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The billionaires contract wife

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Football is my life. But when I'm threatened with being fired for my bad reputation, I need to find a way to clean up my act. Enter Alice Gilbert, the woman I can't stand. She's beautiful, intelligent, and everything I'm not. But she's also willing to help me save my job by pretending to be my fiancée for 10 months. At first, it's easy to keep our relationship a secret. But as we spend more time together, it becomes harder and harder to pretend that we're not falling for each other. When the truth finally comes out, it could ruin everything. But I'm willing to risk it all for the woman I love.

Chapter 1

Allow me to express my thoughts with directness and clarity. I believe that there exists no alternative manner in which to express this sentiment. Our public relations team has expressed concerns regarding your perceived behavior, suggesting that it may be inappropriate and not aligned with our professional standards. This situation is detrimental to the reputation of our brand.

The information conveyed by my boss today was not aligned with my initial expectations.

Anticipating my arrival at the office, I prepared to formally tender my resignation and finalize the contractual agreement with the team. The proposed modifications are minimal, except for a more substantial financial remuneration. That is not the situation.

I must clarify, Damon, that I am not taking offense. However, I am curious as to the precise meaning behind your words.

Damon. Cain gingerly passes his fingers through his graying and receding hair. His gaze shifts from the paper between us on the diminutive wooden table before returning to meet my own.

I regret to inform you, Scott, that we are not considering extending your contract. The proposed course of action entails your completion of the remaining portion of the season, followed by a subsequent separation from the LA Stallions. Upon your departure, you will be equipped with commendable references. Any team would be delighted to have you as their running back.

I find myself facing difficulties in comprehending the information being conveyed by Damon. Regrettably, it appears that my contract will not be renewed. I possess an excessive inclination toward promiscuity. I am experiencing difficulty comprehending the concept at hand. Why is the significance of my life actions so substantial? Throughout my tenure, I have consistently demonstrated exceptional qualities as a representative for our esteemed team, Damon. I have achieved considerable success in my interviews. I have diligently undertaken many charitable endeavors, fulfilling every conceivable request. Are you indicating that you are prepared to discard me based on my circumstances? That statement lacks credibility.

Scott, let us endeavor to resolve our differences amicably. Typically, no words would be uttered. You can pursue romantic relationships with whomever you choose during your leisure hours. Nevertheless, our esteemed public relations team has recently acquired knowledge regarding an individual from your past who intends to pen a revealing memoir chronicling her experiences in your esteemed company. Upon becoming aware of this information, we thoroughly assessed your background, leading us to the unequivocal determination that you pose a significant risk to our organization and our esteemed brand."

The unmistakable expression of annoyance is evident upon my countenance. I am astounded by the information that has reached my ears. The situation at hand arises from the belief held by a certain individual with whom I share a history that she possesses the ability to derive financial gain by incorporating my identity into her literary work. I have reservations regarding the likelihood of anyone perusing its contents.

I run my fingers through my hair, endeavoring to maintain my composure to the best of my ability. I am inclined to refrain from exhibiting an outburst that could potentially escalate the situation and result in a more conspicuous display. I am utterly astounded by the information that has reached my ears. I must assert that the statement conveyed is undeniably the epitome of absurdity.

Is there any possibility for this situation to be altered? Is there any possibility that you would reconsider your decision if I were to perform exceptionally well this season?" I inquire.

I am confident in my ability to perform at a high level, regardless of circumstances. I possess exceptional proficiency in my field of expertise. However, perhaps by enhancing my performance, Damon's perspective could be altered.

A deep exhalation escapes his lips. Scott, your exceptional skills as a player are truly commendable. It is evident to both parties involved that such knowledge is shared. Regrettably, our decision remains unaltered. The sole factor that could potentially influence our decision is a complete transformation on your part if you demonstrate that you possess qualities beyond your unfortunate choices in romantic partners.

His statement implies my desire to establish a more stable and committed lifestyle. He requests that I modify my identity to align more closely with the desired "image" he envisions for his team. The statement provided is entirely unfounded and lacks credibility.

Do you truly anticipate my ability to establish a long-term commitment with another individual within what timeframe? Is it possible that it has been seven months? I express my disbelief with a dismissive scoff.

