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The Hidden She-wolf

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My name is Salem Harpen. I'm eighteen years old. And I am the last member of my pack. The day I was born, my pack was secretly attacked and many of them were killed. My grandmother was lucky enough to escape with me into the depth of the forest. For eighteen years my grandmother and I have been dwelling secretly in the forest. Old age had soon taken over her and she was not strong anymore. The day she was taking her last breath. She made me make a promise to never leave our secret place. One day I had to. There was no more prey to hunt and I was slowly dying of hunger. I had to leave our secret place to survive. Seeing the outside world of the forest for the first. I was scared. I swiftly search for enough food to return to my safe place but unexpectedly I was captured by a pack of wolves for hunting on their land without any permission. New to the outside world I was clueless about such a rule. They chained me up and carry me away to be punished by their alpha. I cried. Was I the end of my entire pack?

CHAPTER 1 Our hiding place

I've always dreamed of leaving the depth of the forest to see the outside world and to be close to wolves that were of my age. Eighteen. I'm tired of living my life in hiding and speaking to the only wolf I knew, my grandmother. I yearn for something new to happen in my life.

I was born within a pack, called, The River Pack. All members of the pack had special abilities to stop a body of water from being dried up and could locate any source of water through a spiritual feeling that guided them. My mother, the Luna, on the other hand, had far more powers. She could heal the sick or a dying person with just a droplet of water. She knew when it was going to rain and when she cries, the sky cried with her as well. Many packs loved The River Pack because of the special abilities they all had that seemed godlike. They all referred to The River Pack as descendants of the moon goddess. However, one pack didn't. They were called The Grey Pack. Unlike all the other pack that praises The River Pack because of their gifts. The Grey pack saw us as a threat and believed we were manipulating all the other packs to become the ruler of all packs. They attacked The River Pack, the day I was born, killing a number of us. My grandmother was lucky enough to escape with me deep into the forest. We have never left the depth of the forest ever since and had been dwelling there.

The River Pack not only had special abilities. We were born with physical features that stood out from all the other wolves. We had furs that were as white as snow and appeared as if it was glowing and a beautiful blue marking on our right side. My grandmother informed me, The higher wolf, my mom, the Luna had a larger and more visible marking than all the members of her pack. I have her marking. A marking on the center of my forehead down to my two front feet. That is why I have to always cover my fur in mud. I have to hide my marking to conceal my identity. I was also not to shift into my human form. My marking didn't appear on my human body but my beauty which seemed far too perfect to be a normal wolf would leave you in question. I had long silky blond hair that pulls along the ground as I walk, dark brown eyes, and an olive skin tone.

The day I could first shift into wolf form. I was only 6 years old. My grandmother made me make a promise to never again shift into my human form along with never leaving the forest for my safety. I promised her.

All my life dwelling with my grandmother I have never seen her human form but only her white wolf. Compare to her 4 feet wolf I was much smaller than her but faster when hunting. I guess my small size is where I get my speed from. It is said my mother was much larger than her. I wasn't lucky to have her size but I was told I looked just like her and had all her special abilities.

My grandmother always spoke of my mother, but never my father. I tried asking about him once. She snapped at me almost biting me. I never asked about him again as much as I was curious to know about him.

I was through rolling in mud. My snow-white fur was now dark brown. It was dirty. Badly colored. I could still be noticed as a white wolf, a rather dirty one but as long as my marking and my bright white fur weren't showing too much I was okay. As my grandmother would say. She too would roll into the mud but now she's unable to. She is very old and too weak.

I walked to the gigantic tree my grandmother and I dwell. The back of the tree, the bark had a hole in it we both slept in. The door was a large bush that hide our home. I forced my way between the bush making an entrance.

My face made in sadness seeing my grandmother fast asleep. She was wheezing in her sleep. Lately, she was having difficulty breathing. Her eyes opened as she sensed me. I sat before her.

"Don't worry about me child, I was blessed to live a long life and my time here on this earth is coming to an end," her voice trembled.

"No, grandmother, please don't speak negatively," I whimpered.

"Salem, we all have to go one day. For water, we are, and water our pack shall return. Please don't cry for me."

My grandmother told me that when a pack member of The River Pack died. We were so special that our bodies turned into water and slowly evaporate.

"I know you're worried that you'll be alone after I'm gone, but don't be. You're a strong wolf, just like your mom. You'll be okay."

I cried.

The rain came pouring down, followed by my tears.

"Salem! my grandmother tried to shout at me, but she was too weak to.

I closed my eyes stopping my tears. The rain too stopped.

"You need to be careful of the powers you have," my grandmother warned me.

I nodded.

My eyes return to her as I heard her now breathing heavily.

"Your mother and the members of our pack weren't lucky to die like me in my very old age.""They were killed before their time but I'm dying because of my time and I'm grateful for dying old."

My furry head sullenly rested on her two front feet.

"I pray that you'll live as long as me after I'm gone, Salem and that you'll never be sad or alone."

I whimper softly.

"Promise me again Salem, that you'll never leave this place and stay hidden until you die."

"I promise, grandmother."

"Good my beautiful she-wolf. I don't want you to be killed like our previous members if you're ever caught. I want you to grow old like me."

"Yes, grandmother."

The night my grandmother died in her sleep as I rested beside her. A hot pool of tears pooled from my eyes as I saw her body, I will no longer cuddly beside or hug turned into a puddle of water, and began to slowly evaporate.

That night the rain fell heavily. I lost the only wolf I know, and I was now alone. I cried for a week. I refused to eat anything nor leave the tree.

CHAPTER 2 Alone wolf

There were consequences for crying too much. My tears were linked with the rain. I could cause a flood and a lot more damage. I had to close my eyes to stop crying.

Grandma would never want to see you like this, I tried, fighting back my tears. I know she wouldn't. She wanted me to be strong and not for me to be sad.

I had finally managed to have my tears under control. The heavy rain pouring outside soon calmed down. I still didn't feel like leaving the tree nor to eat anything, though I was hungry. My stomach growled. I ignored it as always. I was too sad to eat anything. I slept in the entire day.

The morning I had managed to leave the tree. My paws sunk into the ground with each step I made. The earth was softened by the rain. Too soft, that it was difficult to find a firm section to walk without the feeling of sinking. Droplets of rainwater rolled from the leaves falling onto my furry back. I soon became wet.

I was starving after missing out on meals for


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