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The Mafias’ Broken principesse

The Mafias’ Broken principesse

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Follow the lives of two sisters who had been dwelling in a life of pains and miseary, suffering From PTSD and had been sexually abused, but just at their stage of giving up, fate brought them together and they discovered they were not only born twins but they have older brothers. And who are their brothers? The de'costas. The most powerful and feared mafia empire in Italy. The are best known as THE DE' Costa BROTHERS. What happened when they discovered they have two kid sisters who are broken beyond repair? Will they accepts them?? FIND OUT in The mafias’ principesse

Chapter 1

curled up on my bed, my pencil danced around the surface Of my sketchbook. Aside from the fact that I was given the assignment to sketch a rose flower and label it, drawing is my hobby. Anytime I feel sad, depressed, nervous, or scared, I draw. And at this moment, I am all of them.

the creaking sound of the door made my heart sink into my stomach. Followed by a footstep and when I turn to face the door, I was met with Dennis's irate gaze.

God I..thought I bolted the door.

"So here you are little sister." He smirked. My heart throbbed inside my ribcage as he starts walking toward me on the bed.

"You don't seem quite happy to see me, got a problem with me??" He said and he leaned on my bed, my back was glued to the wall as I couldn't shift back anymore. I shook my head no.

"Now repeat all you told Vivian in school today..." he growled at me and like magic, his eyes had turned red.

I know I'm just dead.


I was sitting in my seat in class busy reading a novel since we were on break.

I spotted Vivian, Dennis's girlfriend.

she matched into our class and walked straight to my seat fuming in rage and I wondered why.

"Hey, you little brat where's Dennis??" She barked tapping her hands on my desk.

"I ... I don't know.." I replied swallowing a lump. She gripped my collars so tight that I was almost choking.

"Don't you dare cover for him? Tell me where the fuck he is." She yelled while clutching my collars.

Okay okay I get it they are having a conflict now but I don't know where he is and even if I know, I'm not that dumb to tell her thereby getting myself in trouble.

"I don't know Okay? He...he..could be ... in" I stuttered already short of air and the moment she freed me I started gasping for air.

"Fine then. Did you see Zara in your house yesterday??" She asked calmly.

Yesterday was the Weekend and to my brothers, every weekend calls for a party. They had a party with most of their friends and I remembered spotting Zara.

"Yes...I saw her." I answered honestly.

"I said it..." she spat. "That brother of yours is a whore, a dirty flirt, and a cheat. Both him and Zara better get ready for me." And with that, she walks off at an angry pace.

Registering what she just spewed, I know I just got myself into big-time trouble with Dennis.

Flashback ends.

"I am sorry, it's not what you think I can explain." My voice trembled as my lips were shaking vigorously.

"You can explain?? Do you know the gravity of what you did? Became of you I might have to lose V.V for good..." he barked at me, raw anger sparked in his eyes. This side of him always makes me scared for life.

"I...I'm sorry please forgive me.." I started apologizing in tears rubbing my palms together but as usual, it fell on deaf ears.

"I'm so going to teach you a lesson so next time you'll know how to stick your nose in your own business." He left me on the bed and start looking around. And when his hand grip the whip, a gasp flew out of my mouth.

I know what's going to happen next.

I'm still having fresh bruises all over my body all because my brothers and I can't accommodate anymore at least not soon.

Dennis asked me to lay flat on the bed and I obediently did. he started lashing me on my back without mercy.

I cried and begged him to stop but he kept going.

When he got tired of using the whip, he dragged me by my hair and started hitting my head Against different objects.

Blood was running down my face and all I could feel was raw pains.

Everything hurts, I continue begging him but he didn't stop.

You may be wondering why my brother is being this fiendish on me.

Well, we all used to be happy together but things took a new shape after dad's death.

Let's just say I killed dad because Dad died trying to save me.

All three brothers who use to be the fund of me, all turned into my worst nightmare.

As a result of dad death, I was most affected, I was practically depressed and traumatic each time I remember how dad died because of me for that reason mum became closer to me, and since I'm the last child, I probably craved for more comfort.

But my brothers misunderstood the situation, they believe my mum loves me more than them. I mean I killed dad but I was the one given much care. Hence they started bullying me.

They use every opportunity to beat me up.

Each time mum scolds them, they beat me up mercilessly and force me to lie to mum about how I got my bruises.

When they are angry or sad, I become their pouching bag. In short, My brothers derive joy in bullying me.

Dennis continued beating me and when I couldn't bear it anymore, I felt my whole body go numb and darkness welcomed me.

I passed out.

When I woke up I found myself in a hospital room. My head was bandaged and some of my brushes were plastered. Dennis was the one who had taken me for treatment and he threatened me to fake a lie when mum demands how I got the world. Which I did. I told mum that I fell down the stairs and my brothers took me to the hospital.