As Damon's words resurface, his voice resonates with an unmistakable doubt, "Scott, I harbor no expectations from you."

That provides me with all the necessary information. There is a prevailing sentiment that I am not anticipated to undergo any transformation. The presentation of this option is merely an attempt to create the illusion of choice, to give the impression that they are not simply discarding me.

I strive to maintain composure and coherence to the best of my abilities. I am desirous of expressing my discontent as I inquire whether this is the level of recognition I am afforded after dedicating numerous years to my endeavors. Instead, I make a conscious effort to maintain a state of tranquility.

I would greatly appreciate it if you could rewrite my text more professionally. Thank you! I comprehend the information provided. I express my gratitude for providing me with this information, Damon. I shall rendezvous with you at the pre-season soirée.

I afford him no opportunity to retract or gracefully exit this situation. I am disinclined to give him the impression that I accept this situation, as I am not.

I am currently unaware of a viable solution to this predicament. I am currently engaged in the process of working on that particular task.

I would be delighted to assist you in rewriting your text to reflect a more professional tone. Please provide me

Did he genuinely make that statement? That is quite alarming, my friend.

It became evident to me that my perspective was not unique. Before I can utter a word, Steve proceeds with his discourse.

I know that conventional employers can terminate employees based on their personal lives. Still, I am curious if an individual such as Damon would be subject to the same circumstances.

With a calm gesture, I casually lift my beverage from the bar's smooth surface. It appears that the outcome holds no significance. He has firmly resolved his thoughts. To compel him to reconsider extending my contract, I must profoundly transform my behavior and mindset.

Steve Haynes has been my dearest and most cherished companion for an extensive period. Let us journey back to the hallowed halls of our collegiate institution, specifically to the inception of our academic journey during our first year. We both underwent the rigorous process of rushing the same fraternity, forging a deep bond as we endured the arduous challenges presented to us.

In my personal opinion, referring to individuals as one's "best friend" can be perceived as somewhat juvenile. It evokes memories of the vibrant young girls on the playground, skillfully intertwining strands of thread to create intricate friendship bracelets while making heartfelt vows of eternal camaraderie.

I do not harbor any expectations of maintaining a lasting closeness with Steve. I am confident that in due time, the trajectory of life will unfold, leading to the inevitable parting of ways between the two of us. I am confident that it will be arriving soon. I may need to relocate from Los Angeles to secure alternative employment opportunities.

I will relish the companionship for as long as it endures.

"So, what course of action do you intend to pursue?" he inquires.

Once more, I nonchalantly raise my shoulders, swiftly consuming the remaining golden-hued liquid within my glass before responding.

Endure it? Let us envision the unfolding of this season, wherein Damon shall realize the profound loss he is about to incur as he witnesses the departure of the most exceptional running back he shall ever have the privilege of acquiring. The stark reality shall prompt this realization that Damon's advanced age and disconnection from the current trends render him incapable of recognizing and appreciating the unparalleled talent that is about to slip through his grasp. Shall I seek solace in the depths of another glass of whiskey?

With a swift motion, I elegantly snap my fingers toward the bartender, capturing his attention. Silently, I motion toward my glass, refraining from uttering a single word.

Are you surrendering? The statement provided bears little resemblance to Scott Davis, with whom I am acquainted.

I express my disbelief with a dismissive scoff. It is not a matter of surrendering, Steve. Understanding that this is a conflict in which victory is unattainable. I find myself faced with a rather restricted range of choices in this particular situation. You were not present in the room. The unmistakable expression of finality was etched upon his countenance as he informed me of the decision not to extend my contract. I shall not alter my behavior unless compelled to do so."

After a considerable delay, the bartender eventually approaches our vicinity. Silently, he replenishes my glass with a generous pour of whiskey, followed by a similar gesture for Steve, before seamlessly resuming his ongoing conversation.

Are you suggesting a change in your behavior? Steve nonchalantly presents the idea as if it were a simple task, as though it could be effortlessly accomplished within a matter of months. I find myself unable to do anything but cast a piercing gaze in his direction, a precursor to the inevitable eruption of laughter that ensues between the two of us.

It is highly unlikely that such an occurrence would ever transpire. However, I decided to go along with it.

