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The last alpha

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Onyx was raised as a human and unaware of the truth of his identity. He started experiencing bizarre complications when a werewolf approaches him, his mate. Despite ignoring his fate as werewolf, onyx had his first shift in the woods and a wave of enormous power rises inside his body. Curious of his abilities, he went in search of finding the truth which was kept hidden from him. On his way to become the fated werewolf, Onyx made few friend and enemies but the one who is waiting for him patiently is yet to face him. What happens when Onyx realizes that he is the last Alpha of his clan and he is the only one who can save both the worlds from the doomsday.


The water spills and splashes beneath the feet of the running wolves, crossing the river to the border. The full moon rises in the sky, shining like a white pearl. It lightens the black woods where two rogues are running for their life.

The paddy feet are silent and alert in the direction they are heading, but the pack behind them is closer than they thought. The woods scream silently, and the dark souls are wide awake. The na?ve animals are hiding under the layers of earth, laying silently.

The rogues have crossed the borders of the Territory but their troubles are never ending.

“Markus! We can’t run away from this, not any longer. They are close and they will take the most precious thing from us.” Delfina cries.

Markus stops in the track, “we need time to think for an escape. I know the time is hard but it will pass. We oath to keep him protected under us, if we fail, the entire existence of black Alphas will go extinct.”

Delfina cries and wipes her tears. She transforms into her human form and reveals to be carrying a baby in a small basket.

“We might have crossed the borders but they can sense our breaths. If we stop breathing, they can’t detect us and we will protect him.” Delfina states.

“No! I can not allow you to do this. We will keep him safe. He is the future of Black Alpha clan and I will raise him.” Markus hisses.

“You are being stubborn, Markus. They have taken everything from you, your powers too. You can do nothing but this is our last chance. If you want to keep your son alive, we have to sacrifice ourselves.”

Markus stays silent, "I might have lost everything I owned but I still have you and my son. How can you say that easily to give up? You are my Luna and a Luna will remain the Alpha’s power.”

Delfina hugs Markus and they share a long romantic kiss before their break.

“Now, run and never look back for me. I will spare time for you to escape.” Markus states.

“That’s suicide, Markus!” Delfina utters in shock.

Markus points at his son, “he needs to stay alive, no matter what. Promise me one thing, that you will keep him safe. Hide him in the human world, they will never find him there.” He states, and Delfina nods her head in agreement.

Her eyes spoke fear but her heart said to be strong. She shifts in her wolf and runs away from the place. She knows that this was the last time she saw Markus, his mate and it will haunt her. She can’t help him being his luna but she has no choice.

Markus stands still on the foreign territory as he senses entities approaching him. He is alert with his will to face them. The pack of wolves encircles him and the leader steps out to initiate the conversation between them.

“Markus, the black Alpha has surrendered finally.” The wolf shifts into human form and throws venomous words at him.

Markus smirks and turns to face the bold and fearless Alpha of the rival pack, “who said I surrender? I am here to whoop your *ss.” He growls and shifts into a wolf.

Markus attacks Alpha and rips its throat, killing him on the spot. His eyes turn blood lusted, and he attacks other wolves. The stranded place turns into a bed of blood and bodies. Markus keeps on the fight until the one approaches him and hits on his head.

His vision blurs, and he falls on the ground. The big white foot of the wolf makes the other wolves bow down to him.

“Markus, you are nothing without your luna, so tell where she is?” he bends down and asks.

Markus chuckles and replies, “you will never find her.”

The big wolf punches Markus and asks, “this is the last time I Am asking you something because you will never hear a single word again.”

“Send the patrolling guards to find her, the alpha of this territory is a friend of mine and I am sure he will help us gladly.” The big wolf commands, and spit on Markus' face. “That petty b*tch hasn’t gone too far.”

“She is your Luna, and she knows how to take vacuous creatures like you.” Markus hisses but the big wolf clutches his neck and twists inhumanely.

“There will be only one Alpha, no Luna!”

Delfina runs wildly into the thin air of the dense wood. Her senses take her to the land of the humans but the distance she has to cover is full of obstacles. There is a sudden change in energy in the atmosphere which indicates the terrible result from the horrendous war between the supernaturals.

She stops and howls on the death of his mate; the pain pierces her chest which makes her extremely guilty of leaving him alone to fight the monsters. Her will is extinct with the battle of the thoughts but the loud cry of the baby in her hands distracts her and she focuses on what she was doing earlier, running away from the same monsters.

The real chase begins, now Delfina knows the battle is not over yet. With the energy left in her body, she runs for her life, for her son’s life. The more distance she will cover, the better it will be for the future of the clan.

Soon, she notices a truck near the lake and approaches there, quietly. There are few men, loading some boxes into the truck. Delfina, in her wolf form, places the little baby, wrapped in a swaddler, near the truck. She hides behind the bushes to see if anyone notices the baby.

After a while, a man comes to supervise the work done by his workers and notices the little baby crying. He gets confused and looks for anyone to ask. When he finds no one, he holds the baby and sings a lullaby to make him sleep peacefully.

He asks his men if the baby belongs to them but everyone shook their head. He wonders how the little baby can appear from nowhere to near his truck. As he wanders a little farther away from the cabin, he glances at a wolf sitting under a shady bush.

Something hits in his mind and he looks at the wolf carefully. We know the woods for the variety of wild animals but he sees the wolf for the first time in his entire career. Somehow, he can feel the pain of the wolf from his eyes.

He takes the baby with him and asks his workers to leave the cabin as soon as possible. He can’t take risks for the men working with him.

Delfina cries silently to see his baby getting away from her but that is the only way to keep him safe. She can’t reach the human land by herself so she handed the child to the humans. With a heavy heart, she leaves the place and wanders in the woods by accepting fate.

The ground beneath her feet vibrates with the motion of running paws. It makes her alert of the approaching enemy; she makes herself prepare for the battle. The utter silence of the woods is signaling the storm of fire.

“I am not hiding anymore! You can reveal yourself, brother.” Delfina states.

The big dangerous wolf appears out of nowhere and grabs Delfina from her neck, “I told you earlier that you will die a terrible death if you follow the same path as him. But you put the deaf ear on me. Now, see with your eyes, the beginning of the dark era!”

“When there is darkness, the light appears from somewhere to kill it. I am not afraid of the death, Tigor, because I have planted the seed of the light. Your darkness will fade when the true light will Luminate the shine.” Delfina states before passing out from the suffocation.


The woods and the fire, killing innocent animals, engulfing them inside. The horrendous view to slaughter makes a cub, shiver in fear. He runs without an aim in the black woods to find a shelter but his lungs are filled with smoke and gas by the fire started by an enemy wolf.

He is a big and dangerous wolf who gazes aggressively at the poor cub. The steady and firm steps approach the sacred cub and lashes at him with his sharp canines.

Suddenly, an adolescent man wakes up from the terrible dream and gasps for air.


The sweat drenched me from head to toe, as I woke up from the most terrible dream I saw last night. I rub my hands over my face, wiping the sweat away. My throat aches from dryness, and I gulp the water directly from the bottle.

The eyes hurt because of lack of sleep these days. No matter what, I try to sleep, I always wake up in the middle of the night seeing these dreadful dreams from a few days ago.

I got up from the bed and went


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