Mum praised them but she scolded me for being clumsy and tells me to be careful next time. My brothers were all happy about it.

This kept going on as a daily routine, my brothers maltreat me and still find ways to blame me while they took the glory. Though mum still loves me as ever she was beginning to grow more fond of them.

One certain Sunday, my brothers came to my room.

I thought they came to bully me as usual but to my surprise, they brought me a lot of goodies. Some nice dresses, bags, and shoes. They even added some junk to the bag.

When I asked them why they brought all these for me, Samson my eldest brother told me that we are all going out together so I should get dressed in a jiffy.

When they left different thoughts ran through my mind, I know this is unlike my brothers but not wanting to Ensure any punishment.

I started getting prepared.

I settled in a short cyan ball gown and black Kitten heels to match.

When I got out, I met my brothers waiting for me in the living room.

"Wow who could have thought our baby could look like a Princess." My youngest elder brother smiled. Not faked but genuine and it reminded me of the good old days when they use to be very much fun of me.

"Th..thank you." I took that as a compliment.

They asked me to follow them and I did.

They led me down to their car and I was baffled.

This is the same car they never allow me to enter.

They all hopped into the car but I remained outside.

"Cmon baby get in the car." Jake my immediate elder brother said sweetly.

But I shook my head no.

Now I was so scared what do they have in mind?

Samson asked me nicely to get in the car but again I refused.

Dennis tried but I refused.

The last time they were this nice, they almost sold me out to some mafias but lucky me, I was able to run what if that's their plan now?

"Get in the car now Clarissa. It's a command and not a plea." Samson growled. "And if you waste any more time, I won't only beat you to stupor, I'll lock you up in my wardrobe and leave you there to starve to death. I'm not joking" his eyes were dimming red and of course, I know he isn't joking.

They always do that to me so it's not new.

Taking a gulp, I immediately hopped into the car.

They all smiled at me, and Samson drove off.

They turned on a pop song and they were all dancing and chatting as Samson sped along the highway.

After a few minutes, Samson pulled over at a big building.

They all got out of the car and I followed them into the building.

Entering the building I was welcomed with loud blaring music, there were a lot of guys drinking and raking alcohol.

Skinny girls on just underwear were dancing to entertain the guys. I guess this is a party but the sight was just ugly.

Everyone was throwing hails at my brothers as I walked behind them through the crowd.

My head was down.

Soon we walked into two huge men who were smoking and drinking at the other end. . "Hey romano, Greg." Samson my eldest brother greets them with a handshake.

"What took you kids so long??" The man called Greg asked.

"We aren't kids." Dennis seethed.

"Whatever let's get down on business. Where's she?" Greg asked.

"Here" my brother motioned towards me and my heart leaped.

The two men grazed at me intently for a while.

"Damn, she's fucking sexy." Romano licked his lips and said.

My brothers smiled in satisfaction.

"It's not about being sexy, can she satisfy us?" Greg asked coldly.

"Sure why not," Jake said. The man nodded and handed them some money. Samson took and after counting it, he nodded.

He turns towards me and asked me to follow these men.

The men stood up and one of them wanted to take my wrist but I pulled back.

"You better behave and do as you are told," Dennis yelled at me and I felt tears crumbling to my eyes.

Helpless and defenseless, I followed the men till we got into a room. Deferent thoughts raced through my heart as I was Following them.

What are they going to do to me??

Have I been sold??

The moment we got in the room, Greg bolted the door while Romano led me to the bed.

He asked me to undress but I refused.

he gave me a right slap across my face and I quickly did as told.

When I was completely stuck naked, both of the men pushed me down to the bed.

I watched them go stuck naked and when they crawled toward me on the bed, they started touching me in some sensitive areas of my body.

I tried pushing them away but each time I did they would hit me so hard.

Greg told me they paid my brothers to have sex with me so I should behave or they will beat me up mercilessly.

As these men continue touching me, Uncontrollable tears were streaming down my eyes.

I was just 15 years old and Losing my virginity to two men on the same day was what I never Imagined.

And it is all thanks to my brothers.

I don't hate them, but I WISH I NEVER HAD BROTHERS.

Chapter 2

My brothers hatred for me have taken a new shape.

They no longer just bully me, but every weekend, they will ask me to dress up and take me out to men.

My body became their money making machine.

I wasn't only having bruises on my body now but my Virginia was all bruised cause of the sizes of dicks that fits in there.

Everything just hurt and It got to some extent I could no longer take it so I confronted mum at the kitchen one morning.

"Mother," I called softly as I walked into the kitchen. Mum turned round to face me.

"Good morning baby. You are awake." She gave me a smile and I just nodded as I walked in fuller.

"Why are you having bags under your eyes? Don't tell me you read overnight." Mum asked.

She knows I always read overnight but for weeks now I haven't even open my book.

The truth is I have been crying all through the night.

"I had assignment." I lied.


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