And what, may I inquire? Are you planning to get married tomorrow? I express my exasperation by rolling my eyes. Steve, you have overlooked a significant aspect of this matter. I am seeking to establish a committed partnership with a suitable female companion. Do you genuinely believe that Damon will make the purchase?

A palpable silence descends upon us, enveloping the space between us. Each of us delicately raises our glasses to our lips, engrossed in the depths of our contemplations. Steve shatters the prevailing silence.

I believe it is within your capability to succeed in making him. Consider the scenario wherein you establish a committed relationship with an individual with characteristics fundamentally inconsistent with your personal preferences. It is a widely held belief that your romantic interests primarily consist of individuals from the modeling and socialite spheres. Imagine the scenario where you embark on a romantic relationship with a -"

Are you a bibliophile? Are you a scientist?

Steve nonchalantly rolls his eyes.

No, you imbecile. Consider the hypothetical scenario of engaging in a romantic relationship with another individual.

He utters those words, and in unison, we both succumb to fits of laughter once more. I hold myself to exacting standards when selecting a romantic partner, making it challenging to consider individuals who may be deemed 'ordinary' or 'conventional.' I am not acquainted with any women who could be considered conventional.

Am I willing to compromise my true self to pursue a relationship with someone who conforms to societal norms?

Steve nonchalantly raises his shoulders in a gesture of indifference. It was an idea, Scott. One could potentially engage in the act of deception. Engage the services of an individual to assume the role of a conventional romantic partner until Damon acquires it. There exists a sufficient number of network romance movies that adhere to such a plot, and it has proven to be effective."

He is jesting. Although it is evident that Steve is joking, I find myself inexplicably preoccupied with his jest.

I delicately raise the glass to my lips, allowing the smooth, amber liquid to grace my palate again. Consider the possibility that Steve may possess a valid perspective. I am determined to retain my current employment and remain in the vibrant city of Los Angeles. I find great pleasure in the current environment. The entirety of my existence is contained within this place. Consider the hypothetical scenario in which I were to engage in faking competence for a limited duration of several months.

Frequently, celebrities engage in such activities, do they not? Is it possible to engage in a simulated romantic relationship for mutually advantageous outcomes? If I can secure the consent of a woman, albeit temporarily, until Damon agrees to extend my contract, there exists a distinct possibility that circumstances may align favorably in my favor.

However, I am unfamiliar with women who conform to societal norms. Merely disseminating an advertisement on the Internet is not a viable solution. I am searching for an individual who would benefit equally from this opportunity, just as I would. She must possess an ordinary demeanor devoid of any association with the modeling industry or burgeoning stardom in Hollywood.

I delicately raise the glass to my lips, allowing the liquid within to grace my palate once more. I may be acquainted with an individual who fits your criteria. She is merely an acquaintance, and I believe she harbors hatred towards me, albeit uncertainly.

Scott? Steve finally breaks the oppressive silence that has enveloped us. I find myself disapproving of the expression adorning your countenance. I sincerely hope that you are not contemplating the idea of engaging the services of a girlfriend to secure your employment."

With a decisive motion, I conclude the consumption of my libation, forcefully placing the glass onto the polished surface of the bar.

I would avoid engaging in a romantic relationship to preserve my professional position.

A visible expression of relief manifests on Steve's countenance upon hearing my statement, albeit fleetingly, until I append, "However, I possess a reasonable degree of confidence in my ability to feign proficiency."

Chapter 2

Despite my familiarity with waking up early, I continue to harbor an intense aversion to it. I find it challenging to maintain productivity throughout my workday, a circumstance that occurs on a near-daily basis. Regrettably, I am unable to allocate any time for personal leave.

Primarily, I am assigned to the morning shift. I reach the station promptly at three o'clock, diligently ensuring that the anchors appear presentable. The reality I face in Los Angeles is far from the opulent dream I envisioned upon relocating here. However, as is often the case, circumstances evolve.

I do not harbor any hatred toward my job, either. The rapport between my colleagues and me is amicable, and my boss holds a favorable opinion of me. Additionally, I have the privilege of encountering notable personalities weekly. The current situation does not align with the vision I had envisioned.

Was my performance satisfactory, Alice? I must admit," remarks Elena, one of the estee


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