on his right foot with all her might.

"Fuck!!!" He mumbled in pain as the knife fell to the floor. Nancy quickly bent, picked the knife, and tossed it into the sink.

" you realize who you are messing with?" He slurred.

"Just shut your mouth, Connor!!!" Even though it was evident that he was bigger than her, She took his hand in hers and pulled him away from the position he stood.

"God, are you insane?!" They were away from the broken glasses now and she could see how blood was gushing from his wrist.

"Watch your tone, young woman. I'm high doesn't mean I've lost my senses"

"Yeah, I can see that! You're in your right mind and that was why you cut yourself!!! How old are you again? 12?"

"I'm warning you?" He groaned at her.

Nancy glared at Connor for a few seconds after which she dashed into the store in the kitchen and came back almost immediately with a first aid box.

She placed the box on the counter, ready to attend to him.

"You gonna allow me or you wanna keep bleeding?"

She was about to leave his side when he stretched out his wrist.

Nancy glared at him before reaching for the nearest necessary item in the box. She cleaned the wound, and applied some spirit after which she placed a bandage on it.

Connor didn't flinch throughout the process. Perhaps because he was high or because he was used to pain.

Nancy stared at him when she was done.

"What?!" He said in disgust.


"What do you mean?"

"Thank you?!" She reminded him, wondering where his manners were, before remembering that he probably doesn't have one.

"I didn't beg for it!" He said, loud and clear.

"Okay?! She mumbled, taking the first aid box back to the store.

Soon enough, Nancy appeared with some cleaning items including the broom and dustpan to clean the mess he made. It took her a while but she finally finished it.

Returning the cleaning items to their station, Nancy reached for her jug and turned around to take her leave.

"Wait!!!!" He finally spoke after watching her in silence.

She rolled her eyes but eventually turned around to face him.

"" He was saying, finally standing up from where he sat, he missed a step that made him almost fall.

Nancy was able to put the jug aside on time and went to his aid before he landed on the bare floor.

"What the hell has come over you? Why do you have to make such a mess of yourself?" At that point, Nancy was pissed. She couldn't believe this man was making her lose her beauty sleep when she would have to be up early in the morning.

"What the hell happened to you today? You've got a good life, you literally don't need to do anything stressful because you have everything on a platter of gold. You've got only one job which is to stay alive and here you are, you can't even do your job well!!!!!" Nancy literally yelled at him as she helped him up.

"It's easier for you to sit behind the curtain and judge."

"You come back home late at night, drunk, come straight to the kitchen, break a few bottles, cause a mess, cut your wrist, and what did that solve?"

"You can obviously do better, Mr. Martin."

Knowing he was going to cause some nuisance if she left him there, She decided to assist him to his room.

"I know how to walk. You know, right?" He said the moment they were out of the kitchen.

"Yeah, says someone that almost ran into the kitchen stove." She glared at him and continued moving, ignoring how heavy it was. It was really late, almost midnight and she didn't want him to cause any commotion.

Chapter 2

Connor's father, Aaron Martin was a very disciplined man and she knew Connor was going to be in a lot of trouble if the old man saw him like that. For someone who took reputation seriously, Aaron sure was going to give his Son a heavy piece of his mind.

Considering how muscular and heavy Connor was, Nancy was glad there was an elevator which made taking him to his room a lot easier. Connor's room was the last on the left wing and after what felt like forever, they got there.

Connor's room was like an apartment on its own. It had everything one could think of to make a modern room. It also had an exit that led to the pool area/ personal lounge.

The moment she helped him into his room, Nancy turned around to take her leave.

"Wait!!!" He said in a commanding tone and she had no choice but to answer him.


Nancy Internally rolled her eyes but did as he said. She went to his nightstand, poured water from the jug into the glass cup, and brought i


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